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Genshin Impact Chiori Story Quest Guide and Tips

Genshin Impact Chiori Story Quest

Genshin Impact has released the Version 4.5 Update, debuting an already introduced character who is known for her sassy and blunt demeanor, Chiori, who is playable along with releasing her Story Quest. Chiori is a 5-Star Geo Sword character that has appeared as an NPC in Version 4.3 during the Roses and Muskets Limited Event. Chiori is one of the characters that was introduced to us post-Archon quest story-line as a blunt and head-strong fashion designer who runs the Chioriya Boutique. As such, in this guide, we will talk about the ways to complete Chiori Story Quest in Genshin Impact. We will also provide our analysis of the infamous fashion designer of Chioriya Boutique.

How to unlock Chiori’s Story Quest “When They Talk About Tonight” Rosa Multiflora: Act I in Genshin Impact

To unlock and play Chiori’s first Story Quest, players must:

  • Be at Adventure Rank (AR) 40 and above.
  • Have at least one Story Key, which can be obtained by completing the Daily Commissions 8 times.
  • Complete the Fontaine Archon Quests till Chapter Five, Act V: Masquerade of the Guilty

Genshin Impact Chiori Story Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Chiori’s 1st Story Quest in Genshin Impact is divided into 3 different parts, with rewards attached to it.

Part 1: Where Honed Blades Clash

A fashion festival is being held in Fontaine. You and Paimon decide to check it out for yourselves.

Genshin Impact Chiori Story Quest
Image via HoYoverse
  • Go to the Court of Fontaine: Quartier Lyonnais
  • Go to Chioriya Boutique. You will find Chiori standing near the shop.
  • Go talk to Chiori and catch up with her surrounding the latest Fashion Week event
  • Talk to Kirara when she delivers her package to Chiori.
  • Confront Kirara about her situation surrounding the shipment of Chiori’s supplies.
  • Reassure Kirara and go along with Chiori to confront Uther, the supposed mastermind who has been harassing Chiori and her boutique for a year.
  • Meet up with Chevreuse and explain the incident to her.
  • Calm Chiori down as she gives threats towards Uther for messing with Kirara and her shipment.
  • After the whole fiasco, return to Chioriya Boutique with Chiori.

Part 1 Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x450
  • Mora x29525
  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x6

Part 2: Stained Spots

If the hem of a skirt is stained, can it still take the stage?

Genshin Impact ChioriGenshin Impact Chiori
Image via HoYoverse
  • Wait till the next morning (06:00 – 10:00)
  • Go to Chioriya Boutique as planned with Chiori and meet up with her.
  • Set up Chioriya Boutique as instructed by Chiori.
  • Talk to Chiori and watch as things unfold for the worse.
  • Go to the supplier, accompanying Chiori.
  • Catch up with Charlotte and head to where Chiori is heading.
  • Return to Chioriya Boutique in search for Chiori.
  • Look for Chiori at the designated location and talk to her.
  • Dive into the sea with Chiori
  • Collect materials for the accessories as Chiori instructed (3/3)
  • Meet up with Chiori and return to Chioriya Boutique
  • Dismantle the clothes by attacking them
  • Talk to Chiori and Navia
  • As said by Chiori, search for Lyney and Lynette to inform them about the situation.

Part 2 Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x600
  • Mora x39350
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x9

Part 3: The Woven and the Cut

What should one forsake, and where should one persist? The answer that the designer gives amidst cutting and knitting is.

Genshin Impact ChioriGenshin Impact Chiori
Image via HoYoverse
  • Wait until two days later
  • Go to Uther’s clothing factory and meet up with Chiori
  • Enter Uther’s factory (Domain)
  • Investigate Uther’s factory with Chiori in tail
  • Follow the tour guide mechanical robot
  • Investigate the surrounding area and solve the puzzles
  • Investigate the fitting room by getting inside
  • Go deeper into the factory and investigate your surroundings
  • Investigate the warehouse to look for any evidence or clues
  • Leave Uther’s factory with Chiori
  • Return to Chioriya Boutique as instructed by Chiori.
  • Go to the agreed location as Chiori awaits you with a surprise.

Part 3 Rewards

  • Primogems x60
  • Adventure EXP x 675
  • Mora x44000
  • Guide to Light x5
  • Hero’s Wit x5
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x10
  • Handmade Brooch: “Woven Dreams” x1

Chiori Story Quest ACT I: In-Depth Review and Discussion

Chiori’s Characterization and Personality

Chiori first showed up and was introduced in the story during the Film Festival limited event alongside Chevreuse who ended up being acquainted with her, as an intelligence informer and also friends.

Although the limited event was moreso focused on Chevreuse since she was released as a playable 4 Star character during that patch, we still had our first impression upon meeting with Chiori. Before she was introduced to us as the Traveler, we had more information about her through other people’s voice-lines.

From what we gathered so far, Chiori is an Inazuman who came here in Fontaine to run her fashion boutique “Chioriya Boutique”. She is an aspiring fashion designer and has quickly gained quite a good reputation among Fontaine people due to her out-of-the-box style of clothing and fashion. Being so as she is, Chiori no doubt has another sort of reputation regarding her personality.

Genshin Impact Chiori Story QuestGenshin Impact Chiori Story Quest
Image via HoYoverse

As many people, including our observation as the player, have noticed how blunt, sarcastic, and sassy her personality is. While we play through her Story Quest, we can see a deep dive on her real personality and attitude. Some say they find Chiori intimidating due to her demeanor of saying things in a blunt and cut-throat manner, often catching her customers and others surprised.

We can also see this head-strong side of hers where she faces any obstacle or negative situation with ease, taking the initiative to do something about it and not waver from pressure. Chiori’s personality is quite refreshing to witness, as you don’t come across characters like her in Genshin Impact yet.

Overall Story Plot

Chiori’s story quest was entertaining to say the least. The story focused on Chiori as she prepares for the annual Fontaine Fashion Week while also jugging through clients and orders. When we meet Chiori everything seems to go along great till Kirara shows up in a frenzied and anxious manner. Apparently, Chiori has a business rival who targeted Kirara and the supplies Chiori has ordered for Fashion Week.

We then get to see Chiori in action as she scowls from anger and haphazardly confronts the man behind the disturbance, Uther. Chiori straight up man-handles him and threatens him to stay away from her friend and her boutique.

Genshin Impact Chiori Story QuestGenshin Impact Chiori Story Quest
Image via HoYoverse

Of course things did not go swell after that fiasco as Chiori faces heaps of backlash and bad rumors and gossip about her clothing brand. Chiori ever the confident and head-strong person she is dismisses the gossip and investigates the case while also preparing for Fashion Week with the obstables thrown at her. Of course with added friends helping along her way, she manages to successfully expose Uther while also showcasing her amazing clothing line, all in a day’s work.

Final Thoughts

The story quest is quite an enjoyable one that we have gotten so far as there is minimal NPC interactions, with playable characters guest-starring in the story quest. It was fun seeing Chiori’s friends and acquaintances all band together to help her with her situation.

Genshin Impact is improving quite a lot in terms of Story Quest as they have finally heard our criticism on the writing of the previously existing Story Quest being lackluster and is constantly improving on making them more enjoyable and engaging.

What are your thoughts on the Chiori Story Quest in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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