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Experience the Korean-inspired Zombie apocalypse

Kingdom the blood lobby

Kingdom: The Blood is developed by ACTION SQUARE as an action RPG inspired by the popular Netflix series, you face intense battles against zombie hordes. The game was first announced in August 2021, with details unveiled in July 2022 and a gameplay trailer released in January 2023. It entered pre-registration by February 2024, and I shared my initial impressions during beta testing. In this Kingdom: The Blood review, I’ll explore its fundamental gameplay elements further and offer a fair assessment of the overall gaming experience.

The game’s story mirrors the intrigue of the Netflix series, plunging players into challenging encounters that test their skills and strategic thinking. You’ll confront various bosses, each with unique attack styles requiring precision and tactical finesse. If you need help, you can explore the Kingdom: The Blood beginner’s guide and redeem codes for in-game perks and rewards, or check my customer support guide for assistance with any issues you encounter.

The Storyline takes you on a journey through a zombie disaster in Joseon

Starting with the review, I will discuss my experience with the storyline of Kingdom: The Blood. At the center of Kingdom: The Blood is a mix of real Korean history and fantasy, creating a captivating story. It’s set in Joseon, the last dynasty of Korea, a time full of culture and history. But in this game, it’s not just about reliving history as it’s about imagining a world where the dead come back to life and ancient evils awaken. The game’s story mode follows the plot of the Netflix drama.

Kingdom the blood lobby

This mix of history and fantasy is similar to other games like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which blends ancient China with myths and fantasy elements. In Kingdom: The Blood, you’ll see real historical stuff like armor, weapons, and buildings, mixed with spooky zombies and dark magic. It creates a world that feels both familiar and excitingly new. The game uses this unique setting to tell a story deeply connected to Korean heritage while also taking players on a big adventure.

By blending fantasy with history, the game doesn’t just set the stage for action; it makes the story more interesting. You’ll explore ideas like bravery and survival in a world where history meets myth. It’s a game that both teaches and entertains, perfect for anyone who loves stories that mix education with fun. Since the narrative follows closely to its famous Netflix series, there is no doubt that the storyline is a solid plot and experience.

Kingdom: The Blood Gameplay is a great hack-and-slash strategic experience

Proceeding with the review, I will discuss my experience with the amazing action of hack-and-slash experience that requires precise movements. What makes this game special is its authentic combat mechanics, similar to those found in Soulslike games but rarely seen on mobile. Unlike other action games where you can just button-tap your way through, here, every move counts. You’ve got to be strategic with your attacks and defenses, timing them just right.

Kingdom the blood comboKingdom the blood combo

This slow and calculated approach means you have to pay attention to your enemies’ moves and attack patterns to survive. And let me tell you, the game doesn’t hold back on difficulty. It’s tough, just like a Soulslike game. Even the small enemies can take you down if you’re not careful. But it’s not all about being strong; it’s about being smart. You’ve got to learn the ins and outs of the combat system, from dodging at the perfect moment to hitting enemies where they’re vulnerable.

But here’s the thing, as challenging as it is, it’s incredibly satisfying when you start to get the hang of it. Every victory feels earned, and you learn something new with each encounter. That feeling of finally beating a tough enemy? It’s pure joy. So yeah, while Kingdom: The Blood might be tough, it’s worth it for the thrill of the battles and the satisfaction of mastering the combat system.

The game offers a steady and satisfying progression system

While doing the review, in my experience with Kingdom: The Blood, I’ve found that the progression feels steady and satisfying. It’s not just about fighting; it’s about growing your character’s abilities and gear over time. I love how I can customize my warrior through things like upgrading skills and forging weapons. It’s not just about getting stronger; it’s about adapting to the challenges ahead.

Kingdom the blood upgradeKingdom the blood upgrade

What’s great is that the game gives me clear goals to work towards. Whether it’s completing daily quests or taking on tough enemies, there’s always something to strive for. And with each milestone I reach, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. It keeps me coming back for more, knowing that every session is making my character even better.

Plus, I appreciate how the game makes me think strategically about my character’s development. It’s not just about blindly upgrading as I have to consider which skills will benefit me most and what gear I’ll need for the battles ahead. This adds a whole new layer of depth to the game, making me feel like I’m not just playing, but actively strategizing my way through Kingdom: The Blood.

Kingdom: The Blood features movesets from Korean Martial Arts

In Kingdom: The Blood, you’re jumping into some awesome 3D action gameplay inspired by Korean martial arts. The game grabs your attention with its cool moves, characters, and action-packed battles. Sure, the fighting scenes could be a bit smoother on mobile, but overall, the gameplay is still pretty exciting.

Kingdom the blood martial artsKingdom the blood martial arts
Image via ACTION SQUARE and YouTube

It captures the feeling of dynamic action perfectly. Plus, there’s potential for the game to improve even more with future updates. So, while the combat could use some tweaks, the game’s focus on martial arts is already really impressive.

The in-game visuals and audio give the eerie zombie apocalypse vibe

When you dive into Kingdom: The Blood, the graphics immediately transport you to a historical world filled with decent visuals and smooth movements. The attention to detail in the historical setting is impressive, from the armor to the architecture, making you feel like you’re truly in the Joseon era.

While the graphics may not be the most cutting-edge, they still do a great job of immersing you in the game’s world. Overall, Kingdom: The Blood’s graphics create a visually pleasing experience that complements the gameplay well.

Kingdom the blood coverKingdom the blood cover

As for the audio, it adds a whole new layer of experience to the game. The voiceovers bring the characters to life, that provides depth to the story. You can hear the desperation in their voices as they battle against the zombie horde. And speaking of zombies, the sound effects for their moans and groans are spine-chilling, adding to the eerie atmosphere of the apocalypse.

When you’re slashing through enemies, the sound effects are satisfyingly crunchy, making every hit feel impactful. The audio in Kingdom: The Blood truly enhances the overall experience, making it feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Kingdom: The Blood Character Design features Historical Korean tapestry

In my time playing Kingdom: The Blood, I’ve been captivated by the character designs that feel like a journey into historical Korea. Every character’s outfit, from the detailed patterns on their clothes to the impressive armor they wear, reflects the style of the Joseon era. Even their hairstyles, intricately done with traditional accessories, add to the feeling of authenticity.

Kingdom The Blood Character CreationKingdom The Blood Character Creation

It’s like I’ve been transported back in time. Each character feels like a real person from ancient Korea, and encountering them in the game is like taking a step into a living history book. The game even shows what the king looks like, having servants, guards, and more. Kingdom: The Blood does an amazing job of blending history and fantasy, making me feel like I’m part of an epic adventure in a distant era.

The in-game Controls and UI are finely responsive

In my experience with Kingdom: The Blood, the in-game controls are mostly responsive, giving me a sense of control over the action. I appreciate the manual controls, as they allow me to tailor my gameplay experience to my liking.

However, there are moments where I’ve noticed slight delays or unresponsiveness, especially during intense combat sequences. While it doesn’t happen often, these minor hiccups can be a bit frustrating when I need precise movements to fend off enemies.

Kingdom the blood skillsKingdom the blood skills

As for the UI, it’s generally well-designed and easy to navigate. Important information is displayed, and I can easily access menus and options during gameplay. However, there are times when the UI feels a bit too dark or cluttered, making it difficult to see important details, especially in dimly lit areas of the game. It’s not a major issue, but it can be a bit inconvenient at times, especially when I’m trying to quickly make decisions in the heat of battle.

In-app purchases in Kingdom: The Blood does give a decent boost

In my experience with Kingdom: The Blood, the in-app purchases offer a decent boost for players looking to progress more easily in the game. By topping up, you can acquire more gold, the premium currency, which can be used to streamline various aspects of your gameplay. Whether it’s upgrading your character’s abilities, unlocking powerful gear, or accessing exclusive features.

Kingdom the blood in app purchaseKingdom the blood in app purchase

Having extra gold can make your journey through the game smoother and more enjoyable. While I appreciate the option to enhance my experience with in-app purchases, I’ve found that it’s still possible to progress through the game without them, albeit at a slightly slower pace. Overall, the choice to make in-app purchases ultimately depends on your personal preference and play style.

Final Verdict

After spending considerable time with Kingdom: The Blood during this review, I can confidently say that it offers an absorbing and captivating experience for players. The storyline, inspired by Korean history and fantasy elements, provides a compelling backdrop for the action-packed gameplay.

With its Soulslike combat mechanics, the gameplay delivers a satisfying blend of challenge and strategy, although there are occasional hiccups with responsiveness. The historical graphics and audio design effectively transport players to the eerie world of the zombie apocalypse, although there are minor issues with visibility in the UI.

The steady progression system allows for meaningful character development and rewards regular engagement. Overall, Kingdom: The Blood is a solid action RPG that successfully combines historical elements with fantasy, offering an enjoyable experience for players seeking thrilling battles and compelling apocalyptic storytelling.

Gameplay Mechanics – 8

Storyline – 8

Character and Environment Design – 8

Graphics and Music – 8

Controls and UI – 7.5

Free-to-Play Elements – 8.5



Kingdom: The Blood offers an absorbing and captivating experience for players. It solid action RPG offering an enjoyable experience for players seeking compelling apocalyptic storytelling.

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