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Flame of Valhalla Beginners Guide and Tips 

Flame of Valhalla Gameplay I

An action-packed masterpiece full of a Heroic journey! Flame of Valhalla is an amazing RPG developed by Leniu Games. The game revolves around an ancient fictional storyline, crumbling through tones of thrills and adventure. There are a few other game modes you’ll witness. Playing those will increase the powers of your character. You can interact with other characters related to the storyline, and create a great bond with them.

So, here I’ve presented the Flame of Valhalla Beginners Guide for all the newcomers. I hope this piece helps you to decide the way to faster progression. Don’t forget to check our redeem codes piece as well, might help you grab some amazing freebies at the start of your journey.

Gameplay Overview

Flame of Valhalla is an outstanding RPG game that follows an interesting storyline. Throughout the journey, players can opt for an automated mode of gameplay. Hence, you don’t have to waste much energy dragging your fingers over the screen.

Flame of Valhalla Gameplay I
Image via Leniu Games

Players can still get the fun of playing the game as you will get to see a bunch of buttons to operate your character. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the Joystick. On the other side, you shall witness the Rage and Melee attack buttons. Remember, while you start off your journey, you will get to see 5 characters.

You must choose one of 5 as that particular character will be your main one during the journey. So, check out all the stats and powers of all the characters before choosing the wise one. Once you select your character, you can’t change that. Additionally, you can customize the way your character looks and give some extra touch-ups to make it more like the way you want. 

Flame of Valhalla Gameplay IIFlame of Valhalla Gameplay II
Image via Leniu Games

Flame of Valhalla is full of quests, events, and side missions. You can get a missions section on the left side of the screen. There you’ll see Main and Side missions. Just tap on the one you would love to complete, and then your character will begin that particular mission. Completing these missions and events will help you grab resources such as Bound Diamonds, Experience Points, Gears, and many more. 

Flame of Valhalla Basics 

Game Modes

Flame of Valhalla mainly offers three game modes to the players. The first and the Primary one is the Storyline mode. You’ll have to cover the entire journey with your character passing through all sorts of hurdles. Fight against the odds, and take help from other characters and your mentors. By this, you’ll be able to finish the story mode. 

Flame of Valhalla Game modeFlame of Valhalla Game mode
Image via Leniu Games

Apart from these, you’ll get to see Boss and Spirit Awaken. In the Boss section, you’ll face some giant and strong bosses from the storyline. Fighting against the bosses helps you boost your character, get powerful gears, and enhance your power. The same thing happens in the Spirit Awaken section but with a twist. Fighting against giant monsters in this section helps unlock the skills of the Valkyrie. You’ll get to know about Valkyrie in the following sections. 


Flame of Valhalla ValkyrieFlame of Valhalla Valkyrie
Image via Leniu Games

Valkyrie is a way powerful side character. You can spawn them in the middle of the fight and get extra support. In this section, you can use Bound Diamonds and certain important resources to upgrade your Valkyrie. You can also unlock other Valkyries and their skills by completing Chapters in Spirit Awaken. 


Flame of Valhalla EquipmentFlame of Valhalla Equipment
Image via Leniu Games

The Equipment section helps you deal with all the enhancement of gears. Players can use Bound Diamonds and Silver Coins for that particular work. Remember, upgrading your gears will improve the Defence mechanism of your character. So, keep a check on this section regularly. 


Flame of Valhalla CharacterFlame of Valhalla Character
Image via Leniu Games

The Character section gives you all the details regarding your character. You’ll see all about the stats like ATK, DEF, and all about the Skills. Quite an important section as you can Craft rare gear and also choose some fashionable outfits for your character. 


Flame of Valhalla AdvancedFlame of Valhalla Advanced
Image via Leniu Games

The Advanced section gives you entire access to the Mounts, Wings, and Weapons. You can easily enhance them with the help of resources like Mount Essence, Wing Essence, and Weapon Starstone. Wings and Mounts mainly help your character in faster locomotion. So, save these resources and use them to save some time. 


Guild is the Clan section of the game. Here you can exchange resources with your Guild mates. Also, you should help your Guild members in progress. By helping, you’ll help yourself get some resources as rewards. 

Events and Missions

Flame of Valhalla MissionsFlame of Valhalla Missions
Image via Leniu Games

Flame of Valhalla brings some major storyline missions along with some side ones. Completing them will help your bag and accounts filled with amazing sets of resources. Resources such as Silver Coins, Bound Diamonds, Essences, and Gears are the major ones you’ll get. Save them and utilize them in the right section and make yourself powerful. 

Flame of Valhalla Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose the Perfect Character 

The Classes of the characters are quite mesmerizing. You need to choose any one of the Characters from the 5 Classes you have. Classes such as Knight, Mage, Archer, Barbarian, and Astrologer. Go through the stats and skills of each character thoroughly. Choose wisely as per your playstyle and jump directly into the journey. 

2. Main Missions are more important than Sides

You can see several types of Missions at the left side of the Mission box popping on your game screen. Prioritize the Main missions first, as they are related to the arc. These will help you not only grab resources but also progress in your storyline. This doesn’t mean you’ll ignore the side ones, obviously don’t ignore them. But, prioritize the Main ones first! 

3. Upgrade the essential Aspects

Essential Aspects such as Mounts, Wings, and Gears need to be upgraded. Keep an eye on them after a regular interval. To enhance them, you need to have Mount Essence, Wing Essence, Weapon Starstone, and Bound Diamonds. Complete the missions, collect these resources, and utilize them wisely to upgrade these entities. Upgrading them helps you enhance the stats and power of your character. So don’t forget to go through this. 

4. Game modes are key to Progression

The Storyline mode is the primary mode you need to focus on. But, to make things go in the best way, you need to work hard and beyond. So, play the other game modes as well. Other game modes like Boss and Spirit Awaken will help you grab enhanced Gear and resources. Those can be utilized in your journey and make your character immensely powerful. 

5. Don’t completely rely on the automated mode 

The game gives you both ways to play. Don’t completely rely on the automated way as that can let you lose some fights that you might have won. Sometimes you need to strategize your moves and attacks against the main bosses. So check out the villains and the attacks they are coming up with. And then, control your character accordingly to lead your way towards victory. 

Final Thoughts

Flame of Valhalla is quite an absolute treat developed by Leniu Games. The storyline and other features are really good compared to some of the famous RPGs. The graphics, storyline, and gameplay experience are just the key focuses of the game. Therefore start your journey and don’t forget to fall back to my Flame of Valhalla Beginners Guide should you need any help!

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