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FC Mobile 24 TOTS (Team of the Season) event Guide and Tips


The most awaited event in the FC Mobile Calendar is finally here. FC Mobile 24 TOTS or Team of the Season as it is termed is live. After a dull Centurions and amidst UCL Road to the Final, EA brings back a recurring event, FC Mobile 24 Team of the Season! Every year as the worldwide football seasons come to an end, EA celebrates the top performers from the five major European Leagues with a series of Team of the Season (TOTS) releases.

Team of the Season is here. Earn world-class players who provided their place at the top, across the most important domestic leagues. The ones who clocked the stats that pushed them above the rest. Play Skill Games and Matches, complete daily Quests, and battle it out in the Challenge mode. All this, along with top rewards, in what should be one of FC Mobile’s biggest and most jam-packed events of the year!

FC Mobile 24 TOTS (Team of the Season) Event Description

Event Duration:  April 29th – June 20th (52 Days)

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FC Mobile 24 TOTS Event Flow


Similar to past events, the Main Tab acts as a guide to the other chapters and the overall event. It’s not a functional one and redirects to other tabs including the TOTS Quests, Challenge, Exchanges, and Store Offers. Besides these, there is a Daily Warm Up, where you need to play a cumulative total of 5x Matches (PvP or PvE) or Skill Games and reveal your daily reward.

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Play 5x Skill Games, Matches, or Division Rivals Matches to unlock your Daily Warm Up Reward. The Warm Up Reward offers you to choose between either an 81-86 OVR Untradeable Player or Coins/Gems. You can choose between a Player Item or Coins/Gems every day after completing the matches as your Daily Warm Up Reward.

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As you claim the rewards, you will work your way through a path of Milestone rewards that includes TOTS Players from each of Europe’s top 5 leagues, with all of them of course being untradeable. Claiming your Daily Warm Up Reward gives you progress on the Milestone Reward Path. Claim the Reward 40 times to claim the Final Reward containing a TOTS Starter Player!

Premier League

  • Event Duration: April 29th – May 16th (17 Days)

Next comes the League-Specific TOTS tabs with the Premier League unlocked initially at the moment. Much like everything else in events past, there will be a path we will be working through comprising of three Skill Games and three Matches to earn PL Points Progress every day. It’s like a minimal number like we had in Centurions, as in once you completed what you had to do in the day, you can replay the matches and you are done.

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Play daily Skill Games and Matches to earn PL Point Progress. These PL Points Progress work towards earning 50 TOTS Point A once you earn 50 PL Point Progress cumulative from the Skill Games and Matches. Additionally, you can watch an Ad daily to receive extra TOTS Point A. For 50 PL Point Progress, you can claim 50 TOTS Point A. Watch an Ad for 5 additional TOTS Point A. The TOTS Point A is doubled on the weekend.

There is a Reward path for PL TOTS along with this on the right-hand side of the tab, but it’s locked! You cannot see what the next rewards are unless you start claiming the rewards and move through. At the very end of the path, we have a choice of 95 OVR TOTS Players or a 91 OVR Universal Rank Player. Use your TOTS Point A to claim a reward and to reveal the next part of the reward path. The final reward includes a choice between two 95 OVR League-Specific TOTS Players or a Universal Rank Player – Mascherano.

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As usual the funny part of this event, all the rewards from this Tab are untradeable! A lot of untradeable! The Premier League TOTS tab is only available for a couple of weeks ie May 16th UTC, so you only have two weeks max to complete everything that is there in this tab. Post-May 16th, the Skill Games and Matches will be locked, but the Reward Path will be open until the end of TOTS. As we know from seasons past, once the Premier League ends, a new league will come in and take its place.

TOTS Icons

Next is the TOTS Icons tab, this is also exactly what we discussed previously, where we have Matches (either VSA or H2H) and PvE-AI Matches. There is a daily limit of 20 TOTS Icons Points and therefore a total of 20 TOTS Icons Points can be earned every day from these three different game modes. Compete in the Icons Tournament to earn TOTS Icons Points. Choose between playing AI Matches, VSA, or H2H. Each match will give you a different amount of Points.

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The number of TOTS Icons Points earned varies based on the matches ie modes. Similar to the League-Specific TOTS Tab, the PvE or PvP matches reward TOTS Icons Points, and accumulating 100 TOTS Icons Points cumulatively on either of the modes results in encashing 20 TOTS Icons Tokens. Additionally, there is an Ad daily that rewards you with extra TOTS Icons Tokens that you can use. Earn 20 Points to claim 20 TOTS Icons Tokens and watch an Ad for an additional 5 TOTS Icons Tokens.

You can then use your hard-earned TOTS Icon Tokens to unlock certain areas of the Goals, that we can tap and unlock. Similar to Mystery Signings you can take your shot at the player hints and unlock the TOTS Icon. Each of the special spots ie the Position, Name, Nation, and OVR unlocks different attributes of the hidden player Icon that will reveal which one you are getting once unlocked. Each goal rewards Players, Gems, and Coins; once all nine spots are tapped, you can claim the Icon.

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Spend TOTS Icon Tokens and choose a direction to shoot. Hints about the player are hidden in some directions. Collect your Icon player after shooting in all directions. These are used to reveal the OVR, Position, Name, and Nation of the TOTS Icon in the Icons Shootout. Hit all the nine targets to claim a 96 OVR TOTS Icon! There are a total of three TOTS Icons in the TOTS Icons Tab, namely 96 OVR ST Ian Rush, 96 OVR CM Xavi Hernández, and 96 OVR Franco Baresi.

TOTS Arena

Moving to the TOTS Arena Tab, ie the next tab, you will come in and claim your 3x Daily Energy to play AI Matches, VSA, or H2H to earn TOTS Arena Points. Put your skills to the test in the TOTS Arena. Each one gives out more points for the wins than the preceding one. But the key is here, you want to gain as many points as you can!

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Begin your journey by claiming your daily Free Energy in the Energy Store. Use your Energy to play either PvE, VSA, or H2H matches. Each match type rewards you with a different amount of TOTS Arena Points per win or draw. For each win, you’ll gain double the TOTS Arena Points than drawing. In the Reward Exchange, you’ll use your TOTS Arena Points to exchange them for rewards.

You can exchange your TOTS Arena Points for Players, TOTS Players, or a Universal Rank Player – Mascherano. Based on your pack luck, you can pack some TOTS Players, including some tradeable ones as well! Then there is an additional Milestone, once you have completed and achieved 30 wins in the TOTS Arena.

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Win a total of 30 Matches of any type to unlock the Milestone and claim your 94 OVR TOTS Player! The 94 OVR TOTS Player Reward choice includes 94 OVR ST Rafa Mújica, 94 OVR Mikel Merino, or 94 OVR CB Cristian Romero. Although there is a wide range of rewards, in the end, everyone will just be going for the Mascheranos.


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Ultimate Team of the Season or UTOTS Chapter will be opened on Thursday, May 23rd UTC, with UTOTS Players being revealed on June 5th UTC. Trade in a TOTS Player Item for a UTOTS Player Item, more details to follow. Besides these, there is nothing more revealed, but it does look like an exchange requiring TOTS players to get UTOTS Players. Unless the tab opens which is still three weeks away, we can only speculate about the exchange requirements.

Challenge Mode

Well since this is not a mini-event, there will be a Challenge Mode as well! The Challenge Mode is exactly like the previous event ie a rehash of previous events. The only difference is you will be getting a chance at players from higher OVR but you still won’t be getting any TOTS-specific currencies.

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There will be both Daily and Weekend-special Challenge modes that hand out Players, Gems, and Coins. Since there are no H2H or Division Rivals matches involved, therefore it should be fairly easy to win. Don’t forget to check out the Weekend Challenge where you can earn up to 88-99 OVR Players!

Star Pass

Of course, the Star Pass is running simultaneously with the event. There are in-game resources present in the Star Pass. Complete Quests throughout the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards such as Coins, Gems, FC Points, and other Cosmetic Items including Boots and Kits

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Don’t forget to check out the newest Centurions-themed Star Pass that is available at launch, including a 97 OVR LW Franck Ribéry. So don’t forget your daily quests to progress through the Star Pass! Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and premium. You can also use FC Points to move faster through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster.

FC Mobile 24 TOTS Event Currencies

League-Specific TOTS Points Progress

  • Earn them by completing Skill Games and PvE Matches from the League-Specific TOTS tab
  • Accumulate at least 50 of them and collect TOTS Points

TOTS Points

  • Earn them by acquiring 50 League-Specific TOTS Points Progress from the League-Specific TOTS tab
  • Spend them in the Reward Paths towards TOTS Players, Coins, and Gems

TOTS Icons Points

  • Earn them by completing either PvE AI-Match VSA, or H2H Match from the Icons Tournament
  • Accumulate at least 20 of them and collect 20 TOTS Icons Tokens

TOTS Icons Tokens

  • Earn them by acquiring 20 TOTS Icons Points from the TOTS Icons tab
  • Spend them in the Icons Shootout toward TOTS Icon Players

TOTS Arena Energy

  • Earn them every day from the TOTS Arena tab
  • Spend them in the TOTS Arena tab towards playing PvE Matches or VSA/H2H matches

TOTS Arena Points

  • Earn them by winning PvE Matches or VSA/H2H matches from the TOTS Arena tab
  • Spend them towards TOTS Players in the Reward Exchange

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

TOTS Icon Tokens
Icons Tournament1040
Daily Ads260

Since the Challenge Mode does not give out TOTS Icon Tokens, therefore further tickets can’t be obtained from there But if you have extra Scout Points from the past you can trade them at an Exchange Rate of 4x Scout Points for 1x TOTS Icon Tokens with a total of 80 times ie 320 Scout Points for 80 TOTS Icon Tokens. If we keep that aside, then from simply playing the event, one can easily accumulate a total of:

You can get at least a minimum of 1300 TOTS Icon Tokens from playing the event

FC Mobile 24 TOTS Event Tips and Tricks

Team of the Season has a fair amount of grind, with daily skill games and matches to play in FC Mobile 24. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Premier League

TOTS Point A
PL Training1050
Daily Ads85

From the Calculations above you can clearly see that should you play the event throughout, you are gonna end with 1135 TOTS Point A till May 16th ie when the Premier League TOTS chapter closes. If we go across the rewards, it costs a total of 775 TOTS Point A to traverse throughout the end of the path.

Image via Electronic Arts

Therefore as it was in season’s past, every single node and every single reward from the entire path will be achievable. But when it comes down to the players, that requires a further 200 TOTS Point A for each of the three Player Rewards. Therefore we can see, that we can only claim a single-player Reward with our 1135 TOTS Point A as obtained just by playing from the event.

You can get at least one of the 3x Player Rewards of your choice from the Premier League Tab

Again, comes our boring and stereotypical choice, unless you specifically desire the 95 OVR ST Jarrod Bowen or 95 OVR CDM Kobbie Mainoo for your squad or are a fan of the player, just stick to the Universal Rank Player – Mascherano, whom you will utilize greatly in ranking up your desired TOTS player that you get from the event.

TOTS Icons

TOTS Icons ShooutoutTOTS Icons Token Required
Icon Name225
Icon OVR100
Icon Position125
Icon Nation125
Remaining Shots175

From the above, we can understand that each of the three Icons from TOTS will require 750 TOTS Icons Tokens. Now, from the Calculations above you can see that should you play the event throughout, you are gonna easily end with at least 1300 TOTS Icon Tokens.

Image via Electronic Arts

Since it requires 750 TOTS Icon Tokens to complete one set of Icons Shootout, therefore even with the 1300 TOTS Icon Tokens, you will fall shy of the 200 TOTS Icon Tokens required to claim two Icons. To compensate for the deficit, you need to exchange your leftover Scout Points and Pass Points for TOTS Icon Tokens at an Exchange Rate of 4:1 for a total of 80 times.

Now should you have your leftover 320 Scout and Pass Points, you can get a total of 160 TOTS Icon Tokens, which should take your total to 1460 TOTS Icon Tokens. To make for the further 40 TOTS Icon Tokens, you need to buy the TOTS Icon Token Gem Offer, which gives 1x TOTS Icon Token for 150 Gems, thereby in total requiring 40x TOTS Icon Token for 6000 Gems.

FC Mobile 24 Centurions Event Players

That’s it the Centurions Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. Again, not an event but a campaign! All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Just play the campaign, every day, daily grind it out.

Again it’s not a good event, it’s not, a full event with just loads and loads of untradeables, that’s what it is. Also, the rewards you are getting from the Scout Travel Board are not appealing at all! Additionally, the Centurions Milestone rewards require you to spend 500 FC Points or 5000 Gems to grab one Universal Rank Player- Mascherano, which does not make any sense. Every event that launches in FC Mobile is way too frustrating making the game completely stagnant. And we have to deal with it!

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FC Mobile 24 Centurions Event Guide useful.

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