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Guide to understand Manager Tactics with Tips

Possession Game in eFootball

Manager Tactics in any sport are considered an essential part of getting out the best of the team. eFootball 2024‘s biggest positive is the view of tactics and the training system, which has come across as a breath of fresh air for longtime fans of the game which was introduced in 2023 edition of the game. This allows you to field an XI with tactical plans of your choice, be it of any manager. Player playstyle and Manager tactics play a crucial role in your team performance in eFootball 2024, and it takes time to get the best from your tactical setup.

To help players understand the tactics and implement them in the game, this article will help in describing the Five eFootball Manager tactics available along with a few tips.

The Manager Tactics in the mobile version game has been present since the game was released. However, players wouldn’t get an option to change the preset tactics of a player. For example, Pep Guardiola would be available as a “Possession Game” manager only, and the players would not get an option to change it anyhow or play any other version of him because there wasn’t any option to do so.

This was against any tactical setup a manager used to do in real-life football. usually, a manager for a Club or National Team would love to have a different setup, with flexible formations against a team, and change it accordingly depending on the game tempo or certain scenarios. This can decide the outcome of a match, and the way a team performs.

This time around, players can get their tactics working with the changes that can be implemented. With flexible formation choices and changes in tactics, the game allows players to follow their change as per their wish at any moment in the match.

Manager Familiarity

Before understanding the tactics a manager implements, it is necessary to understand that each of the tactics will have a certain familiarity for each manager. This data is collected from the real-life approach the manager has followed and his prowess in getting that tactic right.

This will be a major factor in choosing a manager, and it will also reflect in getting the best from your players and the team. Apart from the legendary managers, the maximum playstyle proficiency a common manager can have is 87 and the least is 50. However Legendary managers can have variable playstyle proficiency.

So it is to remember that for players to reach the maximum of 100 Team Spirit, having the highest familiarity is necessary. Along with this, training your players to the correct tactic is also very important to get your team well and good.

There are a total of five tactics that can be implemented in the game.

Possession Game

  • Notable Managers: Luis A. Roman (Pep Guardiola), Luis Enrique


The most used tactic by many managers in real life, and most managers have proficiency with the Possession Game. This type of tactic involves holding the majority of the ball, player movement off the ball to create space, and moving the ball up the field to force opposing players out of position before exploiting a gap in their defense.

Possession Game in eFootball
Image via KONAMI

With the Possession Game, you will find players in close spaces, players asking for the ball, with a slow buildup game to push the opponent for a mistake. Use good dribblers and passers in your team to benefit from this style of play, as this requires players to have a good technical aspect in them.

Team Formation

For possession playstyle, always consider formations where players are close so that you can build up easily. The best pick is the 3 in the midfield formations like 4-3-3, 4-2-1-3, and 4-2-3-1.

Quick Counter

  • Notable Managers: G. Zeitzler (Jurgen Klopp), Gasperini


A tactic that is employed by defensive managers, and runs riot if executed perfectly. Real Madrid during the Jose era was a force in this area and was immensely successful in beating teams with this tactic. The current Liverpool team is also well-equipped with this playstyle. This style of play is played at a very high tempo and pace in defense and offense.

Counter Attack in eFootballCounter Attack in eFootball
Image via KONAMI

The biggest benefit of this style of play is having direct runs behind the opponent’s defense. This gives a lot of chances for the players to play through balls or create an opening to attempt a shot. The speed of your attack will matter a lot so best to choose quick and agile players as forwards with tall and agile defenders too.

Team Formation

Quick Counter attacking teams can work with any formation, be it Narrow or Wide. Using a Quick Counter team with a 4-1-2-3, 4-3-1-2, 5-3-2, 4-3-2-1, etc will be amazing to use.

Long Ball Counter

  • Notable Managers: Cristo Valbuena (Diego Simeone), Jose Mourinho


Another type of counter-attacking system, the Long Ball counter attack employs a much more defensive system. Similar to the normal fast counterattack, but done via long balls forward from the defensive line of the team. The defense will sit deep than usual and defend deeper while they absorb the pressure of the attacking team until they find a gap to play the long ball forward.

Long Ball Counter in eFootballLong Ball Counter in eFootball
Image via KONAMI

Your players will continuously drift so as to create an opening for your players to run behind the opponent’s backline for chances. So it is necessary to field a forward with high offensive awareness, speed, and ball control to not get caught offside and manage the ball well. Defense is also important, so taller ones are needed to keep those crosses at bay.

Team Formation

The Long Ball Counter does not really need much overload in the midfield. Having a good defense with ball progression and long passing would work wonders. So we suggest 5-2-3, 5-3-2 formations for Long Ball counters.

Long Ball

  • Notable Managers: E. Greening (David Moyes), F. Helson (Sean Dyche)


Not to be confused with the “Long Ball Counterattack“, the tactic doesn’t actually employ counter-attacking style. When the team recovers the ball from the opposition, the ball is played long targeting the main striker or central player. This is done with a little thought of chance creation. During an attack, the midfield is bypassed most of the time as long balls are played from the back, but are necessary for pressing and retrieving the ball.

Long Ball in eFootball Manager tacticsLong Ball in eFootball Manager tactics
Image via KONAMI

Since here the formation involves in high risk of giving up possession, you need a defence and midfield with a lot of effort to get back the ball. So stamina plays a major role. For forwards, employing players with good ball control is also necessary, with defenders having good ball progression stats and skills.

Team Formation

Long Ball hoofing can be followed with any formation. We see 4-2-3-1, 3-4-1-2, and 5-2-2-1 as well working formations under this tactic, and can easily see giving results to many players.

Out Wide

Notable Managers: Thomas Tuchel, Gareth Southgate


Increasing the width of the team to play along the wings is the tactic behind the Out Wide playstyle. The tactic is to stretch wide and play your wingers on the flanks where they stretch the opponent’s defense and create play wide so that they can pass it in when there is a space in the middle. Teams can score goals easily by crossing and cutting back tactics.

Out Wide in eFootballOut Wide in eFootball
Image via KONAMI

Most of the players from his team run towards the center to be at the receiving end of the pass, which might make them vulnerable to counterattacks. So make sure you play players with a Track Back skill so that they do not stay forward at the moment. Wingers with good crossing skills are important in utilizing this playstyle effectively.

Team Formation

Formations, where there are wingers, stretched out wide. 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 4-2-2-2, etc will work well under this Manager’s tactic.

Tips to choose your manager and form your team

A few questions remain, how do I choose my Manager? How do I choose my team? Well, we will give you some tips that you need to remember while you choose a team and play a manager.

1. Manager Familiarity is always important

Manager Tactics with higher familiarity, the easier your player adapts to it. Choose players who fit that current tactic, for example, a Possession Game manager will need players with good ball control to keep hold and recycle the ball in tight spaces.

2. Field teams with adaptable managers

Want to switch a tactic but have no familiarity? Yep, this is what we all players wonder “What if?”. So, you take a manager having familiarity with two different tactics, say Santos and Enrique can deploy Possession and Quick Counter with good enough familiarity.

Train your players with familiarity in both Possession Game and Quick Counter. They may drop stats a bit but it’ll give you a choice to employ tactics on the basis of the opponent you face.

3. Do play the same playstyle as the manager

Many players play possession having the Long Ball Counter tactic. We do not say it won’t work, but players should remember that the tactics are there for a reason. So if you find yourself playing a certain style of play, adhere to that tactic.

Satisfied with our guide on how to choose the perfect Manager for you? You can check out our playstyle guides below for selecting the best players for your team respectively.

What are your thoughts on this guide for Manager Tactics in eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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