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Hero Adjustments, Battlefield Adjustments and more

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 Update

In this Advanced Server patch, the developers at MOONTON Games adjusted some default lanes for heroes to match actual lane selection in Ranked matches on the Official Server, but devs have also noticed some specific lane selections made by top-level players in Mobile Legends (MLBB). The developers will keep an eye on the data and consider making more adjustments in the future. Let us break down the Patch 1.8.76 Update for Mobile Legends in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.76 Update: Hero Adjustments

Zhuxin (Nerfed)

Reduced Zhuxin’s mobility and control abilities.

Attributes (↓)

Movement Speed: 255 >> 245

Skill 1 (↓)

Soul Snare Stack Applied: 3 >> 1

Skill 2 (↓)

Base Damage: 70-145 >> 50-150

Masha (Adjusted)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

Devs are happy to see Masha getting more usage after the previous adjustments. Now that players are getting more comfortable with her, devs have found that she is too weak in the early and mid-game. Masha is forced to play defensively against most other heroes on the EXP lane until level 4, and then relies on hero kills to grow enough to take down the enemy’s squishy heroes in the late game. To remedy this, devs want to try to increase their laning potential for a more streamlined early and mid-game, while slightly nerfing their late-game burst potential.

Skill 1 (~)

  • Passive Base Damage: Physical Damage equal to 1-2% >> 2% of Max HP
  • Active Base Damage: Physical Damage equal to 3-6% >> 2-4% of Max HP

Ultimate (~)

  • Base Damage: 200-500 >> 400-600
  • Damage Bonus: 200% Extra Physical Attack >> 220% Extra Physical Attack

Minotaur (Nerfed)

Our previous changes to Minotaur’s Enrage regen made him too powerful against heroes that rely on multi-hit basic attacks. In addition, his HP is a bit overturned, since he’s a CC tank. So devs are making new changes to his Enrage regen and reducing the healing of his Motivation Roar skill.

Skill 2 (↓)

  • Basic Regen: 260-360 +100% of Total Magic Power >> 220 -320+60% of Total Magic Power
  • HP Regen: Recovers HP equal to 200-450 +100% of Total Magic Power when hit by enemy heroes’ Basic Attacks >> Recovers HP equal to 100% of Basic Attack Damage taken from enemy heroes

Lolita (Adjusted)

Devs want to make Lolita’s passive shield and her Guardian’s Reflection skill more effective. Lolita will now gain more Shield from skill casts and benefit more from CD Reduction.

Passive (~)

  • Shield of Each Stack: 50 +10* Hero Level >> 100 +20* Hero Level +80% of Total Magic Power
  • Max Shield Stacks: 6 >> 3
  • Passive Trigger Interval: 2.5s >> 5s

Skill 1 (↓)

  • Cooldown: 10-7.5s >> 10s at all levels
  • Mana Cost: 70-120 >> 70-95

Skill 2 (~)

  • Cooldown: 17.5-15s >> 15-12.5s
  • Shield Base Value: 1500-3000 >> 1000-2000

Chip (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, Mobile Legends Chip Game News Guide Cover, Mobile Legends March 2024 LeaksMobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, Mobile Legends Chip Game News Guide Cover, Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

Skill 1 (↑)

Hovercraft Ramming Damage: 150-300 +5% of target’s Max HP >> 180-330 +6% of target’s Max HP

Special Skill (↑)

Cooldown: 40s >> 20s (unaffected by CD Reduction)

Harith (Nerfed)

Reducing foreswing on Skill 1 is too much of a boost for Harith, and devs are going to balance that out with a small reduction in his damage.

Skill 1 (↓)

  • Base Damage: 236-376 +84% of Total Magic Power >> 235-335 +75% of Total Magic Power
  • Explosion Damage: 590-940 +210% of Total Magic Power >> 590-840 +190% of Total Magic Power

Edith (Buffed)

The defensive equipment nerf slightly affects Edith’s Ultimate damage, so the percentage of Hybrid Defense converted to Magic Power has been increased.

Edith Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update postponedEdith Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update postponed
Image via MOONTON Games

Ultimate (↑)

Percentage of Hybrid Defense Converted to Magic Power: 3.2 >> 3.5

Hayabusa (Buffed)

Experience Optimization: Both Ling and Lancelot can use Retribution during their Ultimates (Invincibility) to get income from neutral creeps or to deal damage. Hayabusa needs to be able to do that as well.

Ultimate (↑)

Retribution can now be used while casting Ultimate.

Julian (Buffed)

Passive (↑)

Enhanced Basic Attack’s Magic Power Bonus: 90% >> 100%

Esmeralda (Buffed)

Attributes (↑)

  • Physical Defense Growth: 4.3 >> 7.3
  • Magic Defense Growth: 2.5 >> 4

Carmilla (Adjusted)

Adjusted the sizes of Carmilla’s Crimson Flower skill and her Basic Attacks so that Crimson Flower will always hit when basic attacks can.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.76 Update: Battlefield and System Adjustments

Equipment Adjustments

War Axe (Buffed)

Once players have merged Bloodlust Axe and Queen’s Wings, Queen’s Wings is more useful than before. However, the high price of Queen’s Wings has led to a lack of equipment with Spell Vamp in the early game, which has affected the overall experience and power of some heroes.

In this patch, devs have decided to merge some of the Bloodlust Axe’s attributes into the War Axe. This will make the War Axe a more viable first choice in terms of sustainability for skill-based heroes. Devs hope that this will better suit players’ equipment selection.

Attributes (↑)
  • Physical Attack: 25 >> 35
  • Max HP: 550 >> 400
  • It now also grants 12% Spell Vamp.
Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit (↑)

Stacks no longer grant Spell Vamp.

Queen’s Wings (~)

With the changes to the War Axe, the Queen’s Wings no longer need to be fully merged with the Bloodlust Axe’s attributes. As a result, devs have lowered their base Spell Vamp and price.

Attributes (↓)

Spell Vamp: 15% >> 10%

Price (↑)

2550 >> 2250

Malefic Gun (Buffed)

Increased the Malefic Gun’s overall strength. Hopefully, it will feel like more of a competitive choice when compared with Wind of Nature.

Attributes (↑)

Physical Attack: 30 >> 50

Active Skill – Malefic Energy (↑)
  • Increase Attack Range Duration: 2s >> 3s
  • Cooldown: 70s >> 35s
Unique Passive – Zeal (↑)

Speed Boost: 10% >> 15%

Wishing Lantern (Buffed)

Greatly increased damage this equipment deals to high HP heroes.

Unique Passive – Seeker (↑)

Magic Damage: 1% of target’s Max HP >> 6% of target’s current HP

Blood Wings (Buffed)

Reduced its Cooldown.

Unique Passive – Guard (↑)

Cooldown: 30s >> 20s

Great Dragon Spear (Buffed)

Increased the speed boost it grants.

Unique Passive – Supreme Warrior (↑)

Speed Boost: 15% >> 30%

Battlefield Adjustments

Scavenger Crabs

Devs have received a lot of feedback that the Scavenger Crab drops (Exp Scrolls and Gold) were too annoying to pick up. They will now only drop one of each (with the same total rewards as before), and the drops will now fly to the killer (no need to pick them up).

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