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FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final event Guide and Tips


Amidst the ongoing HEROES and MLS Kickoff event, the long-awaited Champions League anthem can be heard in the game! As Europe’s top clubs battle it out against each other in the elite cup competition, we get a glimpse of their journey through EA Sport’s FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final event. European nights are back, and the biggest teams on the continent are facing off under the lights. Earn players as you experience the road to the finals in the UEFA Champions League event!

The UEFA Champions League knockout stages are in full swing in FC Mobile! Take part in Matches to earn special Road to the Finals Players in this new event! Road to the Final Players upgrade with each step towards the trophy—the further a Player’s team makes it out on the pitch, the more OVR upgrades they’ll earn. The Road to the Final starts now!

FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final Event Description

Event Duration: March 28th – June 13th (77 Days)

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FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final Event Flow


At the beginning of each week in the main tab, you will claim your Free UCL Challenger Tickets first. There are 20x UCL Challenger Tickets up for grabs, free every week with extra UCL Challenger Tickets requiring 500 FC Points for 5 Tickets each. Using your UCL Challenger Tickets, you will take part in Weekly Promotion Matches.

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Winning the Matches rewards you with UCL Promotion Points and UCL Pass Credits. Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Promotion Matches. By winning H2H, VSA, or PvE AI matches you’ll receive UCL Promotion Points that help you rise the leaderboard.

Earn a certain amount of UCL Promotion Points weekly to earn the top rewards. Promotion Points reset after every week. Claim your weekly 20 Tickets to start playing matches. Tickets carry over from week to week. If you are playing the AI-Matches, you will get 4x UCL Promotion Points, whereas playing the VSA or H2H matches will reward you with 8x UCL Promotion Points or 12x UCL Promotion Points!

Road to the Final Milestones

There are Milestones Rewards located on the right-hand side of the Main Tab. The Path of Milestone Rewards is based on how many rounds of Promotion Matches you end up completing in total. You must play at least one match of either the H2H, VSA, or PvE AI match to qualify for that week’s milestone reward.

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There are rewards for every round with per round signifying that week. There are a total of 5x Rounds of Rewards in the Road to the Final Milestones that you can get five weeks into the event. Participate in at least one Weekly Promotion Match to qualify for a milestone reward at the end of each week.

Quarter Finals Tab

Next is the Quarter Finals Tab, which is a rehash of what we had in the old Champions League Group Stage event, where you will come and pick your winning team before kickoff from each of the four Quarter-Final ties. You can choose either of the two players from each side of the tie.

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If you made the correct guess and your player’s team wins then he will receive an OVR bump depending on how far his team goes in the competition. Note that all the players in the Quarter Finals tab have live OVRs, therefore there will be an effect on their OVRs should their teams proceed in the next rounds of the Champions League.

Claim select UCL RTTF Players from the Quarter-Finals Chapter. Depending on the outcome of these matches and if certain conditions are met during them, some of these UCL RTTF Players may receive +1 or +2 OVR upgrades. That is actually a big positive in this event!

UCL Pass

Similar to all the mini-events, there’s an event-specific Pass for UCL Road to the Final as well. You need to complete the Quests to gain the UCL Pass Credits and progress through the UCL Pass. There are two sides to the Pass, with the Paid Pass obviously being more lucrative than the Free one.

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There are also items and in-game resources for the event present in the UCL Pass. Gain progress through the UCL Pass and earn UCL Road to the Final Players, Universal Rank Players, FC Points, Gems, Pass Points, Coins, and the UCL Road to the Final special player 95 OVR GK Jan Oblak!

FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final Event Currencies

  • Earn them at the start of every week from the Main tab
  • Spend them playing H2H, VSA, or PvE AI matches in the Main tab
  • Earn them by playing H2H, VSA, or PvE AI matches in the Main tab
  • Spend them to receive Rewards from the UCL Promotion Panel Pyramid of Rewards in the Main tab
  • Earn them by playing H2H, VSA, or PvE AI matches in the Main tab
  • Spend them to progress through the UCL Pass

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

UCL Challenger Tickets
Weekly Claim20

Since there is no Challenge Mode, further UCL Challenger Tickets can’t be obtained from either of the above places. Therefore simply playing the event, one can easily accumulate a total of:

You can get at least a minimum of 20 UCL Challenger Tickets for free every week

FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final Event Guide

UCL Road to the Final has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and matches to play in FC Mobile 24. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Weekly Promotion Matches

As you come into the Main Tab, you are greeted by the UCL Promotion Panel Pyramid that shows that once you claim 60 UCL Promotion Points, you go into the first tier, between 60-80 UCL Promotion Points, lands you in the second tier, above 80 and upto 120 UCL Promotion Points gives you the third tier and on gaining 120 UCL Promotion Points or more gets you to the top tier.

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Reaching the Top Tier, ie having greater than 120 UCL Promotion Points rewards you with a 90-95 OVR UCL Road to the Final Player, and by the looks of it, the player reward seems to be tradeable for once! Therefore there is a real advantage in maximising your wins every week from the matches! Each Match Type, be it H2H, VSA, or PvE AI match requires 1 Ticket to play, each with different win/draw/loss rewards:

Match TypeWin RewardDraw RewardLoss Reward
Head to Head12 Promotion Points6 Promotion Points3 Promotion Points
VS Attack8 Promotion Points4 Promotion Points2 Promotion Points
PvE Match4 Promotion PointsN/A1 Promotion Points

From the Calculations above you can see that should you play the PvE AI Matches throughout, you are only getting 4x UCL Promotion Points for a win, and since you only have 20 UCL Challenger Tickets, it results in 80x UCL Promotion Points. So the highest you can go is the third tier of the UCL Promotion Panel Pyramid which is only good enough for an 89-93 OVR UCL Road to the Final Player and some Gems.

So you will have to spend 1000 FC Points every week to get more UCL Challenger Tickets to get to the top tier of rewards. Therefore, it’s certain that playing either H2H or VS Attack matches will be of greater advantage as they simply give out more wins. You get 8x UCL Promotion Points for a win on VS Attack and 12x UCL Promotion Points for a win on H2H.

Play either H2H or VS Attack matches instead of playing the PvE AI Matches to get more UCL Promotion Points

In essence, you can simply play 20x H2H matches and as long as you win 10 of them, you are going to make your way through to the top tier of rewards! And you save some UCL Challenger Tickets for the coming week as well, as Tickets do carry over from one week to the next! Additionally, if you are facing issues in playing the PvE matches, make sure to check our VS Attack and H2H mode guides for tips!

FC Mobile 24 UCL Road to the Final Event Players

That’s it the UCL Road to the Final Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Basically, just play the event, every day, daily grind it out.

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UCL Road to the Finals, it’s a 77-day-long event! So it’s more like a campaign than an event that resets weekly, comes with players having special Live OVRs, and has a got a lot of PvP matches that we have to do each week. But hey that’s what we all wanted for some time, something to do in this game! Additionally, the event will only continue to expand as more is added as right now all we have is the Quarter Finals, with the Semis and the Finals coming in the future!

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FC Mobile UCL Road to the Final Event Guide useful.

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