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How to beat Simulated Universe World 9

Honkai Star Rail Memory Zone Meme Boss stats

Explore the latest Honkai: Star Rail update of version 2.1, and dive into the newly revealed Simulated Universe World 9. This update introduces a mix of exciting challenges, fresh gameplay mechanics, and powerful adversaries for you to encounter within the Simulated Universe. This Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 guide aims to assist you in discovering effective strategies.

With the 2.1 update, the Acheron banner is now live, marking her debut in the first phase alongside her signature Light Cone. Additionally, this update includes the first-ever rerun for Jingliu and her Light Cone. With new achievements introduced in version 2.1 and new events added, the recently released update is anticipated to bring further enhancements. Future versions are already in development, promising upcoming characters like Robin and Boothill leaks.

Memory Zone Meme Boss Stats

In Simulated Universe World 9, the Memory Zone Meme Boss is vulnerable to Fire, Wind, and Imaginary-type elements. However, it exhibits a 20% resistance against Ice, Physical, Lightning, and Quantum-type elements.

Honkai Star Rail Memory Zone Meme Boss stats
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, the Memory Zone Meme Boss boasts a 50% resistance to Frozen and Entanglement effects, diminishing the impact of status effects. To triumph in this demanding battle, strategize carefully by leveraging weaknesses and maximizing strengths.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 Best Characters

Imbibitor Lunae

Imbibitor Lunae specializes in the potent Imaginary element associated with the Path of Destruction and stands out as a leading DPS character in Simulated Universe’s World 9. His emphasis on inflicting substantial area-of-effect damage proves advantageous, particularly against enemies like the Memory Zone Meme boss who are susceptible to the Imaginary element.

Honkai Star Rail Imbibitor LunaeHonkai Star Rail Imbibitor Lunae
Image via HoYoverse

Imbibitor Lunae’s distinct abilities, focusing on stacking basic attacks when combined with Hanabi, establish him as a formidable carry capable of dealing significant damage. This makes him an outstanding choice for tackling the World 9 boss.

Dr. Ratio

Dr. Ratio, introduced as a 5-star limited free character in earlier versions, has truly impressed me with his exceptional performance. His mastery over the Imaginary element and remarkable single-target DPS capabilities make him stand out as one of the best in the game. What sets him apart is his ability to amplify damage with each enemy debuff and his impressive speed as a hunt character.

Honkai Star Rail Dr. RatioHonkai Star Rail Dr. Ratio
Image via HoYoverse

In my experience, using Dr. Ratio in World 9 has been a game-changer. His swift takedowns and efficient handling of the boss before it can unleash its devastating final blow in the last phase have saved me countless times. He has become a staple in my lineup, and I highly recommend utilizing his strengths to overcome the challenges in Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe World 9.


Luocha‘s healing prowess is directly tied to his ATK stat making him a good ally when facing the Memory Zone Meme Boss. His Ultimate skill not only strips buffs from enemies but also inflicts area-of-effect (AoE) damage, making it especially effective against foes vulnerable to the Imaginary-type element, such as the World 9 boss.

Honkai Star Rail LuochaHonkai Star Rail Luocha
Image via HoYoverse

His AoE Ultimate ability not only dispels buffs but also delivers substantial Imaginary shield breaks, rendering Luocha invaluable in mitigating the boss’s stacked effects; his cleansing ability is truly game-changing.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 Best Path

Enhancing your team’s effectiveness against the Final Boss in Simulated Universe World 9 hinges on selecting and unlocking the exclusive Path Resonance within the Simulated Universe Blessing. Thoughtfully choosing paths as you progress will greatly enhance your team’s abilities and increase your chances of triumph in this challenging encounter.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe PathHonkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Path
Image via HoYoverse

The Hunt

Opting for the Hunt Path proves to be a strategic move when confronting Simulated Universe World 9. As the boss’s summons begin to accumulate, take advantage of the Path Resonance mechanics by timing your actions effectively.

The Hunt Path offers significant CRIT buffs to your team, notably increasing their critical hit rate and overall damage output. These buffs synergize well with characters specializing in critical hits, making it easier to swiftly defeat the Memory Zone Meme boss.

The Abundance

Choosing the Abundance Path for Simulated Universe World 8 brings valuable advantages. Accumulating Path Resonance from this path unlocks beneficial buffs, leading to the exclusive Abundance Resonance buff. This buff provides various advantages that greatly enhance your team’s strength, including the Resonance Formation: Annica.

This path is particularly recommended if you lack a healer with a cleanse like Luocha. The Annica formation is crucial for countering the boss’s crowd control effects, allowing you to cleanse yourself and your team, eliminating any detrimental crowd control effects that could hinder your performance.

Other Path choices

Players can also explore other Path Resonance options based on their preferred team composition and playstyle. Gepard players may benefit from maximizing the Preservation Path, effective against the World 9 boss. Those relying on Clara and Jing Yuan for massive AoE follow-up damage might find the Elation Path advantageous.

The newly introduced Propagation Path is highly beneficial for players aiming to maximize the immense burst damage of characters like Imbibitor Lunae and Qingque. Consider your team’s dynamics and preferred playstyle when selecting the most suitable Path Resonance for success against the World 9 boss.

How to Beat World 9 Boss: Memory Zone Meme Boss in Honkai: Star Rail

Simulated Universe World 9 continues the trend seen in previous worlds, featuring the formidable three-phase boss, Memory Zone Meme. This boss possesses significant damage output and strength, particularly showcasing a potent burst ability that can devastate your team if not managed strategically during certain turns.

To overcome these challenges, it’s crucial to carefully time your Path Resonance activations and ultimate attacks. This strategic approach helps you navigate difficult scenarios and increases your chances of achieving victory in the battle.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9
Image via HoYoverse

Phase 1: Sunset State

In the initial phase of confronting Memory Zone Meme – Something Unto Death, my team and I learned firsthand the importance of prioritizing Weakness Break to counter the deadly Morbid Dream debuff. The tension was palpable as we carefully timed our actions to dispel the debuff and gain a crucial advantage in the battle.

Phase 2: Nightfall State

Transitioning into the Nightfall state brought about a shift in strategy, as we faced the challenge of overcoming weak defenses. This phase tested our team’s coordination and damage output as we worked diligently to prevent Morbid Dream from taking its toll on our characters.

Phase 3: Defeating Sombrous Sepulchers

The final phase introduced the daunting task of dealing with Sombrous Sepulchers while maintaining control of the battle. Our focus on prioritizing Sepulcher elimination proved instrumental in reviving our affected characters and turning the tide of the battle in our favor.

Reflecting on these phases, I’ve come to appreciate the intricate mechanics. Each phase presented unique challenges that required adaptability and teamwork. This is ultimately leading to a rewarding victory in Simulated Universe World 9.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 Planar Ornaments

In World 9 of Simulated Universe, two new Planar Ornaments await adventurers, offering valuable enhancements for battles ahead. Let’s explore these new relics:

Honkai Star Rail World 9 Planar OrnamentsHonkai Star Rail World 9 Planar Ornaments
Image via HoYoverse

Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation

  • Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 4%. When an enemy target gets defeated, the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 4%, stacking up to 10 time(s).

Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm

  • Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When entering battle, if at least one other ally follows the same Path as the wearer, then the wearer’s CRIT Rate increases by 12%.

These Planar Ornaments can greatly enhance your combat capabilities in World 9. Incorporate them wisely to overcome challenges and emerge victorious in Simulated Universe’s trials.

Final Thoughts

To succeed in Simulated Universe World 9, strategic planning is essential. When facing Memory Zone Meme, focus on efficient phase management, prioritize damage, and counter the boss’s abilities. Choose your team wisely, utilize Path Resonance, and utilize new Planar Ornaments for added strength. Pay attention to elemental weaknesses, adapt your strategy as needed, and most importantly, enjoy the challenge. With the right tactics and a prepared team, victory in World 9 is within reach.

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