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Fire Emblem: 5 Darkest Endings

Darkest Side Quests in Final Fantasy Games


  • Fire Emblem games often have dark and gloomy endings due to the impact of monstrous villains on the world.
  • Some Fire Emblem games have subtle hints that imply the presence of evil lurking in the shadows.
  • The endings of certain Fire Emblem games take a much darker approach, questioning the morality and consequences of the characters’ actions.



The Fire Emblem games have always had very serious and mature stories, but while the majority of them at least end on a high note, this isn’t the case for every entry in this beloved longrunning series. Because most of the Fire Emblem games usually involve some downright despicable and monstrous villains, it can sometimes mean that their effect on the world is too great to be reversed, resulting in a pretty dark and gloomy ending for the story.


5 Darkest Side Quests In Final Fantasy Games

While the main plot of any final Fantasy game is bound to take a dark turn somewhere, these side quests tell some of the franchise’s darkest stories.

Other times though, it’s simply implied that not everything is as it seems by through subtle hints and references, making the player wonder whether the world really is a safer and better place, or if there’s still some sort of evil presence lurking in the shadows. It’s time to take a look at the Fire Emblem games that steered away from the typical heroic ending, and instead, took a much darker approach to their final scenes.

5 Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

It’s Revealed At The Very End Of Blazing Blade That The Power-Hungry Zephiel Has Already Awakened An Immensely Powerful Demon Dragon

Hooded man talking to Zephiel

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

November 3, 2003

Tactical RPG

Late into the story of Fire Emblem Blazing Blade, Lyn and the party decide to save the mysterious Prince Zephiel from an assassination from his jealous father, King Desmond, who was furious that his son was more talented and admired than he was. Ultimately though, it becomes clear by the very end of the game that this key decision was actually a huge mistake, as while the main party members are all shown getting their flowers thanks to their heroic efforts, the game then skips fifteen years later where Zephiel, disillusioned and bitter, is approached by a robed figure.

The man accuses Zephiel of awakening a Demon Dragon, a being much more powerful than a regular dragon who could thrust the world into a state of chaos due to its sheer magnitude of strength. Because players already would have gotten a taste of just how overwhelming regular dragons are by facing them near the end of the game, it amplifies this creepy ending sequence even more, and it’s a perfect way to set up the events for the next game, The Binding Blade, where Zephiel plays the role of main antagonist.

4 Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

Corrin’s Guilt of Killing Their Own Hoshidan Siblings Haunts Them Once The War Is Over At The End Of Conquest

Xander talking to Corrin about the war being over

Fire Emblem Fates

February 19, 2016

Although the long and chaotic war between the Hoshidan and Nohr kingdoms is finally put to an end once players complete the last battle of Fire Emblem: Conquest, it’s clear that something is still very off with Corrin, who doesn’t seem to be as overjoyed as their allies. During the events of the last battle, and leading up to it, Corrin is forced to kill their own Hoshidan siblings in some pretty gruesome ways, including Takumi, Corrin’s stepbrother who actually died previously, but is being possessed by a demonic entity. Even Hinoka, a Hoshidan sibling who Corrin sets free at the very end, says that healing the wounds caused by the invasion will take a long time, and may never even be possible.


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It results in an incredibly emotional battle which becomes an absolute bloodbath, but once it’s over, Corrin is congratulated for their efforts, and even offered the throne as a reward, which is the very last scene of the game. Although it seems upbeat on the surface, there’s clearly a very dark undertone to Conquest’s ending that perfectly puts into perspective just how vicious and violent this war has been, and puts into question whether Corrin should really deserve any praise for turning on their own siblings in the first place.

3 Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Silver Snow Ending)

With No One Left To Lead, Byleth Takes Control Of The Church, But The Future Still Seems Very Uncertain

Bylet looking stunned

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Roughly mid-way through the Black Eagle route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Edelgard will reveal that her true intentions are not to align with the church, but instead, to invade all of Fodlan in an attempt to rid the world of Crests once and for all. Although this does inevitably lead to plenty of casualties due to the ongoing war that she instigates, there is at least some logic to Edelgard’s motives, since Crests are shown throughout the game to be very unfair in practice, often being viewed as symbols of social status which the church uses to demonstrate their authority over the population.

By the end of this route though, if the player decides to turn against Edelgard, they will not only strike her down, but will also be forced to kill Rhea, who had been the ruler of the church for hundreds of years. With all of Fodlan in disarray, and seemingly no one else to lead it, Byleth is the one who assumes the position of the church’s leader. Because the game already highlighted just how dangerous and unfair the church’s rule can be though, and the fact that all nations in this ending dissolved completely, it implies that this isn’t exactly a “good” outcome for anyone, and since it’s not made clear if the Crests had been completely destroyed, it means the cycle of violence and oppression could easily start all over again.

2 Fire Emblem: Engage (Bad Ending)

Sombron Mercilessly Kills All Of Alear’s Allies And Turns Them Into A Submissive Slave In Engage’s Bad Ending

Sombrel telling the player that all their allies are dead

Fire Emblem Engage

January 20, 2023

Tactical , JRPG

Once players finally come face to face with Sombron at the very end of Fire Emblem: Engage, there are two possible endings that they can achieve depending on how well they perform in the battle itself. If they manage to overcome Sombron and his men, they will earn the good ending where Sombron’s energy is released, and the world is safe once again, but if Alear dies during this mission, this will result in the bad ending showing up where Alear and their sister Veyle become possessed by Sombron’s dark power.


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While the actual image of Alear with a horrified look on their face staring straight at the camera is already incredibly unnerving, what makes the scene all the more creepy is when Sombron notifies Alear that, because of their failure, all their allies that they had been traveling with for most of the game had been killed in the previous battle. It’s an incredibly sinister ending for an otherwise very jovial and colorful game, being more in line with the darker tone of some of the earlier games in the series.

1 Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Eirika And Ephraim Try To Stay Hopeful After The Damning Destruction Of The Grado Empire

Eirika asking her bother whether they can bring people back to life

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

October 7, 2004

Tactical RPG

It’s established fairly early on in Scared Stones that the Grado Empire is soon going to face a horrible natural disaster which will shake it to its core. Lyon, the prince of Grado, seemed to try and stop the oncoming earthquake by making use of the Sacred Stones, but this unfortunately only ended in failure once he became corrupted by the devious Demon King. While it would be suspected that the main band of heroes would manage to stop the earthquake from happening, this actually doesn’t happen at all.

Instead, the earthquake does occur, and ends up wiping out hundreds of thousands of civilians, and leaving the kingdom in in ruins. That’s not all though, as the entire continent and all its nations have also been destroyed due to the war that takes place throughout the game, resulting in a pretty depressing ending. Although Eirika and Ephraim do seem hopeful for the future ahead, aiming to rebuild the nations to their former glory, the game still makes it very clear by the end that there’s no ignoring the sheer amount of death and destruction that has been caused.


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