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Legends List of top 10 best Commanders in the game

World of Warships legends Franz Von Hipper

Get ready to take charge of historically accurate warships in an immersive action-packed naval warfare experience with World of Warships: Legends. The game was first announced in 2021 for mobile platforms with cross-platform compatibility, this article will spotlight the top 10 best commanders in World of Warships: Legends, showcasing the most effective and formidable captains to lead your fleet to victory.

Exciting updates are on the horizon as the mobile version of World of Warships: Legends has kicked off its soft launch on Android and iOS platforms in selected regions. Make sure to check out my beginner’s guide, different battle types, and the list of best ships for World of Warships: Legends. Also, learn how to link your console and mobile accounts for seamless gameplay. Additionally, uncover exclusive free redeem codes that unlock in-game perks and bonuses.

Top 10 best Commanders ranked in World of Warships: Legends

10. Franz von Hipper

As a cruiser captain, I’ve come to rely heavily on von Hipper’s expertise. His ability to boost main battery guns not only increases the damage output but also improves accuracy, allowing me to land critical hits more consistently.

World of Warships legends Franz Von Hipper
Image via Wargaming

In intense battles where every shot counts, von Hipper’s skills have been invaluable in turning the tide in our favor. His focus on survivability has also saved my ship in numerous close encounters, making him not just a great commander but a lifesaver on the high seas.

9. Shelly Beapley

Commanding a destroyer requires finesse and precision, qualities that Beapley’s skills amplify. Her enhancements to destroyer maneuverability have allowed me to outmaneuver larger, slower ships and position myself for devastating torpedo strikes.

World of Warships legends Shelly BeapleyWorld of Warships legends Shelly Beapley
Image via Wargaming

The boost to concealment has been a game-changer, enabling me to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and unleash deadly salvos. Beapley’s expertise has elevated my destroyer gameplay to a whole new level, making her a commander I always rely on for stealthy and effective tactics.

8. Reginald Tyrwhitt

When it comes to battleships, Tyrwhitt stands out for his focus on accuracy and damage output. His enhancements have significantly improved my battleship’s ability to hit hard and hit accurately. I’ve experienced moments where a well-timed salvo, empowered by Tyrwhitt’s skills, has turned the tide of a battle in an instant.

World of Warships legends Reginald TyrwhittWorld of Warships legends Reginald Tyrwhitt
Image via Wargaming

His leadership on the battlefield instills confidence, knowing that every shot counts and every hit packs a punch.

7. Phillip Vian

Leading an aircraft carrier requires careful coordination and strategic thinking, both of which Vian excels at enhancing. His improvements to aircraft squadrons have made my carrier operations smoother and more effective. I’ve noticed a significant increase in the damage output of my air strikes, thanks to Vian’s skills optimizing aircraft performance.

World of Warships legends Philipp VianWorld of Warships legends Philipp Vian
Image via Wargaming

Whether it’s securing air superiority or delivering decisive blows to enemy ships, Vian’s expertise has been instrumental in my carrier-based strategies.

6. Erich Bey

As a commander specializing in submarine warfare, Bey’s skills have been vital in executing stealthy and lethal attacks. His enhancements to submarine stealth capabilities have allowed me to approach enemy ships undetected, setting up ambushes for devastating torpedo salvos.

World of Warships legends Erich BeyWorld of Warships legends Erich Bey
Image via Wargaming

Bey’s focus on torpedo effectiveness ensures that every shot counts, dealing maximum damage to enemy targets. Under his command, my submarine has become a silent but deadly force on the battlefield.

5. Jerzy Swirski

Cruisers rely on agility and firepower, both of which Swirski enhances with his leadership. His improvements to cruiser main guns have made my shots more accurate and rapid, giving me an edge in fast-paced engagements.

World of Warships legends Jerzy SwirskiWorld of Warships legends Jerzy Swirski
Image via Wargaming

Swirski’s skills shine in situations where precise strikes and quick maneuvers are essential for victory. His command style complements the cruiser’s versatility, allowing me to adapt to various combat scenarios with confidence.

4. Angelo Iachino

Iachino’s focus on destroyer torpedo armament and reload speed has revolutionized my approach to torpedo warfare. His enhancements have made my torpedoes deadlier and more frequent, increasing the chances of landing critical hits on enemy ships.

World of Warships legends Angelo IachinoWorld of Warships legends Angelo Iachino
Image via Wargaming

I’ve executed successful torpedo runs with precision, thanks to Iachino’s skills maximizing destroyer capabilities. In battles where timing is crucial, Iachino’s command has proven invaluable for delivering decisive blows to enemy fleets.

3. William Halsey

Halsey’s leadership style suits battleship captains who prefer a more aggressive approach on the battlefield. His boosts to battleship speed and maneuverability have allowed me to dictate the pace of engagements and catch opponents off guard.

World of Warships legends William HalseyWorld of Warships legends William Halsey
Image via Wargaming

I’ve exploited tactical advantages and surprise maneuvers, leveraging Halsey’s skills to outmaneuver and outgun enemy ships. Under his command, my battleship has become a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into enemy fleets with relentless assaults.

2. Louis du Fournet

Louis du Fournet is a notable commander in World of Warships: Legends, renowned for his expertise in leading battleships to victory. His skills focus on improving battleship survivability and enhancing main battery guns, making him a formidable commander on the high seas.

World of Warships legends Louise Du FournetWorld of Warships legends Louise Du Fournet
Image via Wargaming

With du Fournet at the helm, battleship captains can expect increased resilience in combat and greater firepower to dominate enemy fleets. Unlocking du Fournet and utilizing his strategic abilities can significantly boost your effectiveness in battleship engagements.

1. Philippe Auboyneau

Auboyneau’s versatility across ship classes makes him a commander for all seasons, adapting to diverse combat scenarios seamlessly. His balanced boosts to ship characteristics have allowed me to switch between different roles and playstyles with ease.

World of Warships legends Philippe AuboyneauWorld of Warships legends Philippe Auboyneau
Image via Wargaming

Whether commanding a cruiser, battleship, or destroyer, Auboyneau’s leadership ensures that my ships perform at their best, maximizing their strengths and minimizing weaknesses. In battles where versatility is key, Auboyneau’s command is a strategic advantage that I always rely on.

    How to unlock the best commanders in World of Warships: Legends quickly

    To unlock the best commanders in World of Warships: Legends quickly, focus on completing daily missions and challenges for regular rewards. Participate in campaigns, events, and ranked battles to earn additional XP and resources. Joining an active clan can provide bonuses and access to clan-specific missions, while utilizing boosters, premium time, and free XP can accelerate your progress.

    Prioritize commander XP gain by using commanders in battles and completing campaign directives. Investing in premium currency can also offer shortcuts for unlocking higher-tier commanders. By staying active, completing achievements, and optimizing your gameplay, you can efficiently unlock and upgrade your commanders for enhanced naval warfare strategies.

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