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Hitwicket Beginners Guide and Tips

Hitwicket League Matches

Hitwicket, a made-in-India cricket gaming, has revolutionized the world of cricket gaming with its title Hitwicket. Acknowledged by the Prime Minister of India, it lets you devise cricket strategies while you are up against users online. You get to play as the Owner, Coach, and Captain as you train your players for the World Cricket championship. In this Hitwicket Beginners Guide, I will do a detailed discussion on the various game modes on offer and share some useful tips and tricks from my experience of playing the game.

Introducing the Game Modes

Coming to the Game Modes, Hitwicket comes with three different modes, both offline and online. Each of these modes earns you loads of resources, players, player skins, and other inventories. Let us know about them in this segment.

League Matches

Matches in Hitwicket are usually 5 over/10 over encounters wherein, the game would essentially ask you to only chase a score set by your opponent. Depending on the team’s strength, a specific target would be set for you to chase down. Teams that are weaker than you would comparatively be setting your lower targets and vice versa. In League matches you will be randomly matched against other users globally who are offline then.

Hitwicket League Matches
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games
  • A win ensures you 21 trophies and a loss deducts 5 trophies from your tally.
  • If your team gets defeated by some other user while you are offline, you can come back and defeat their team to re-claim your lost trophies
  • To start things off, you will be in the Bronze-III tier and as you keep on accumulating the trophies, you will parallel go up the ranks.


Events are a special in-game mode that challenges you guys to take part in various time-limited Live Events and daily Challenges, take on PK’s All Stars team, Alliance Quests, and participate in Friendly rivalries.

Hitwicket Event MatchesHitwicket Event Matches
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games

Each of the sections under League is quite rewarding as they can earn you the much-required Training Points and Hitcoins which can be put to good use. It unlocks only when you win your first five league games.


Player-vs-Player as the name suggests, is perhaps the only in-game mode that can give you the real-time experience of both batting and bowling. It unlocks only when you have accumulated a certain number of Experience Points and reach XP level 6. In this mode, you can take on users online. Perhaps, its the most challenging game made and should be attempted only when you have scouted good enough players and trained your existing line-up.

Understanding the in-game Resources

First things first, let me take you through the various in-game resources on offer and what they bring to your table.

In-game ResourcesUtilityHow to earn them
HitCoinsBasic in-game currency, utilized to purchase Player boxes, chests, and daily deals1. Can be collected by completing Daily Goals.
2. Obtainable by playing matches (respective of the mode or whether you are losing or winning)
3. Can be purchased from the game’s Store section
CashThey can be used in the nets and for bidding on players in the auction.Can be collected by winning more games and completing the Star bonus
Training PointsUsed to level up players and increase their shot power and chances of scoring big on a deliveryUsed to level up players and increase their shot power and chances of scoring big on a delivery
EnergyEnergy is required to play matches, i.e., it is used as an entry fee to matchesUsed to level up players and increase their shot power and chances of scoring big on a delivery

Apart from these resources, a lot of other inventories including player skins, auction tokens, and equipment can be earned. Whenever you equip your superstars with these items, it boosts their game performance.

HitWicket Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is a bonus section from my side for players to quickly assemble, train, and make their line-up win games. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from my experience of playing the game for almost a month now.

1. Capitalize on the Daily Challenges

Every day when you log in to the game, make sure that you are navigating to Events and checking out the Daily Challenges section.

  • The All-In Challenge comes only on Sundays
  • Powerful Challenge comes on every Monday and Thursday
  • Balanced Challenge comes on every Tuesday and Friday
  • Technical Challenges are your everyday challenges

Unlike all other games where Daily Challenges are trivial and easy-to-complete assignments, this is a section in Hitwicket that you would find difficult to complete as a newbie. Each of these challenges is distributed across 10 tiers that go on unlocking once you complete the previous one.

To be very honest, until and unless you are training your line-up and scouting more and more players, you will find it tough to head to tier 10. However, try going past as many tiers as possible under Technical Challenges as they can earn you HitCoins and Training Points in bulk. This can in turn be utilized to train your players.

2. Complete Season Challenges to activate the Season Pass

In Hitwicket, a Season usually lasts a month. During each Season, Season Challenges get added to the game.

  • To view the Season Challenges, navigate to the Calendar icon from the upper-left corner of your game screen.
  • Up next, switch over to the Season Challenges tab.
  • Under the Season Pass menu, you will come across the Rewards and Challenges tab. Switch over as per the need.
Hitwicket Season Pass ChallengesHitwicket Season Pass Challenges
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games

Unlike the Event-specific Challenges, the Season Challenges are pretty straightforward to complete. Challenges like accumulating a certain number of Victory stars, Maintaining a 50-run partnership, etc., would be set for you. As you go on completing these challenges, you get to unlock new chests, Cash, Training Points, and Equipment that can boost your player. Once the Season Pass is activated a lot of these rewards will be available in bulk. So, make sure that you are pouncing on these freebies as most of these challenges can be completed by just playing the game.

3. Level up your batsmen and bowlers whenever possible

As you go on to unlock Events and PvP modes, winning with your default line-up would be a daunting task. You should always look to level up your players so that they can be up and ready for the challenge. Leveling up your batters improves their shot power and also adds new shots to their bucket. To level up your players, you can resort to two different ways:

Utilizing Training Points

To utilize Training Points for training your batter, adhere to the steps below:

  • From the game’s home screen, navigate to the My Team tab.
  • Up next, navigate to Squad.
Hitwicket Batsman TrainingHitwicket Batsman Training
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games
  • Select your squad member whom you want to train to view his details.
  • Next up, from the Player Detail page hit the train button and the said number of Training Points will be deducted from your tally.

Utilizing Cash

You can even utilize in-game Cash currency to level up your players.

  • At the bottom of your home screen, you will find two slots, one for the batter, and the other now for the bowler.
Hitwicket Bowler TrainingHitwicket Bowler Training
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games
  • Click on the plus icon inside the respective slots to add the batter or bowler of your choice. It would take around 9 hours for the upgrade to complete. You can get a pre-mature update done by spending some Hit-Coins but we would suggest not to as it is a waste of resources.

Utilizing Cash to level up can be an alternative when you are running out of Training Points. Initially, you would find that you are only batting and chasing targets and hence can get fooled into thinking that only upgrading your batters would do the trick. Upgrading your bowlers is equally important for increasing the overall team strength. The targets that you get against teams stronger than you would be much higher if you are not leveling up your bowlers. So, make sure you are prioritizing both.

4. Charge your special ability by hitting 0s, 1s and 2s

The first pro-tip is to start the innings with Superstar category batsmen if you have them in your line-up. Each of these batsmen would come with a special ability that is unique to him. Two of the most common abilities are:

  • Smash: Once activated the chances of hitting a 4 or 6 increase by 40% in the next two deliveries for both the striker and non-striker
  • 2X: Once activated, for the next two deliveries whatever runs you score will get doubled after adding to your score tally.
Hitwicket Batsman Special AbilityHitwicket Batsman Special Ability
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games

To make use of these special abilities we have to smash the special ability button whenever it is ready to be used. After use, it needs a recharge. You need to settle for dot deliveries, singles and doubles to recharge it. Each recharge requires any one of these outcomes to be repeated at least four times.

Whatever desired result you choose before a delivery is bowled, the outcome of that delivery would be determined largely by the probability listed at the top of each number. Say, the probability of you hitting a boundary in a given delivery is less than 50%, if you tap on 4, there are chances you will miss the delivery completely and may also get out in the process. So, in a scenario where the boundary probability is showing less, settle for 0s, 1s, and 2s. If you try going for a boundary and miss the ball, it would count as a dot delivery plus won’t be considered as a recharge point. So, make sure that you are at least going for 1s and 2s in the given scenario to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Decide on the desired score based on the merit of the delivery

Apart from the probability percentage, two other factors need to be taken into account. Firstly, with each passing delivery, the shot power of your batter would go up and down. You will get an indication of it on the screen. Also, what type of delivery the bowler is set to bowl is also displayed below the pitch. If say, the bowler is all set to bowl a Yorker, don’t try going for the boundary unless you have the Smash ability activated. Even if the probability of hitting a 4 shows more than 50%, you will end up missing that delivery completely. For difficult balls, only think of getting a boundary if the probability is greater than 70%
However for loose deliveries, even if the probability is within the 48-60% range you can risk going for a boundary and end up getting the desired result 8 on 10 times.

The bowler’s special ability should also be considered if it is activated

When you miss a couple of deliveries the bowler’s special ability will get activated. Make sure that you decide on the scoring based on what special ability got activated for the bowler. Like, for instance, the special ability might allow the chances of getting the bowler a wicket if you miss the delivery or it might reduce your probability of scoring by 40%. Just like it is for the batter, for bowlers too the special ability lasts a couple of deliveries.

Hitwicket Bowler Special AbilityHitwicket Bowler Special Ability
Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games

In this scenario, it’s better to go defensive for these two balls and deal in 0s, 1s, and 2s, especially in the early days when you cannot afford to lose your Superstar batter with the limited resources that you would have.
For some of the bowlers, a special ability would get activated wherein whatever runs you score in those two deliveries would be counted in negative.
Say, you score 4 runs on those two deliveries. Instead of getting added 4 runs would get deducted from your tally. In this scenario, always settle for two dot deliveries as it would cost you no damage.

Final Thoughts

Concept wise the developers have done a brilliant job in bringing in something new in this already crowded space of mobile cricket gaming. The task of selecting a line-up and deciding on the outcome of delivery will put your cricketing brain to the test. However, the developers could have put more effort into the UI part. That would have been a cherry on the real-time experience claim that the developers are making.

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That’s all for today’s Hitwicket beginners guide. Did you find our Hitwicket Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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