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God Of War Ragnarok: Best Enchantments

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  • Momentous Stride enchantment rewards skillful dodging with powerful skill gauge charges. A must-have for daring players in God of War Ragnarok.
  • Kinetic Resilience enchantment maximizes combo finishers and reduces skill gauge loss when hit. Ideal for aggressive players seeking to unleash devastating attacks.
  • Greater Regenerating Essence provides continuous health regeneration, crucial for surviving intense battles in God of War Ragnarok. Patience is key.



God of War Ragnarok pits Kratos and Atreus in the center of an impending war of the Nine Realms. With Odin, Thor, and the rest of the Norse gods on their tail, Kratos is going to need to bring all the weapons he can in order to defend himself and his son from the perils in God of War Ragnarok. Luckily, there are a few tools on his side, that being, the best enchantments that can enhance Kratos’ playstyle, and create a flurry of death for those who seek him out.


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Players can find the best God of War Ragnarok enchantments here, to truly come out on top as they face the Norse Gods of old. The best enchantments in God of War Ragnarok are also of great use to players traveling to Valhalla in search of answers for the free roguelike DLC, ensuring that victory is within Kratos’ grasp.

6 Momentous Stride

How To Get: Defeat Golrab, Located In The Noatun Garden


For those who enjoy playing it on the edge, Momentous Stride is a great enchantment. With this enchantment active, players want to put aside their shields and rely on their dodging capabilities and reflexes to dodge attacks at the last second and receive an adoring charge to their skill gauges on the respective weapon that they are using.

Building up skill gauges is important for maximizing damage, as when activated with L1+Triangle, players will grant their weapon with a Status Effect with each hit to enemies, and provide them with a hefty amount of extra damage that can take out foes quicker than swinging an axe with mere rage.

5 Kinetic Resilience

How To Get: Complete The Casualty Of War “The Stein”


  • Resilient Momentum:
    Combo finishers provide an extra charge of the Permafrost, Immolation, and Maelstrom skill gauges, and the charge lost when getting hit is greatly reduced. (STR: 220 Required)

Skill gauges remain vital to those looking to extend their most powerful attacks, and with this enchantment, players can reach that goal quicker thanks to combo finishers, which are violent, bloody, and have a window of opportunity to quickly kill enemies without worrying about their health gauge.


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Kinetic Resilience also has the bonus of negating the skill gauge charge that is lost when getting hit, which is a bonus for players who aren’t prepared to get hit, resetting their skill gauge meter and forcing them to fight harder in an attempt to gain that sweet damage bonus from activating the gauge itself.

4 Greater Regenerating Essence

How To Get: Kill The Slag Horn, Located In The Jungle In Vanaheim


  • Greater Regenerating Essence:
    Adds a greater amount of constant Health regeneration. (VIT: 170 Required)

Running out of Health is an anxiety that many players will face in games as intense as God of War Ragnarok. It’s hard to keep on top of health, especially if overwhelmed or fighting stronger enemies, so the Greater Regenerating Essence enchantment is a wonderful bonus to those who need it.

Whilst the healing may seem small, it’s the only opportunity players will have to heal whilst in combat. It could save them from a hit or two, but it will require them to be patient and avoid getting hit. Healing items may appear during the fight, but it’s better to use this enchantment as a backup in case they don’t.

3 Celestial Panacea

How To Get: Throw Crystal Fragnemnts In Vanaheim’s Wishing Well


  • Celestial Protection:
    25% Resistance to all Status Effects. This includes Frost, Burn, Blind, Daze, Poison, Shock, and Bifrost.

Whilst the Celestial Panacea enchantment won’t grant any unique powers when it comes to damage, the natural resistance to Status Effects is greatly appreciated, and players won’t have to worry so much about the ailments that could spell fatal for Kratos as he fights across the Nine Realms and their many dangers.

Celestial Panacea can provide great resistance buffs, which means players will be less affected by the likes of Bifrost, which eats at health, and other horrid effects like frost, which slows players. This resistance buff is great for those who have a harder time dodging attacks, but it’s not essential to those who want to maximize their damage output.

2 Crest Of Desperate Heroics

How To Get: Complete Casualty Of War “The Brooch”

A screenshot of Kratos wearing gold armor in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.

  • Last Grasp:
    When Kratos’ health drops to a critical level, grants a short invincible barrier, buff to Strength, and Health Burst when complete. (VIT: 100 Required)

Nobody likes a game over, and with Crest of Desperate Heroics, players may just be able to prevent that. This is easily one of the best enchantments in God of War Ragnarok thanks to the fact that it will save a life or two. When situations are tough and there is no health available, death can be assured, but with this enchantment, players can negate any damage for a short amount of time, and receive a surge of strength.


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Players will be invulnerable, ignoring all damage and swinging their weapon violently thanks to the increase in strength provided. Once this window closes, a Health Burst will be provided, granting players that much-needed health that can easily see them turn the tides of war against the most dangerous of foes.

1 Emblem Of The Nine Realms

How To Get: Defeat Heimdall

god war heimdall

  • Empowered Shift:
    Increases Melee damage during Realm Shifts.

Realm Shifts are a beautiful thing, as they create a great window of attack opportunity. Players can use Realm Shifts to slow their enemies, allowing them to lower their defenses and unleash pure violence upon their foes without concern for their own safety, due to the fact that enemies will be far too slow to swing their weapons whilst Kratos wails on them with his own.

Thanks to the Emblem of the Nine Realms, Kratos is able to dish out some more damage with his melee attacks during a Realm Shift, and that damage is certainly noticeable. Realm Shifts are one of the best methods of attack in God of War Ragnarok, so it’s best to use this enchantment to those who want to cut down enemies, and fast.


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November 9, 2022

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