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Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 


Hunter Party: Idle RPG is an amazing RPG where the players get to form a team of 5x Hunters and continue their journey through an interesting storyline divided into several Chapters and Stages. The game has some of the best sets of in-game features, characters, and storylines that tend to hold the players’ interest in the game. Thus, let us now go in depth through our detailed Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide to learn more about the game. 

Gameplay Overview 

Hunter Party: Idle RPG follows one of the easiest modes of gameplay mechanics, which is the auto-combat system. During combat, the entire attack system goes automatic still the game provides a Joystick at the left side of the game screen. At the right side of the game screen, the game provides a Dodge and a Skill Switch button. The Dodge button helps the Hunters to dodge the upcoming attack from the enemies.


Players can dodge thrice at a moment and then the dodges get replenished after a period of a few seconds. Players have to make a team of 5 Hunters as per their skills. After this, players need to go through the storyline game mode.

The storyline game mode is divided into several chapters, and thus every chapter has a certain number of stages. The last stage brings the main villain of that particular chapter and thus by defeating that villain, players can advance themselves to the next chapter. 

Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 

Every chapter is based on different locations and hence players get to witness diversity in the storyline. The main source of earning in-game resources and currencies is the story mode stages only, by completing them players will complete some of the best missions assigned and thus can easily earn them. Players can thus utilize all these resources for upgrading the Hunters and their Skills as well. Players also need to focus on the team composition to form a balanced team and demolish all the enemies easily. 

Introducing the Basics of Hunter Party: Idle RPG 

Game Modes

Apart from the Storyline mode, players can also witness two more Game modes; These are:

  • Dungeon:  Dungeon is a Game Mode where the players get to see some of the amazing locations such as Underground Market, Virtual Space, Underground Tomb, City Conquest, and World Boss. players get several stages over these locations and thus by completing them, players get to enhance their hunters without fail. All these locations unlock after players have completed the mentioned stage of a chapter and then players can enjoy the gameplay. 
Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 
  • Exploration: In this mode, players can form more teams with the help of other Hunters that are not part of the Primary team fighting against enemies in the Story mode. Players can thus form a maximum of 5 teams with the help of other Hunters available in the game. The Hunters thus go for an exploration and for this players get to earn a certain amount of Money and Enhancement Stones concerning the Combat Power of the team. The more Combat Power, More Money, and Enhancement Stones will be earned. 


The Hunter section is the area where the players can check out all the Hunters they own and thus can even upgrade them easily with the help of Money. Players can also help the Hunters equip amazing gears from this section as well. Follow these easy steps to learn about upgrading hunters:

Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 
  • First, open the game and move to the Hunters section. 
  • Select the desired Hunter.
  • Check for the amount of money required and then tap on the Level Up option.

Players can also Awaken the character with the help of character tokens. Players can get character tokens by summoning that particular Hunter. After gathering a certain number of tokens, players can then Awaken their Hunter and make them more powerful. 

Recruit and Summon

Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 

Recruit and Summon sections are used for summoning Hunters and Gears respectively. Summoning these entities is very important as Hunters are the only way to represent yourself in the game and prove your strength. For Summoning the Hunters and the Gears players need to have Gems and Equipment Summon Cube. Thus save these resources and unlock more Hunters and Geras. 


The Research section is the place where players can upgrade some of the important entities like:

  • Basic Skills
  • Hunter Grade 
  • Hunter Level
  • Dungeon 

To upgrade these entities, players need to have resources such as Money, and different types of essences such as World Boss, City Conquest, Underground Tomb, Virtual Space, and Underground Market. Essences are mainly required to research the Dungeon locations. 

Quests and Events

Quests and Events are the sections where players get to see some of the amazing limited-time events and permanently assigned missions as well. There are several types of missions players witness over the Quest area such as Main, Daily, Common, and Attendance.

Over the Events section, players get to witness some of the amazing limited-time events along with in-game Battle Pass. Players can hence complete all these time-limited missions under all these amazing events and Battle Pass and earn essential resources to utilize in the game. 

Hunter Party: Idle RPG: Beginners Tips and Tricks 

1. Upgrade your Hunters

Hunters are the primary aspect of the game that will help the players to progress in the game. For this, players also need to have the strongest Hunters to clear out all the stages and chapters without any failure. Also, to upgrade the Hunters, players need to have Money. So save up more money and upgrade your Hunters to make them more powerful and clear out stages easily. 

2. Keep nurturing the Gears as well

Gears provide an extra layer of defense to all the hunters. Hunters even get to equip some powerful weapons as gear and thus that also helps the players to deliver great attacks to all the enemies. As we can see, gears are so important, thus players need to keep them upgrading with the help of essential resources so that they can provide much more support to the hunters and make them more powerful.

3. Make Summoning a Daily Habit 

Summoning Hunters and Gears is very important for all beginners. The more they summon, the more they get the chance to unlock the strongest Hunters and Gears in the game. By this, they can easily progress faster in the game and even rank themselves in the leaderboards. 

4. Form the Best Team

Players need to check for the skills and tier of the Hunters, and then create a balanced team for themselves. This will help the players to make one of the strongest teams with all the set of Hunters they have in the beginning and then kick start their journey without a flaw. 

5. Go through Quests and Events 

Quests and Events come up with some amazing sets of missions, by completing these missions players can earn lots of in-game resources like Money, Gem, Essence, and Stones. Players can save them and utilize them in the game to upgrade their characters and all other important aspects of the game. 

Final Thoughts

Hunter Party: Idle RPG is an outstanding role-playing game that delivers an appreciable gameplay experience along with an interesting storyline. The characters are also quite amazing and hold up so many interesting skills. Thus go through our detailed Hunter Party Beginners Guide and learn about all the in-game features and overview. Also, do not forget to follow up on the best advice lined up in our piece.

That’s all for today’s Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find this Hunter Party: Idle RPG Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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