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How to Get Twist of Fortune

bg3 reach the ancient temple

In Baldur’s Gate 3, numerous weapons can be acquired and implemented into various character builds throughout your journey, greatly strengthening the abilities of your party members. These weapons can be obtained through various methods such as exploration, quest rewards, purchase from merchants, or looting.



Among the many weapons available in the game, there is Twist of Fortune, a Morningstar that makes a fine addition to many builds. However, this weapon is only available in Act 2 by successfully going up against and overcoming a certain character, so knowing how to ensure success is critical.



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How to Get Twist of Fortune in Baldur’s Gate 3

twist of fortune

Twist of Fortune is a Morningstar that can only be obtained in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. The only opportunity to get your hands on this weapon will be by encountering and defeating a boss known as Gerringothe Thorm, one of Ketheric’s siblings who have been affected by the dreaded Shadow Curse. Gerringothe Thorm can be found roaming the Tollhouse not far from Moonrise Towers, continuing to operate in her old role of Toll Collector. In case you need help in discovering this location, then feel free to refer to the map screenshot below.


The Tollmaster known as Gerringothe Thorm will be located on the top floor of the abandoned Tollhouse, identified by her heavy gold-plated armor and the numerous gold coins she drops as she walks about. To initiate a conversation with Gerringothe, you will need to head upstairs, either through the staircase or by climbing the roots. Upon noticing you, a cutscene will automatically occur, with her demanding a price of Gold in exchange for your passage. There are ways in which you can approach this scenario and overcome the threat of Gerringothe – either by using clever tricks to beat her without combat, or by taking her on in battle.


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How to Beat Gerringothe Thorm Without Combat in Baldur’s Gate 3


Gerringothe Thorm is surprisingly powerful and can pose a huge threat to your party, as she is even capable of one-shotting your companions in certain scenarios. For this reason, if you’re able to avoid combat, it can save you a lot of time and damage, whilst still enabling you to reap all of the same rewards and EXP.

To beat Gerringothe Thorm without combat, you will need to trick her through conversation into feeling guilt for hoarding gold, convincing her to ‘pay it back’, which will end her existence. Upon encountering Gerringothe, she will demand Gold. At this point, select the option that has your character flick her a single piece of Gold. She will now continue to demand more, with your character having several more choices to pick from. Start with selecting ‘I don’t hand out so much Gold for so little in return’. Gerringothe will now tell you that you may pass the river, but you still need to pay – despite you having already done so.

At this point, you will be able to perform a Deception or Persuasion check to try and guilt trip Gerringothe into second-guessing her actions and reconsidering what she is doing. Rogues and Wizards in particular will have special dialogue options that enable ability checks that will add their Proficiency Bonus, which means they are some of the most worthwhile choices for leading this dialogue. In the case that your custom Tav is neither of these classes, either Astarion or Gale will be suitable replacements.

rogue tollmaster

In the case of the Rogue, select the option to tell Gerringothe that “The Toll Collector scam is old and uninspired.” In the case of the Wizard, select the option “Says who? Seems to me there is no one here to oversee you”.

rogue tollmaster part 2

After this, you will need to make a successful Ability Check to convince Gerringothe of her wrongdoings, and upon doing so, she will mention wanting to pay all the Gold back, before exploding into nothingness, leaving behind her suit of gold-plated armor and various Gold coins scattered across the ground.

tollmaster destroys herself bg3

Note that failing either of these checks will automatically throw you into battle with Gerringothe, so you should try this option first before being forced into tough combat.

You can now collect all of the scattered Gold around the Tollhouse, as well as loot Gerringothe’s empty armor for a variety of items – including the Morningstar known as Twist of Fortune.


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How to Beat Gerringothe Thorn Through Combat in Baldur’s Gate 3

gerringothe defeated

In the case that you are unsuccessful in your attempts to bypass Gerringothe Thorm through conversation, a battle with her will begin. This can be a tricky fight, as her damage output tends to scale per amount of Gold that a character has in their inventory, meaning she can often one-shot down your party members. In addition to this, she will also have a rather large HP pool that makes chipping away at her health quite a troublesome task.

There are two things that you can do to make this fight significantly easier for yourself. The first is to send any Gold that your Tav and companions may have on hand to Camp before beginning the conversation with Gerringothe, as this should prevent her from one-shot downing your allies in most circumstances.

The second thing that you can do to make this fight much easier is to forgo focusing attacks on Gerringothe at the beginning of combat, and instead focus on taking out all of the floating skulls around the Tollhouse, which are all labeled Visage of Regret.

tollmaster fight

For each Visage of Regret that you successfully defeat, Gerringothe’s maximum HP will be reduced, making her significantly easier to face in combat. After you manage to remove all Visage of Regret, defeating Gerringothe should be doable in just one to three more turns, as long as all of your party members are targeting her.

Much like the conversational method, after defeating Gerringothe Thorm, all that will be left in place is her empty gold-plated suit of armor, which you can now loot. Among the items available inside is the Twist of Fortune Morningstar, which you can now incorporate into your character builds.

As this was Gerringothe’s signature weapon, you will now be able to deal additional damage depending on how much gold an enemy is holding. This makes Twist of Fortune one of the best Morningstars in the game and a worthwhile weapon to consider for various melee-range character builds, such as a Paladin, Barbarian, or Fighter.

Twist of Fortune Skills & Buffs

  • Twist of Fortune: When you roll 2 or less with this weapon’s damage die, reroll it and take the new result.
  • Tenacity: When you miss an attack, you deal 1 Bludgeoning damage anyway.
  • Blood Money: Strike out greedily, dealing additional damage per 300 Gold that the target possesses. The gold will be consumed.


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