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Football Manager 2024: Best Teams

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  • Football Manager 2024 offers a plethora of football clubs to choose from, each with unique play opportunities.
  • Some clubs stand out with exciting rosters or finances, making them a blast to control in the game.
  • Whether managing a powerhouse like Manchester City or a newcomer like Rushall Olympic, FM24 provides engaging gameplay.



There are simply too many football clubs in Football Manager 2024 for players to scrutinize every single one. Almost every professional football team is included in the game, from the mainstream to the forgotten. As a result, players have a wealth of options to choose from when beginning their campaign.

Whether the focus is on reviving a forgotten giant to new heights or playing it safe with a continuous champion, FM24 has it all. It can’t be denied, however, that several clubs trump the majority of selections. Many clubs can offer exciting or unique play opportunities, such as the roster or finances, that can make the team stand out. These teams are a blast to control in Football Manager 2024, making it clear why so many players lose hours upon hours in this amazing simulation game.

Updated on March 1, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: Football Manager 2024 continues to be one of the most in-depth and engaging simulation games around that fans can’t get enough of. The idea of looking at spreadsheets and messing around with tactics may not sound like the most engaging thing in the world, but it’s the detail present in the Football Manager series that makes it such a blast to play through. Players who want to enjoy this game to the fullest will love the many teams that make a playthrough all the more engaging.


Football Manager 2024: Best Training Schedules

The following training schedules will prove useful in a variety of situations throughout a season of Football Manager 2024.

13 Forest Green Rovers FC

A Unique Challenge

Football Manager 2024 Forest Green Rovers

The so-called ‘Green Team’ deserves to be considered for the unique challenges and opportunities they bring to FM24 as the first carbon-neutral football club. Players who select them will have this carbon neutrality in mind, as well as the Rovers’ long history and youthful player base.

They’re not the immediate first choice for many players, but it would be a shame to miss them simply because their stats don’t offer what other teams do. With the right manager, Forest Green Rovers can allow players to learn and adapt to unique challenges that make for an engaging game.

12 Manchester City FC

A Tried-and-True Powerhouse

Football Manager 2024 Manchester City

A repeating titan from previous Football Manager games, Manchester City has one of the highest transfer budgets in the game, at £42 million. This wealthy club has a lot to offer players. Coming off the back of a Champions League victory, they are a safe bet for new beginners too.

Manchester City might not have quite as famous players as other teams do, and as a result, they do not have central figures to work around in-game. On the flip side, this can be advantageous for players looking to give each member of the team equal attention. This may lead to better overall skills for later FM24 sessions.

11 SL Benfica

Tons of Potential

S.L. Benfica Football Manager 2024

Benfica is one of Portugal’s three great clubs, a hotbed for natural talent that would-be managers can take advantage of in FM24. Darwin Nunez, alongside future superstars like Goncalo Ramos and Antonio Silva, means that performance in the top leagues will never be an issue.


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Alongside strong finances (although these aren’t as high as other dominating clubs), Benfica offers a lot of potential for a club that has yet to tackle the titanic challenge of the Champions League to the best of its ability. The strength of the team may seem to dwindle in Europe, but with the right manager, they could be one of the best choices around.

10 Rushall Olympic

A Promising Newcomer

Football Manager 2024 Rushall Olympic

Fresh-faced newcomers to Football Manager, Rushall Olympic’s first ever season in the 6th tier of football earned them a spot in the game and, by extension, a new team for players to strategize with. For players looking for new rosters and new experiences, Rushall is one of the best newcomers to experiment with.

Playing at such an introductory level in FM24 means that players might not necessarily get the strongest players from the offset, or the highest spending power given the low-league status of Rushall initially. However, this team can be an excellent choice for players seeking to improve their skills within the safety net of lower-league football.

9 Inter Miami

A Star Player and High Budget

Inter Miami Football Manager 2024

The Major League Soccer of the USA is an unusual system that gives teams methods of player registration, drafting and league victories that are unheard of in Europe. Because of this, Inter Miami, whilst a giant among the franchises of MLS, is something of a challenge if playing outside this system.

Despite these concerns, Inter Miami has several powerful factors in its favor. Firstly, a high budget gives managers freedom of strategy when playing FM24. Secondly, Inter Miami boasts one of the greatest players of all time: Lionel Messi. For both veteran managers and new players, Inter Miami can perform with high quality.

8 Newcastle United

High Risk, High Reward

Newcastle United Football Manager 2024

Newcastle’s change of ownership has brought them a new source of income that rivals many of the biggest clubs in the sport. In the game, this can allow players to build around both the money and a great squad to create a team that molds easily to most playstyles.


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Newcastle is still, however, a club with ample room to grow. This can present both a risk and an opportunity. With a multitude of rich clubs competing for only one title, The Premier League might not be an easy award for Newcastle managers, but with one of the most famous clubs in England, it still offers a great shot.

7 Paris Saint-Germain

A Change-Up from Previous Years

Kylian Mbappe Playing for PSG

Paris Saint-Germain might not be as strong as it was in Football Manager 2023, given the loss of both Messi and Neymar. However, their high transfer budget of £30 million, and secure player roster that includes Mbappe, means the team is still a powerful choice for gamers in the latest entry.

The major shake-ups in the team roster might cause veterans to play in a risky manner, as if the titans are still on the team. For this reason, it might be wise to leave PSG for a second playthrough. If this is no concern, however, then PSG can be one of the best choices in the game.

6 Malaga CF

Revive One of the Greats

Malaga CF Football Manager 2024

Outside the game, Malaga CF is one of the top teams in Spain, producing world-class talents such as Isco and competing in the Champions League. In recent times, however, Malaga has been dealt a cruel hand and has been diminished from their once-great status. Bad luck on the field hides the importance of Malaga in FM24: their roster.

From the third tier of Spanish football, players have an easy way to ascend to the big leagues through a journey of redemption, aided by an incredibly strong team of players that will decimate everything else that far down. Malaga might not be in the top position as in previous games, but they’re still one of the best picks around.

5 Real Madrid

One Of The Greatest And Most Decorated Teams, With All The Stress To Go Along With It

Official image of Real Madrid football team.

Real Madrid is football royalty and one of the biggest teams in world football that anyone even remotely familiar with the sport of soccer is aware of. This La Liga team has enjoyed a stretch of dominance for the longest time, with most players growing up with the dream of playing in this massive club.


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Money isn’t everything in Football Manager 2024, but it sure is a welcome addition when managing a team.

Featuring a team of talented superstars who are the very best in what they do, Real Madrid is a team that players will love to control in Football Manager 2024, winning every trophy in sight with a squad that is nothing short of a gift.

4 Chelsea FC

An Exciting Youth Team With A Lot Of Funds To Burn

EA Sports FC 24: The Best Formation & Starting 11 for Chelsea

After a change in ownership, Chelsea has been through some tough times. The Tood Boehly project hasn’t started off on a strong note, with the team struggling to rack up wins with a young squad that barely has any leaders to speak of.

Still, Chelsea has a lot of spending money and can easily turn into a club with endless potential under the right management. The Premier League is full of tough opposition, making it imperative for players to nail their tactics and win against tough opposition at all costs.

3 FC Barcelona

A Spanish Giant Currently Going Through A Tough Time

FC Barcelona are having major financial problems.

There was a time when Barcelona could stand toe-to-toe with Real Madrid as two of the biggest giants in Spanish football. Bartomeu may have ruined the club’s finances for good, but that shouldn’t take away from this club’s stature in the slightest.

Players who decide to manage this club will love the challenge that comes from trying to establish dominance in La Liga against a wealth of tough, impressive clubs that will give the Catalans a run for their money. With a young, promising squad full of potential, it’s easy to see why Barcelona is such a beautiful prospect for players to control in Football Manager 2024.

2 Ajax Amsterdam

High Budget for Low-Stress Gameplay

Ajax are the most successful club in the Netherlands

Historically, Ajax Amsterdam is the best-performing club in Holland. Recent performances have caused the club to drop from its once sky-high status, but players shouldn’t disregard the club simply for that. The team remains a powerful and wealthy competitor that has the potential to rock the world of football.

Budget alone makes them lucrative for players seeking freedom and a lack of stress regarding team finances and player choices. Ajax Amsterdam can become something better than any other club in the game: a blank slate. It makes them a great choice for experimental playstyles, and a solid choice for managers to consider.

1 Union Berlin

Take On a Promising Challenge

Union Berlin Football Manager 2024

Union Berlin is a deceptive choice for managers in FM24. At first glance, the capital of Germany is not a great German pick, let alone European, especially with teams like Bayern Munich on the side. It is for this reason, however, that Union Berlin is one of the best choices in the game for players looking for a challenge.

They’ve reached the Champions League, though they languish in last place, and so climbing that ladder is no easy feat. However, with stable finances and a team that has no glaring weaknesses, Union Berlin is one of the strongest choices in FM24.

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