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Hardest Mission Objectives In Helldivers 2

helldivers 2 all difficulty levels explained


  • Helldivers 2 requires squads to work together to defend Super Earth from robots and aliens across various missions.
  • Players must strategize and choose the right weapons for each objective, such as using armor-piercing weapons against Chargers.
  • Completing challenging missions like Sabotaging Air Bases or Purging Hatcheries requires coordination and the right loadout for success.



In Helldivers 2, players drop onto planets as squads of up to four helldivers. They must defend Super Earth from two major galactic threats – humanoid robots called Automatons and bug-like aliens called Terminids. Players’ progress is tracked in real-time as each successful mission adds a tiny amount of progress towards that planet’s liberation. Players across the globe must work together to save the galaxy and preserve humanity’s way of life.


Helldivers 2: All Difficulty Levels Explained

For everyone who’s confused, here’s an explanation of all the difficulty levels in Helldivers 2 and how you can unlock them all.

Missions are generated at random across the planet, with many different choices for each of the nine difficulty levels. Players need to choose the right mission for their squad, especially since some of the mission objectives are significantly harder than others.

1 Conduct Geological Survey

Multiple Terminal Inputs And Waiting Periods

HELLDIVERS™ 2 2024-02-20 10_35_53 PM Cropped

  • Deploying the drill takes patience and requires defending the area
  • Squads should delegate the inputs to one player

Conducting a geological survey involves multiple steps. Players must reach the dig site and then call down a drill using the D-pad inputs like any other Strategem. Then, one player must interact with the drill’s terminal and then wait for the machine to conduct its survey. This has to be done several times to complete the whole survey.

Players need to defend the machine while it surveys the area, and can expect consistent resistance from waves of enemies. The combination of multiple inputs with staying in one enemy-infested area can make these missions difficult.

2 Eliminate The Charger

Chargers Are Dangerous Foes With Thick Armor

Helldivers 2 Caught Them by Supplies Trophy & Achievement Guide (Killing Charger with a Resupply Pod)

  • Players need armor-piercing weapons
  • Cripple a Charger by aiming for its legs

Chargers are dangerous terminids, especially in close quarters. As their name suggests, chargers run at helldivers and deal massive damage if they don’t dodge quickly enough. These terminids have meter-thick armor that can resist all but the most powerful attacks.

The Recoilless Rifle, Expendable Anti-Tank, and Railgun are all great weapons to use against a charger. These can shred through its armor and kill it quickly. Alternately, players can let it run past them and then shoot at the unarmored parts of their back and abdomen. This challenging mission type is made easier by strategizing with squadmates and by bringing the right Strategems planetside.

3 Sabotage Supply Bases

Destroy Automaton Fuel And Ammo Stockpiles

Sabotage Supply Bases mission in Helldivers 2

  • Fuel reserves and ammo stockpiles are spread around the map
  • Because of travel time, these missions can take a while

Destroying Automaton Supply Bases is an objective that takes a long time to complete because players will need to explore most, if not all, of the map. Once players reach the location with the supplies, they will need to take out the Automatons defending it. Once this is done, players can focus on the supplies themselves.

Automaton ammo stockpiles can be destroyed with a grenade, but be warned – the ammo itself will explode, which can kill players standing too close to it. The fuel reserves can be destroyed quickly with an Orbital Strategem. Being prepared for moving around the entire map and having the right Support Weapons and Strategems to destroy the supplies are the right strategies for these missions.

4 Purge Hatcheries

Terminids Viciously Defend Their Eggs

A helldiver stands in front of a Terminid hatchery

  • Terminids tend to spawn from Bug Holes near their eggs
  • Shotguns, Flamethrowers, and Grenades can destroy many eggs at once

Terminids tend to lay their eggs vertically among tightly grouped columns of rock. Since the rocks form a relative shelter for the eggs, approaching a hatchery means that helldivers are in for a tough fight in close-quarters combat. Terminids also tend to have Bug Holes near their eggs, so they will continuously spawn while players are taking out their eggs unless these holes are closed first.

Using a Flamethrower, Grenade, or Shotgun can destroy multiple eggs at once. One player can focus on this while the others take out the waves of terminids in the surrounding area. Alternately, using Orbital Napalm Strikes and other barrages can clear the area and allow the helldivers to approach more easily.

5 Sabotage Air Base

Complex Mission That Can Become Overwhelming

Helldivers 2 Automaton Air Base Tower

  • Players have to travel to multiple locations
  • Players must use a terminal before they can destroy the air base

Automatons use Dropships to reinforce areas with extra troops. Because of this, it makes sense that Super Earth prioritizes the destruction of their air bases. Sabotaging an air base is a complex mission that should not be done solo. Players have to fight their way to the heart of the base, usually encountering larger threats like Hulks and Devastators in the process.

Once in the base, one player must go to a terminal while the rest of the squad defends them. Only after this is done can the airbase be destroyed. Most Sabotage Air Base missions have multiple locations as well, so the squad will need to repeat these steps at least one more time before they can extract from the planet.

6 Eliminate The Bile Titan

The Largest Terminid Is A Very Dangerous Foe

Shooting a Bile Titan in Helldivers 2

  • The green belly is unarmored
  • Orbital Railcannons and Lasers can take them out quickly

Bile Titans are the largest and most dangerous of all the terminids. Fortunately for inexperienced players, they only spawn on missions rated as Challenging or higher. In addition to their size and armor, Bile Titans are a threat because of their deadly ranged attacks and the fact that they tend to spawn with other terminids.


Helldivers 2: Best Weapons to Deal with Terminids

The Terminids might be a threat in Helldivers 2, but a well-prepared soldier can easily turn the turn.

With the right loadout, Bile Titans can be taken down fairly quickly. One use of Orbital Laser can kill a Bile Titan, assuming that the laser targets it and not the swarm of terminids that usually accompany one. Orbital Railcannon Strikes are also useful against Bile Titans because they lock onto the largest target and can kill one in two hits. Beyond these, the typical anti-armor Strategems and Support Weapons are useful for taking out a Bile Titan.

7 Launch ICBM

It Can Take Many Steps Spread Across The Map

Helldivers 2 Best Early Game Stratagems

  • On higher difficulty levels, players have to complete sub-objectives before reaching the launchpad
  • One player can man the terminal while others unlock the launchpad

Seeing an ICBM soaring across the sky before its explosion lights up the entire map is an epic way to conclude a complex mission. There are many steps to completing this objective, especially at harder difficulty levels. Sometimes, players will need to travel to a marked location to find launch codes that will later be input into the terminal at the launch site.

Once players reach the launchpad with any prerequisite objectives done, one player will have to activate a terminal, follow the prompts, and input the launch codes. Then, each of the four locks on the missile silo has to be manually lifted. All of these steps are made more difficult by the high likelihood that enemies will swarm the launchpad. Only once all of these steps are done, players can finally launch the missile and start the extraction process.

8 Eliminate Automaton Hulk

The Largest Automaton Is Deadly At Any Range

Helldivers 2 How to Beat Hulks

  • Hulk arms can be shot off
  • Its glowing red eye and the orange spots on its back are weak points

Hulks are the Automaton’s answer to the terminids Bile Titan. Defeating one can be difficult, especially in close quarters. Hulks come in three varieties – Standard Hulks armed with a flamethrower and autocannons, Rocket Hulks armed with rocket launchers, and Flame Hulks armed with a buzzsaw and flamethrower.



Helldivers 2: Let’s Call it a Draw Trophy & Achievement Guide (Shoot Off Both Arms on a Hulk and Then Extract While it’s Alive)

Show off your mastery in Helldivers 2 by unlocking the Let’s Call it a Draw trophy and achievement.

Players can kill a Hulk quickly with an Anti-Material Rifle by hitting it twice in the Hulk’s glowing red eye. Autocannons and Railguns are also great at killing Hulks quickly, especially if they hit the Hulk’s eye or the glowing weak spots on its back. As with many other foes in Helldivers 2, preparation is the key to victory.

9 Blitz: Search And Destroy

Short Time Limit Without Help Of Markers On The Map

helldivers 2 blitz mission

  • Players only have 15 minutes
  • Players need to spread out to search for Bot Lairs and Bug Nests

Blitz missions live up to their name as lightning-fast hit-and-run operations. Players drop onto the planet and have only fifteen minutes to complete their objectives and extract instead of the usual forty minutes. They need to destroy a set amount of Bot Lairs or Bug Nests (depending on the enemy type) and call down the pelican in this short amount of time.

To make things more complicated, there is not an orange objective marker on the mini-map, so players need to pay closer attention to their surroundings to find the locations where their enemies spawn. Equipping Support Weapons and Strategems that can kill many enemies at once while taking out the Lair or Hole will help players keep up the pace and finish the mission on time.

10 Rescue Scientists

Defending Civilians Requires Coordination, Strategy, And Luck

Helldivers 2 Civilian Evacuation

  • Players must balance killing enemies with releasing civilians
  • A short mission timer makes every second count

Rescuing scientists is the most challenging mission, even after an update that scaled its difficulty down. Players have to escort 30, 40, or 50 civilians (depending on the difficulty level) from different parts of a compound to a central door. Three civilians are released at a time when a door is opened, and they are helpless against the onslaught of enemies waiting for them.

Players have to balance their efforts between culling the endless waves of enemy reinforcements and releasing civilians to ensure victory. Careful planning, coordination, and equipping the right Strategems for this mission are the keys to victory.


Helldivers 2

February 8, 2024

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