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free Galaxy Tab S9 storage upgrade, $80 off OnePlus Pad


For shoppers looking to score a new tablet on sale at a good price, this month’s batch of the best Android tablet deals offers users a good variety of savings on top-tier slates and budget-friendly tablets. With fan-favorite models from Samsung, OnePlus, and even Lenovo, getting the spotlight this time around, it’s a good time to buy if you’ve been saving your hard-earned cash for something decent at a good price.

To start, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 series tablets are all receiving free storage upgrades, meaning the second-tier storage option is down to the lower-tier pricing. This saves a flat $120 across the board, whether you’re going for the entry-point Galaxy Tab S9 or the premium Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

However, even with the free storage upgrade, Samsung’s latest line of Galaxy tablets may still be a bit pricey for some. Thankfully, the new Galaxy Tab S9 FE, as well as the cheaper Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, are on sale this month alongside them, with up to $150 in savings depending on which model you choose.

Outside of Samsung, the new OnePlus Pad is back to its lowest price ever, matching it’s black Friday discount and offering a sizable $80 discount. If you’d like to go for an even cheaper tablet, though, one of the best Lenovo tablets available for the money — the Lenovo Tab M9 — is down to just $100.

The variety of deals on tablets this month is welcome to say the least, and with just how much is available in savings, makes it a great time to buy if you’re after a new slate. We may not see anything better until Memorial Day comes in a few months, so be sure to take advantage of some of the best tablet deals we’ve seen in awhile before they’re gone.

Best Android tablet deals

OnePlus Pad

Lowest Price!

$400 $480 Save $80

OnePlus’ first tablet just hit its lowest price since Black Friday, receiving an $80 discount and dropping down to just $400 for a limited time. It’s an excellent price for this mid-range slate, made even better by the fact that you’ll get a free OnePlus Folio Case with it if you purchase it through the OnePlus Store. While Amazon is featuring the same discount, there’s no free gifts included, so go through OnePlus to get that extra bonus!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in Graphite, front and back views overlayed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Free Storage Upgrade

$800 $920 Save $120

Samsung is offering free storage upgrades on all of its Galaxy Tab S9 series slates, taking $120 off the price of each mid-range storage option for a limited time. You can either grab the 256GB Galaxy Tab S9 for $800, the 512GB Galaxy Tab S9+ for $1,000, or the premium 512GB Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra for $1,200 through the Samsung Store.

Render of the Lenovo Tab M9, angled view on a stand

Lenovo Tab M9

Best Under $100

$99 $150 Save $51

At just over $50 off, the Lenovo Tab M9 is possibly the best tablet you’ll find for under $100 right now. Impressive battery life, an impressive 9-inch display, and a powerful MTK G80 octa-core processor make it a formidable slate for the price, offering enough power to handle light gaming, streaming, browsing, and more with relative ease.

free Galaxy Tab S9 storage upgrade, $80 off OnePlus Pad

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE

$380 $450 Save $70

Samsung’s new Fan Edition Galaxy Tab S9 hits the right notes as a proper mid-range tablet, offering the versatility of the Tab S6 Lite with a more premium feel and enhanced performance. At $70 off, it’s a good value if you want something that feels like a true Galaxy Tab S9 tablet without the hefty price tag.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Best Value

$200 $350 Save $150

As versatile as it is affordable, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite offers one of the best values for the money this month. At $150 off, it’s receiving one of the largest discounts its seen in some time, delivering a premium-feeling entry-level tablet at an unbeatable price point.

What is the best time of year to buy a tablet?

You’ll be able to find decent tablet deals throughout the year, whether it be a straight discount or a trade-in deal through a carrier. However, if you’re after the big fish, you’ll want to wait for major holiday sales like Prime Day and Black Friday. These will be the times when you’ll find the offers with the most savings and value, with offers that take upwards of 50% off the price, or deals that throw in free goodies to entice you to buy.

Are Android tablets still a thing?

Android tablets are definitely still a thing, and quite frankly, they make up some of the best tablets on the market today. They’re often a cheaper alternative to an iPad, yet still offer the full-fledged tablet experience, including streaming, gaming, and in some cases, even work. But, you need to go in with the proper expectations of what you’ll get from your Android tablet.

Premium tablets come with a premium price tag, but they deliver a premium experience with a responsive interface, powerful hardware, and impressive displays and image quality. Cheaper options are going to make sacrifices in these areas to deliver a device that’s functional but may lack in some areas, such as multitasking or gaming. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies double when it comes to Android tablets, so if you want the absolute best experience, be ready to throw down the cash for it.

Which Android tablet is best?

That all depends on what you’re looking to do with your tablet. While most tablets will work for just about all sorts of applications, some may be better suited for basic use over more resource-intensive applications like gaming or editing. The hardware inside will mainly determine this, so it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking to get from your new Android tablet before you buy. Once you know exactly what you want out of your tablet, you’ll be able to figure out which Android tablet is the best for you.

Are you after a media device to stream movies and music? Amazon’s Fire HD tablets offer some of the most inexpensive options on the market, delivering tablets that are best suited for streaming movies, reading eBooks, and very light gaming. Maybe you’re looking for something that handles gaming properly. Well, then you’re best bet is to check out something along the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 series.

These are fitted with high-end processors and plenty of RAM to tackle even the most resource heavy applications. Or, you may be after a smart home hub that can control all of your smart devices. The Google Pixel Tablet is an excellent choice for this, offering a good balance of performance and versatility for a very fair price.

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