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How to obtain, polarities, and more

Warframe mobile Mods

With a wealth of gameplay hours and experience across multiple platforms, I’m well-equipped to guide you through the thrilling sci-fi action experience of Warframe Mobile, developed by Digital Extremes. In this Warframe Mobile Modding Guide, I’ll provide you with clear instructions on modding, acquiring, upgrading, and much more.

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What are Mods in Warframe

Mods in Warframe are special cards that you can insert into your Warframes, weapons, and companions to boost their abilities. These mods enable you to amplify the damage output of your abilities, expand the ammunition capacity of your weapons, or modify the functionality of your Warframe’s powers. Notably, mods have unlimited usage, meaning you can apply them to all compatible items without needing duplicates.

Additionally, mods are tradable among players. Mastering the modding system is crucial for enhancing your Warframes and weapons effectively, so it’s essential to grasp its mechanics and make the most of it. Mods consist of various attributes:

Warframe mobile Mods
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  • Name: Indicates the title of the Mod.
  • Effect: Describes the functionality of the Mod, which may include multiple effects and set bonuses.
  • Slot: Specifies the type of equipment that can utilize the Mod.
  • Rank: Denotes the level of the Mod. Higher ranks yield stronger effects but also require more Mod drain.
  • Mod Drain: This represents the energy drain associated with equipping the Mod with a piece of gear.
  • Mod Polarity: Symbolized by an icon in the top-right corner of the Mod, Polarities allow me to reduce a Mod’s drain by half when slotted into a matching symbol.

If some of these terms seem unfamiliar, don’t worry. I’ve delved into each aspect of a Mod more comprehensively in my experience. For now, understand that Mods enhance the capabilities of your equipment. I’ll also share some recommended starter and endgame Mods later in the guide, or you can navigate directly to that section by clicking here.

Warframe Mobile Mod Drain And Polarities

Understanding the Polarity system in modding can be tricky. If you’ve seen strange symbols on Mod cards or slots, those are Polarities. Matching a Mod’s Polarity with a slot’s Polarity cuts the Mod’s cost in half. Using a Mod with a different Polarity increases its drain by 25%.

Warframe mobile polaritiesWarframe mobile polarities
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For example, let’s say you have the Intensify Mod and three slots on your Warframe: one blank, one with a D symbol, and one with a V symbol. Putting Intensify in the blank slot costs 11 points. Placing it in the V slot reduces the cost to 6 points. But slotting it in the D slot increases the cost to 14 points. There are eight types of Polarities in Warframe:

  • Madurai
  • Vazarin
  • Naramon
  • Zenurik
  • Umbral
  • Unairu
  • Penjaga
  • Aura

Matching Polarities reduces the Mod drain, allowing you to use more Mods. Once your item is maxed out, you can Polarize it with a Forma to add a new Polarity. Forma is rare but worth using to boost your loadout’s effectiveness.

How to install Mods in Warframe Mobile

Installing a Mod in Warframe is simple and easy to understand, here is a step-by-step process:

  • Head to your Arsenal. You can find it in the main menu under Equipment to Arsenal.
  • Hover over the item you want to upgrade.
  • Select Upgrade.
  • You’ll see an empty grid with numbers. Look for a Mod at the bottom of your screen.
  • Drag the Mod into an empty Mod slot.
Warframe mobile modsWarframe mobile mods
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Now, let’s talk about your Mod capacity. Every item in Warframe can only hold a certain number of Mods before reaching its limit. You can increase your item’s capacity in two ways. First, level up the item, which provides one extra Mod capacity for each level gained, or two if you’ve installed an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst.

Second, by installing an Orokin Catalyst/Reactor, special items that double the capacity of your weapon or Warframe. These valuable items can be obtained as rewards from Nightwave, Warframe’s free Battle Pass.

How to upgrade Mods in Warframe Mobile

You can increase a Mod’s rank by investing Credits and Endo, two essential resources you’ll come across while playing the game. Boosting a Mod’s level enhances all of its stats by predetermined increments, while also increasing its Mod Drain by one per rank. In simpler terms, as you make your Mods stronger, they become more costly to install. Upgrading a Mod through fusion is a straightforward process. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Mods station on your ship. You can also find it in the main menu under Equipment -> Mods.
  • Select the Mod you want to upgrade.
  • Choose the Fusion option at the top left of the screen.
  • Use the keys under the Mod to increase its rank to your desired level.
  • Select Apply Fusion, this will require a certain amount of Endo and Credits.

How to get Mods in Warframe Mobile

Mods drop from nearly every enemy in Warframe. Typically, enemies have around a 3% chance of dropping a Mod upon defeat. Additionally, you can acquire Mods as rewards from missions or purchase them from in-game vendors like Syndicates. If you’re searching for specific Mods, trading with other players is also an option.

Warframe mobile lootWarframe mobile loot
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One effective method for obtaining Mods early in the game is by breaking Void Canisters in the Void tileset. Certain rooms serve as parkour challenges that reward you with a room filled with unique canisters. These canisters have a high likelihood of containing Mods, including some rare ones. Maroo’s weekly missions often take place in these rooms, providing further motivation to complete her weekly missions whenever they’re available.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, modding in Warframe Mobile is essential for enhancing your gear’s performance. Mods can be obtained from enemies, mission rewards, vendors, and by trading with other players. To upgrade Mods, you’ll need Credits and Endo, which can be acquired through gameplay activities like defeating enemies, completing missions, and dismantling spare Mods.

Remember to match Polarities to optimize your Mod setups and maximize your loadout’s effectiveness. Focus on fully upgrading Mods with fewer ranks, and consider leaving high-rank Mods at rank eight or nine to conserve resources. With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to customize your gear and tackle challenges in Warframe Mobile.

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