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III The Definitive Edition Review

Grand theft auto III storyline

The iconic Grand Theft Auto III is now featured on Netflix Games as part of the GTA: Trilogy Definitive Edition launched in December 2023, this collection allows players to experience action role-playing games of the timeless GTA titles, including Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. This Grand Theft Auto: III review delves into the main storyline and gameplay of GTA III, offering a fair evaluation while drawing comparisons to other titles in the GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto: III underscores a mature storyline

Grand Theft Auto III underscores a gripping and mature storyline, plunging you into the dark and complex underbelly of Liberty City’s criminal landscape. The narrative’s mature themes of betrayal, revenge, and the pursuit of power resonate throughout the game. The storyline may seem too much for some players if they prefer a much lighter take.

Grand theft auto III storyline
Image via Rockstar Games

Before diving into the storyline, let us first keep things straight, this game isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not about cute dragons or collecting shiny coins. Grand Theft Auto III is all about the darker side of things as taking out gang members with guns, running them over with cars, or tossing grenades for some gruesome effects. It’s raw and visceral. And, not just restricted to gang members, you can do the same to innocent pedestrians, homeless people, businessmen, shoppers, and bag ladies.

Frequently, the storyline of Grand Theft Auto III centers on acts of violent crime, and deviating from the narrative to engage in a personal crime spree transforms the game into a chaotic and intense experience. Additionally, the game incorporates adult language and situations, featuring elements such as drugs, prostitution, and a substantial dose of sexual scenes.

Relive the story of Claude, a journey full of revenge and betrayal

Grand Theft Auto III follows the story of Claude, a silent protagonist, who is betrayed by his girlfriend, Catalina, during a bank heist. Catalina shoots Claude and leaves him for dead. However, Claude survives and is subsequently arrested by the police. While being transported to prison, an ambush orchestrated by a Colombian Cartel member leads to his escape.

Grand theft auto III gameplayGrand theft auto III gameplay
Image via Rockstar Games

Claude finds himself in the fictional Liberty City, a sprawling metropolis with a criminal underworld. As he navigates the city, he becomes embroiled in various criminal activities, working for different crime bosses and factions. The overarching goal is to seek revenge on those who betrayed him and find out more about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his betrayal.

While GTA III is often praised for its groundbreaking open-world design and engaging storyline, some may find its mature themes, violence, and adult content to be excessive. The game’s gritty atmosphere and unpredictable narrative twists might be intense for some players.

Grand Theft Auto: III Gameplay incorporates open-world freedom

Grand Theft Auto III is all about freedom as you get to roam around this huge city called Liberty City however you want. It’s not like other games that tell you what to do and where to go. Here, you make the choices. You can follow the main story or just cruise the streets, do side missions, or create chaos – it’s up to you.

Grand theft auto III gameplayGrand theft auto III gameplay
Image via Rockstar Games

What’s cool is that the missions aren’t set in a specific order. You decide which ones to do first, and your choices affect the story. It’s like you’re in control of your adventure. The city feels alive, with busy streets and different places to explore.

You can grab any car you like, and there’s always something happening. It’s not just a game as it’s like being in a real, dynamic city where you can do whatever you feel like. GTA III has loads of different missions that start easy and get harder as you go. At first, it’s simple stuff like driving people around, but later on, it gets tricky.

Grand theft auto III weaponsGrand theft auto III weapons
Image via Rockstar Games

Some missions are tough, like trial and error, while others test your driving or shooting skills. I had a blast with the sniper mission, shooting bad guys at the dock with 8-Ball. The game keeps you on your toes with all kinds of missions, making it super fun. In Grand Theft Auto III, you can make the game uniquely yours.

Choose from lots of different cars and weapons to fit your style. You even get to listen to different radio stations while driving around the city. The game also has changing weather and day and night cycles, making the city feel alive and real. With all these cool features, GTA III goes beyond just roaming the streets – it’s like having your adventure in a dynamic and personalized world.

Decent graphics with a good variety of audio quality

Despite the lack of detail compared to its predecessors in Grand Theft Auto III, the way things look is decent. You can either view the whole city from the classic top-down angle, like in the old games, or you can get a much closer look with an over-the-shoulder view. The game mixes hand-drawn characters with a 3D world, creating a cool style.

Even though there are some small issues, like things appearing suddenly, the overall look of the city is massive and seriously impressive. The characters are kind of weird but detailed, and you can see everything from pocket flaps to zippers on your character’s clothes.

Grand theft auto III graphicsGrand theft auto III graphics
Image via Rockstar Games

GTA III doesn’t just look good as it sounds amazing as well. Every stolen car has its radio, and there are nine stations to choose from, playing everything from pop and classical to hip-hop and reggae. My favorite is Chatterbox, a funny talk show that makes fun of real-life radio shows. The voice acting is top-notch, with some big-name actors involved.

The game’s sounds, whether it’s cars crashing or the music playing, make it feel like a complete experience on its own. The way they’ve designed the audio, referencing and scaling everything from your perspective, makes it feel like you’re in a movie.

Grand Theft Auto: III Mobile Controls and UI is easy to use

Playing Grand Theft Auto: III on your phone or tablet is easy. The controls are simple to use with just your fingertips, making it smooth to drive around Liberty City and do missions. The game keeps its open-world style, and the buttons on the screen are clear and not confusing.

Grand theft auto III controlsGrand theft auto III controls
Image via Rockstar Games

Despite the shift to mobile, the game maintains its hallmark open-world freedom, and the controls are thoughtfully designed for touchscreens, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on the go. The user interface is clean and efficient, offering quick access to essential features without overwhelming the screen with unnecessary clutter.

With its availability on Netflix Games, the controls for driving, combat, and exploration are well-crafted for touch, ensuring a responsive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Comparison with other Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy Games

While Grand Theft Auto III was the first to release in the trilogy and lacks some of the quality of life changes found in Vice City and San Andreas, it still stands as a remarkable and influential game. Serving as the foundation for its successors, GTA III introduced players to the immersive open-world format that became a hallmark of the series.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive EditionGrand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
Image via Rockstar Games

Despite its relative simplicity compared to later titles, the game’s gritty narrative, diverse missions, and the groundbreaking introduction of Liberty City set a strong precedent. GTA III may lack some of the refinements seen in Vice City and San Andreas, but its impact on the gaming industry and its place in the evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series cannot be overlooked, making it a noteworthy and enjoyable experience in its own right.

Final Verdict

Reviewing Grand Theft Auto III, it’s clear that this game made a massive impact on how we experience gaming. As the first in the trilogy, it might lack some of the bells and whistles of its successors, but it carries a unique charm.

From our review perspective of Grand Theft Auto: III, the open-world design in Liberty City is a standout feature, allowing players to explore and engage in a gripping story. While it may not boast the same level of polish as newer titles, GTA III deserves recognition for laying the groundwork for open-world gameplay.

Its influence is undeniable, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of gaming. In essence, GTA III may not be the flashiest, but its historical significance and enduring appeal make it a must-play for anyone interested in the roots of open-world gaming.

Gameplay Mechanics – 8

Storyline – 8

Character and Environment Design – 7.5

Graphics and Music – 7.5

Controls and UI – 8.5



In essence, GTA III may not be the flashiest, but its historical significance and enduring appeal make it a must-play for anyone interested in the roots of open-world gaming.

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