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FC Mobile 24 Guide: Universal Rank Players and how to use them


Training and Rank up System has been completely revamped in the new season of FC Mobile. While Training increases a player’s stats, it’s only the Rank ups that can increase his OVR. To make matters worse, Rank ups require a player of the same type, OVR, and event. Recently to make things a little easier, EA recently released two Universal Rank Players in FC Mobile 24.

Ranking up Players and its dilemma

To Rank up a player of any OVR, you will need its same type which infers its duplicate. Yes, you can’t use a base OVR version of the card or any other version from previous events. To Rank up the player you need its duplicate and it carries on to no matter how many Rank Ups you do to that player, you will still need its duplicate.

Therefore it’s simple and clear that any untradable cards can’t be Ranked up as there isn’t a version of that player available in the market or anywhere else. Similarly, if you receive an extremely rare and expensive card of higher OVR, to increase its OVR further you will need another equally rare and expensive card to Rank him up. And this is where the Universal Rank players come to play!

What are Universal Rank Players in FC Mobile 24

Universal Rank Players as their name suggests are untradable cards and they can be used to Rank any other Elite or Master players depending on their OVRs. Currently, there are two Universal Rank Players introduced in the game:

  • 81 OVR GK Jerzy Dudek
  • 91 OVR CDM Javier Mascherano
Image via Electronic Arts

Now the way the above cards work is that the 81 OVR Dudek works as a duplicate for all 80-89 OVR Elites. Any Elite from 80-89 OVR, can have Dudek as its exact duplicate to Rank itself up. Similarly, the 91 OVR Mascherano works as an exact duplicate for all 90-99 OVR Masters. Therefore Mascherano is a Universal Rank Player for all the cards in the range of 90 and above OVR.

Now as the Ranking system always works of the base OVR of a card, an 89 OVR Card when ranked to 90 plus and beyond, Dudek can still be used on it as the Universe Rank Player works on the player’s base OVR and not intermediate OVR. Therefore any base 89 OVR Player to rank till even 91 or 93 OVR will use a Dudek even though being a master and not Mascherano!

Why are the Universal Rank Players important

Now the question that’s on everyone’s mind is how essential the Universal Rank Players are. If we take a look at Mascherano who acts as the Universal Rank Player for players in the range from 90-99 OVR, his demand will only continue to increase as everyone’s OVR increases. Although he is untradable, there is a perceived value for Mascherano in the market that is roughly equal to the base value of a 91 OVR.

Dudek Rank up FC MobileDudek Rank up FC Mobile
Image via Electronic Arts

Now if you think, this same 91 OVR Mascherano can act as a duplicate of a future 99 OVR TOTY or TOTS card that may be released in the future. So at that time when everyone has made a steady shift to the upper-tier 95+ OVR and you receive a 99 OVR Master, you will need a handful of the same 99 OVR masters to rank it up.

Alternatively, you can utilize this 91 OVR Mascherano and Rank the 99 OVR Player similarly! At that time the perceived value of Mascherano in the market will be based on the 99 OVR Master and not his current value! Remember Ranking up Golds and Elites even up to 87 and 88 OVR Players is easy as stacking up a few of them is still plausible but when you reach 95-97 OVRs and everyone is in the upper 90s then you need to rank up your masters with at least 3-4 times with a handful of Mascheranos to make them competitive!

Image via Electronic Arts

Additionally then, getting a single 98 and above will be scarce, so forget about owning multiple duplicates of them to just Rank them up! And it is that point where Mascherano will become incredibly useful!

How to get Universal Rank Players in FC Mobile 24

Both the Universal Rank Players ie, Dudek and Mascherano are obtainable in FC Mobile, and here are a few ways to look out for them!

1. Collect from the Login Rewards

FC Mobile 24 regularly arranges for Login Rewards to keep its players happy. During specific events or in celebration of certain festivals such as Thanksgiving or the Winter season, EA has included Universal Rank Players namely Dudek and at times Mascherano in their login rewards!

2. Lookout in Event Rewards

Image via Electronic Arts

Since the Universal Rank Players were introduced, both of them: Dudek and Mascherano have been introduced in various Events (Rulebreakers, Rivals, and Mystery Signings) as rewards. Playing these events regularly gives you a chance to obtain the Universal Rank Players. Although event-specific players may look more enticing, going for either Dudek or Mascherano will be essential in the long run.

3. Buy them from Division Rivals Store using Competitive Points

The Competitive Points that you earn from grinding Division Rivals can be better utilized in buying the Universal Rank Players from the in-game Store! While a single Mascherano requires 25x Advanced Competitive Points, Dudek needs 6000x Competitive Points to be redeemed from the store.

4. Complete Exchanges

Mascherano Exchange FC MobileMascherano Exchange FC Mobile
Image via Electronic Arts

Exchanges have been introduced for both Dudek and Mascherano to obtain them in FC Mobile. And if coins are not an issue, then you should be looking forward to completing every exchange for them. And especially for the Mascherano exchange, save your Dudeks! Utilize your Dudek to obtain Mascherano for free from the exchange.

How to use Universal Rank Players in FC Mobile 24 efficiently

There can be only one tip in this category. Save, Save, and just Save your Universal Rank Players. Whatever happens, just save your Dudeks and Mascheranos. Now is not the time to waste your Resources on your current Squads as they are temporary and within some months your entire squads will be changed.

Therefore none of the cards you use now in your team would add anything to your squads in the long run. Thus don’t even utilize your Dudeks! Yes, don’t use your Dudeks to Rank up Elites now only to sell them at a higher value. Save your Dudeks so that you can use them as Exchanges towards gaining more Mascherano as and when the exchanges arrive throughout the season!

Universal Rank Players FC MobileUniversal Rank Players FC Mobile
Image via Electronic Arts

So yes that’s the bottom line, save your Dudeks and Mascheranos. These Universal Rank players are the most valuable assets in your inventory right now and should be saved and properly utilized in the long run!

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