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How to Enter the Temple of Bhaal (Rescue Orin’s Victim)

how to reach wyrmway in baldurs gate 3

In Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, one of the two main quests is to locate and enter the Temple of Bhaal. Even if players fully cooperate with Orin the Red, they still need to find a way into her sanctum to present her with Gortash’s head.

First, however, players must learn the truth behind the murders taking place in Baldur’s Gate. This quest can begin as early as Rivington and the Open Hand Temple, but players can find other ways to start things off throughout the game.



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Updated on February 28, 2024, by Nahda Nabiilah: Orin the Red is one of the three chosen by the Absolute who is proficient in the art of torture and murder. Players will run into her multiple times thanks to her shapeshifting ability, which leads them eventually into the Temple of Bhaal after solving a murder case. However, keep in mind that gaining access to the Temple is no easy feat, since a special Amulet is necessary to unlock the entrance. Additionally, you will face many horrors inside that temple to rescue Orin’s victim, including the Slayer.

Investigate the Murders (Or Commit Some More)

Baldurs Gate 3 Murders

The first thing players need to enter the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Amulet of Bhaal, and the way to get it is to meet with the Murder Tribunal. Players can read the guide about the “Investigate the Murders” quest, but here’s the short version:

  1. Get the Bloodstained Parchment from one of the murder sites in the South Span of Wyrm’s Rock or in the Lower City.
  2. Visit Cora Highberry and warn her.
  3. Visit Figaro Pennygood and confront the murderer.
  4. Take the murderer’s “handbag” to Candulhallow’s Tombstones and press the button hidden behind a painting.
  5. Use the murderer’s hands to enter the presence of the Murder Tribunal.
  6. Either kill the Tribunal or become an Unholy Assassin to get the Amulet of Bhaal.

Players should note that Baldur’s Gate 3 will warn that Orin will be upset if they killed the Tribunal, but the party can still perform several long rests before she kills her hostage.


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Where To Find The Entrance To The Temple Of Bhaal

Baldurs Gate 3 Temple of Bhaal Entrance

Players can get to the sewers below the Lower City from several entrances, most of which are on the west side of the region. The party can enter through the round sewer entrances, and the Guild hideout has two locked doors that lead to the rest of the sewer system.

The door that leads to the Temple of Bhaal is north of the sewer region, next to a waypoint called “Undercity.” Aside from the waypoint, players can identify this location by spotting the paving stone with the circular blood drops of Bhaal’s symbol.

The large stone door is locked and can’t be picked, but it responds when players present the Amulet of Bhaal. It then asks for further proof of faith. Players can feel free to tell the truth: since Bhaal is the God of Murder, killing the Tribunal still counts as an act of devotion.



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How to Survive Manslaughter Chasm

Baldurs Gate 3 Temple of Bhaal Manslaughter Chasm

On the other side of the door is a dead body and a parchment with a warning. Just past the parchment, a group of Bhaal worshipers will ambush the party. This includes a figure called the Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev. On each of his turns, Ghislev will chant Bhaal’s Power Word Kill. If he manages to complete his five-round chant, every party member in the Manslaughter Chasm area will die.

Ghislev is on the far side of the chasm from the party, and there are several groups of Bhaalites between them. The first group to attack the party is a set of three Reapers of Bhaal on a cliff, but more will appear as party members run down the cliff edge and across the pillar that bridges the chasm’s edges.

Ghislev also has a defense called Unstoppable 5. This is a special trait unique to Bhaalites, and it causes all attacks against the character to deal 1 damage instead of the normal number. Unstoppable 5 means this works on the next five hits. On top of that, so long as Unstoppable is active, the character can’t be thrown, shoved, or restrained.

Killing Ghislev is the key to this fight. Not only does it stop Power Word Kill from triggering, all the other combatants will vanish as soon as Ghislev falls. One useful way to take him down is to get a Wizard or Sorcerer close to him by using Misty Step or Dimension Door to cross the chasm. The spellcaster can then use Magic Missile at third level against him, since each missile counts as a separate hit for Unstoppable.

Ghislev will usually teleport to the area exit if a party member crosses the chasm, but this still puts him relatively close to the bottomless pit. In addition, he only has 68 hit points, so he goes down quickly once his Unstoppable charges run out. However it happens, players can explore the area once the enemies vanish, then move on once they’re ready.

The Temple Approach

Baldurs Gate 3 Temple of Bhaal Path

Beyond Manslaughter Chasm is a road that leads down to the Temple of Bhaal’s front door. Along the way, several statues will recite a prophecy that players may recognize from the first two Baldur’s Gate games. The route also has several containers worth looting, and the final murder scene where players can find the head of Dribbles the Clown. Specifically, the head is on the body of Wilting Alex.

There are no enemies and no puzzles in the area, but there’s one final waypoint where players can go back to camp for one last chance to long rest. There’s also a side path that leads to the Absolute’s location, but the Emperor will warn the party to stay away since they don’t have all three Netherstones yet. Once players are ready, head to the door and present it with the Amulet of Bhaal.


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How To Slay The Slayer

Baldurs Gate 3 Temple of Bhaal Slayer

The inhabitants of the temple aren’t hostile to the party, so feel free to head down to the main altar where Orin is. Players can also go around the side and take a concealed path to Orin’s personal chamber, but doing so won’t change the final confrontation. Still, players may prefer to start the fight from the lower stairs rather than the upper set.

If Gortash is still alive when the party approaches Orin, a party member must pass a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check against 25 to convince her to let her hostage live. However, even if Gortash is dead and the protagonist is an Unholy Assassin, Orin will turn into the Slayer and attack. Bhaal is the God of Murder, after all.

As the Slayer (another reference to the earlier games), Orin has Unstoppable 7, and the chanting Bhaal worshipers around the altar will renew her charges at the end of every round. The chanters have Sanctuary on, which prevents direct attacks, but players can still harm them with area-of-effect spells. Another way to blast through Orin’s protections is to cast Magic Missile at level five, then have every other party member hammer her with everything they have.

The chanters around the temple will stop chanting and attack once Orin falls, but mopping them up is much easier than taking on the Slayer. The surviving members of the temple will continue to stay passive, so it’s up to players whether to fight them or not. In either case, be sure to check Orin’s body for her weapons, Bloodthirst and Crimson Mischief, plus her studded leather armor +2. Players can also inspect her quarters to find a dead dragonborn (assuming the protagonist isn’t The Dark Urge) and a shrine to Orin’s dead mother.


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