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How to Unlock, Modes, and more

World of Warships Legends battle type

Prepare to take command of historically accurate warships in an action naval warfare experience with World of Warships: Legends. The game was first revealed in 2021 for mobile platforms with cross-platform compatibility, this World of Warships: Legends Battle Types Guide will delve into the various battle types available in the game, providing you with insights on how they function and how to unlock them.

I’m excited to share that the mobile edition of World of Warships: Legends has commenced its soft launch on Android and iOS platforms in specific regions. Additionally, don’t forget to explore our beginner’s guide for World of Warships: Legends and discover some exclusive free redeem codes offering in-game perks and bonuses.

World of Warships: Legends Battle Types

As you progress through more battles and gain experience in World of Warships: Legends, you’ll unlock a diverse range of battle types that brings excitement to your gameplay. These battle types include:

  • Co-op Battles
  • Random Battles
  • Operations
  • Ranked Battles
  • Clan Battles
  • Brawl
  • Training Battles
World of Warships Legends battle type
Image via Wargaming

In addition to these core battle types, temporary battle modes may appear from time to time, offering unique and limited-time experiences. Examples of such temporary modes include Convoy battles.

Co-op Battles

Co-op Battles allow you to team up with fellow players and engage in battles against AI-controlled bots. It’s a fantastic mode to explore and test new warships, understand the nuances of different maps, refine your naval tactics, experiment with various battle strategies, and simply have a blast!

I find Co-op Battles to be an excellent way to familiarize myself with the game’s mechanics before diving into more competitive modes. With mirrored team line-ups and a maximum of nine players per side, Co-op Battles offer a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Random Battles

Moving on to Random Battles, this mode introduces the thrilling PvP element where you face off against real players. It’s where the true excitement and challenge lie, pushing your combat skills to their limits.

With up to 12 players on each team, Random Battles are dynamic and intense, requiring strategic thinking and teamwork to emerge victorious. I’ve learned that the rewards and satisfaction of defeating human opponents in Random Battles far surpass those of Co-op Battles.


Operations present a unique twist with AI-controlled bots and specific objectives to complete, such as defending bases or escorting ships. It’s a refreshing change of pace and offers diverse challenges to tackle. I particularly enjoy the variety that Operations bring, allowing me to hone different aspects of my gameplay and earn additional rewards by completing bonus tasks.

World of Warships Legends battle typesWorld of Warships Legends battle types
Image via Wargaming

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles offer a competitive arena for players seeking a more structured and challenging experience. Climbing the ranks through Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues is a thrilling journey, and reaching Rank 1 brings a sense of accomplishment. I’ve discovered that Ranked Battles in this game are more competitive and prove a lot of players are skilled and have good knowledge of the game.

Clan Battles

As for Clan Battles, they bring a whole new level of teamwork and coordination as player clans battle it out for supremacy. The progression through Leagues and the rewards, including valuable resources like Steel, make Clan Battles highly engaging and rewarding. Being part of a clan adds a layer of camaraderie and strategic depth to the gameplay experience.


Brawl, similar to Ranked Battles, offers a seasonal challenge with shorter durations and smaller team formats. It’s fast-paced and intense, ideal for players looking for quick and action-packed battles. I’ve enjoyed the competitive nature of Brawl matches and the focused gameplay on reduced combat areas, making every decision crucial to victory.

Training Battles

Training Battles provide a relaxed environment to practice and improve without the pressure of consumables or post-battle costs. Creating Training Rooms and collaborating with friends to refine combat skills or test different ships has been instrumental in my growth as a player. It’s a valuable mode for learning, experimenting, and mastering various strategies.

How to unlock Battle Types in World of Warships: Legends

In World of Warships: Legends, you can access various battle types that offer unique gameplay. Each battle type has its way to unlock, so you can gradually explore more of the game. Here’s how you unlock each battle type in World of Warships: Legends:

Battle TypeHow to Unlock
Co-op BattlesAvailable from the start of the game.
Random BattlesPlay three Co-op Battles to unlock.
OperationsPlay at least 25 battles in any mode to unlock.
Ranked BattlesPlay at least 130 battles in any mode to unlock.
Clan BattlesJoin a clan and play at least 200 battles to participate.
BrawlPlay at least 130 battles in any mode to unlock.
Training BattlesPlay at least 200 battles in any mode to unlock.

Unlocking these battle types adds more fun and variety to your game. Whether you like working together, competing against others, or facing special challenges, there’s a battle type for you in World of Warships: Legends.

Final Thoughts

After exploring the different battle types available in World of Warships: Legends, I’ve found that each mode offers a unique experience that caters to different playstyles. I enjoy playing different modes casually because it allows me to relax and have fun without too much pressure.

However, whether you prefer intense PvP battles, cooperative gameplay, or special challenges, there’s a battle type for everyone in World of Warships: Legends. Take your time to try out each mode and discover which one suits you best.

What are your thoughts about the World of Warships: Legends Battle Types Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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