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How to Unlock Sulley and Mike (Escape Claws and Eye on the Prize Quest Guide)

Unlocking the Monsters, Inc. Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s The Laugh Floor Update is a monstrous one; as in its chockful of monster themed content, including colorful new skin tones and patterns, a new monster-themed Star Path, and two new unlockable characters: Sulley and Mike Wasowski of Monsters, Inc. fame. Here’s how players can unlock these beloved jokesters as permanent residents of Disney Dreamlight Valley.



How to Unlock Sulley and Mike Wasowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get started on the first quest towards unlocking Sulley and Mike Wasowski as residents of Dreamlight Valley, head to the Dream Castle and ascend to its third floor. The door to the Monsters, Inc. Realm is located to the left of the Beauty and the Beast Realm door. Interact with the door and Merlin will appear, offering to unlock the door in exchange for 15000 Dreamlight. Unlocking the door grants access to the Monsters, Inc. Realm and starts the quest, “Escape Claws.”

How to Complete the Quest “Escape Claws”

Inside the Monsters, Inc. Realm, you’ll find yourself in the lobby of the Monsters, Inc. factory. At the other end of the room, there is a large metal door. However, upon interacting with the door, you will be denied access essentially due to not being a monster. Therefore, in order to get through this door, you will need a disguise.

Retrieve and Equip a Monster Disguise

Monster costume in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to the colorful lockers located next to the entrance to the realm and interact with, retrieving the “Lost and Found Monster Wear.” Opening the pouch unlocks three new wardrobe items, including two sets of monstrous ears and a blue protective hard hat. Equip either of the ears and the hard hat from the Wardrobe menu by clicking on Sulley’s portrait at the top of the menu.

Take a Selfie for Your ID Badge

Selfie for Monsters, Inc. ID in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can get through the door, you will need to take a photo for your ID badge. Use the Royal Camera to take a selfie while wearing the monster disguise, then head back to the large metal door. Upon interacting with the door in your very convincing monster disguise, the door will open and grant access to the Laugh Floor, where you’ll find Sulley and Mike.

Help Mike and Sulley Clean Up the Laugh Floor

Cleaning the Laugh Floor in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon speaking with Sulley, you’ll learn that not only did no other monsters show up for work today, they also left the Laugh Floor a mess after a raucous party. He asks you to help clean up the area by removing Sludge Slime Puddles and Party Trash. To remove the Slime Puddles, use the Royal Watering Can, and to remove the Party Trash interact with the piles of cans to stomp them out of existence.

Prepare Mike and Sulley’s Coffee Order

Making Mike and Sulley coffee in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon returning to Sulley, he thanks you and asks that you retrieve coffee for both him and Mike from the lobby. He provides details for preparing their coffees, and you’ll need to head back out to the lobby and to the table featuring the coffee maker and a row of ingredients to fulfill their order.

  • Sulley’s Coffee is made with 5x Coffee.
  • Mike’s Coffee is made with 1x Coffee, 3x Sugar, and 1x Non-Dairy Screamer.

Interact with the ingredients on the table to retrieve the necessary number of ingredients to prepare both drinks, then head to the coffee maker. The coffee maker functions similarly to a cooking station; simply double-click the right ingredients in your inventory to fill the slots for each recipe to craft their coffee orders. In case you forget the recipes, you can interact with a notice on the board to see everyone’s regular orders detailed.

Repair the Power Outage to Rescue Mike

Restoring power to the Laugh Floor in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Right when their work day is finally getting started, a small explosion occurs and shuts down power to the Laugh Floor, trapping Mike on the other side of the door he had just entered. Sulley requests that you bring him the Emergency Manual, which is located on the nearest blue work desk. To restore power, the player will need to locate and replace blown fuses in the Electrical Panel near Sulley, and reconnect the power lines snaking along the nearby floor.

Find and Replace Laugh Floor Fuses

Find and replace fuses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Two of the Laugh Floor Fuses are found sparkling atop work desks, and the third Laugh Fuse is located in the far-left corner of the room atop a red metal workbench. Return to Sulley and interact with the Electrical Panel three times until all three Fuses have been replaced.

How to Repair Power Lines

Connecting power cables on the Laugh Floor in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To repair the Power Lines, simply run around reconnecting the plugs on the nearby floor wires, interacting with the Laugh Canister carts to move them out of the way if necessary. Don’t forget to connect the power lines that have separated from the walls. Once all 10 connections have been repaired, power is restored to the Laugh Floor and Mike can return from the Human World.

Speak with Sulley and Invite Him to Dreamlight Valley

Revealing you are a human to Sulley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon rescuing Mike, it’s time to come clean to Sulley that you’re actually a human in disguise and would like him to join you in Dreamlight Valley. Incredulous as he is, he’s grateful for your help and agrees to check out Dreamlight Valley, but only if Mike is on board, too. This completes the first quest to unlock Sulley and Mike, “Escape Claws,” and the next quest, “Eye on the Prize,” begins automatically.

How to Complete the Quest “Eye on the Prize”

Upon speaking with Mike, you’ll discover that he’s concerned about leaving the Realm and moving to Dreamlight Valley because he’s concerned someone will beat his Jokester record in his absence. He decides that the only way to make this work is to set a record that is so high nobody will be able to beat it, and enlists your help.

If Mike wants to raise his score, he’s going to need some doors, and he asks you to retrieve keycards from the Reception area. Upon returning to the lobby, interact with the door to the right of the Reception Desk. However, the door is stuck, and you’re going to need to grab some tools to pry it open.

Retrieve the Tools and Open the Reception Door

Fixing the Reception door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To retrieve the MIFT Toolkit, head back to the Laugh Floor and to the back left corner of the room where you previously retrieved one of the Laugh Floor Fuses. Grab the tools from the same workbench and return to the door in the Lobby. Interact with the door and insert the MIFT Toolkit to gain access to the Reception Area. Inside, you can retrieve the stack of keycards from the nearby desk.

Find Clues to Making Kids Laugh

Mike Wasowski excited in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Returning to Mike with the keycards activates the door distribution system. However, the keycards fail to provide access to any files that detail what will make the children in each room laugh. Therefore, it’s up to you to search behind each door to discover clues that will aid him in gathering giggles.

You’ll be presented with three doors which must be visited in order, each leading to a child’s bedroom containing specific clues. Here’s how to find the clues behind each door in “Eye on the Prize:”

How to Find Clues Behind Door F2

Door F2 clues for unlocking Mike in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first door you will enter is a red door labeled Door F2. Inside, there are three specific clues you have to interact with to gather intel for Mike. The three items you need to interact with behind Door F2 are:

  1. A drawing of a clown on the wall near the bedroom door
  2. A drawing of an elephant on the wall above the end table by the bed
  3. A drawing of a ringmaster’s hat and wand located behind the bedroom curtains

Once you’ve discovered all three clues, exit the room and return to Mike, informing him that this child is a fan of the circus.

How to Find Clues Behind Door F3

Door F3 photo selfie clues in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The second door you will enter is a blue door labeled Door F3. Unlike the previous door, instead of interacting with the clues found within, you will have to take a photo of each one using the Royal Camera tool. The three items you’ll need to photograph behind Door F3 are:

  1. Star-shaped lights found on the ceiling of the room
  2. A book featuring a “SR” logo on the floor near the bookshelf
  3. A framed photo of Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship

Contrary to what it may seem, the “Tomorrowland” poster is not one of the three items you need to photograph. Once you’ve taken a selfie with each one, exit the room and return to Mike.

How to Find Clues Behind Door F4

Door F4 item clue in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The final door, Door F4, is a green door at the end of the line. Rather than gathering clues via inspecting or photographs, Mike asks you to retrieve a physical item from this bedroom, promising to return it on his visit. Inside the bedroom behind Door F4, do the following:

  1. Crush piles of stinky sock piles until you recover a Whoopee Cushion

Once you’ve gotten the item, head back out of the room and hand it over to Mike, who decides an incredibly disgusting burp is the key to a hysterical response. To properly prepare, he requests lots of soda.

Retrieve Three Different Sodas for Mike

Mike wants soda in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mike asks you to retrieve three unique sodas, one from each of the vending machines found in the Lobby and Reception Area. He provides you with only two tokens, though, advising you to improvise to retrieve the third soda. Head back into the Lobby and you’ll see the first two vending machines along the wall by the door.

How to Get the Red Soda

Retreiving the Red Soda from the vending machine in Monsters Inc Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To retrieve the Red Soda, simply interact with the Red Vending Machine. This will consume one of the Tokens, and you can right-click on the Red Soda and transfer it to your inventory.

How to Get the Blue Soda

Retreiving the Blue Soda from the vending machine in Monsters Inc Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

To retrieve the Blue Soda, you must first restore power to the machine. On the left side of the machine, there is a blue switch on the wall. Interact with the switch which turns on the machine, then interact with the machine and buy the Blue Soda with the same process as before.

How to Get the Green Soda

Retreiving the Green Soda from the vending machine in Monsters Inc Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The third and final soda, the Green Soda, is retrieved from a vending machine located in the hallway between the Lobby and Reception Desk, behind the door you’ve previously unlocked. You’re out of tokens, and the machine is out of order, so the only way to retrieve the last soda you need is by utilizing some brute force. Use the Royal Pickaxe on the Green Vending Machine and the Green Soda will pop out and can be collected.

Bring the Three Sodas to Mike

Speaking with Mike after he's done his joking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With all three sodas collected, return to Mike on the Laugh Floor and hand them over. He’ll head through each of the three doors, filling up the tanks and ensuring his longtime reign as the top Jokester. Once finished, he’s ready to leave and asks you to check on the lodgings available in Dreamlight Valley.

Return to Dreamlight Valley and Place Mike and Sulley’s Apartment

Placing Mike and Sulley's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Leave the Monsters, Inc. Realm and head back into the Valley to place Mike and Sulley’s Apartment anywhere you’d like. Once placed, interact with Scrooge’s signpost in front of the construction site and pay 20,000 Star Coins to complete its construction. Doing so unlocks Sulley, who will appear at the Wishing Well. Speaking with Sulley reveals that Mike is still back in the Monsters, Inc. Realm, apparently working on taking the perfect selfie for his Monster of the Week award photo.

Return to the Monsters, Inc. Realm and Take a Selfie with Mike

Taking a selfie with Mike Wasowski in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can quickly return to the Monsters, Inc. Realm by opening the Map and using the Fast Travel option within the Realm category. You’ll find Mike still on the Laugh Floor, where you’ll simply need to use the Royal Camera and take a selfie with him, completing the quest “Eye on the Prize” and unlocking Mike as a resident of Dreamlight Valley.


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