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How Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features Stack Up Against Google and Apple


Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 series of phones brims with new AI features. Some, like Circle to Search, look delightfully useful, while others, like Generative Edit, can seemingly bend reality. These tools are part of Galaxy AI, a suite of features and utilities that can execute wide-ranging tasks to simplify day-to-day activities, help with productivity and create content. 

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Galaxy AI is Samsung’s attempt to bolster its S24 series with software features that are powered by generative AI, which catapulted into the mainstream last year when OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot went viral. Samsung and its rivals are betting AI can breathe new life into the stagnant smartphone industry, which has seen sales slowing over the last several years.

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The Galaxy 24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra each have Galaxy AI, which Samsung bills as a “comprehensive mobile AI experience.” These AI-based features (a lot of which are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip) are detailed below. But Samsung isn’t alone in its AI ambitions. Here’s how some of Galaxy AI’s biggest features stack up against those from Google and Apple, two of Samsung’s biggest rivals.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Live Translation works during a phone call between two people speaking in different languages. Translation is done in real time.

John Kim/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI features

Live Translation: Samsung’s new live translation tool is perhaps the company’s most compelling AI feature. As the name suggests, the tool can translate a live phone call in real-time voice and text between two different languages. Live translation supports 13 languages and 17 dialects, allowing two people to have a basic conversation even if they don’t speak the same language. (Voice recorder has Transcribe Assist that also translates.)

Interpreter: This is similar to Live Translation, but it’s focused on translating a conversation into just text that’s shown on a split-screen. The view is arranged so that the people talking can stand face-to-face and read the text transcription of what the other person said. It also works without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

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circlesearchpic circlesearchpic

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Generative Edit: This generative AI feature lets you make reality-bending edits to your photos, like you can with the Google Pixel 8’s Magic Editor. You can remove objects and Generative Edit will fill in the background where the object once was. All images that have major AI alterations will get watermarked in the metadata to indicate this. But small edits, like removing reflections, won’t get the watermark. 

Note Assist: This feature creates AI-generated summaries of notes and also translates and formats files in Samsung’s Notes app. Plus, it generates digital covers for notes to make them easy to spot with a brief preview.

Google Pixel 8 AI Features

When it launched last year, Google’s Pixel 8 actually kicked off the arms race for gen AI in phones. Prior to Samsung’s S24 launch, Google marketed AI as one of the selling points of the Pixel 8. Though generative AI features are a newer addition to mobile phones, AI has long been an integral part of tasks such as voice recognition and image processing.

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Call Screen: Google Assistant answers calls on your behalf to avoid unwanted robocalls or scammers. In the Pixel 8 iteration, the Assistant’s voice sounds more natural, and it can understand more context from the call.

Audio Magic Eraser: This tool uses AI to quiet or remove unwanted sounds in videos you record. Whether it’s background music or just wind noise, Audio Magic Eraser can target the specific sounds you identify.

Where’s Apple’s iPhone Generative AI?

Though iPhones have relied on AI for years to improve camera processing and yield better-looking photos and videos, Apple’s handsets don’t natively have generative AI features in the same vein as Google’s or Samsung’s tools. But it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple went in the same direction.

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