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Every Zodiac, Ranked According To Strength

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  • The Zodiac Twelve are the most powerful and authoritative members of the Hunter Association, with some outclassing others in terms of sheer power.
  • Cluck, Pyon, and Gel are three members of the Zodiacs with unique abilities and specializations in different areas, such as flora, technology, and poisons.
  • Each member of the Zodiacs has a specific role in the Dark Continent expedition and is currently located in the Tier 3 Political or Medical Ward aboard the Black Whale ship.



While the Hunter Association manages the world’s Hunters, its top members can become members of the Zodiac Twelve. In the Hunter x Hunter universe, the Zodiacs serve as counselors to the Hunter Association Chairman. Previously handpicked by former Chairman Isaac Netero, they serve as some of the most peerless Hunters of their generation. Some of them are fierce combatants, with some possessing unique abilities that separate them from typical Hunters.


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Based on the Chinese Zodiac, the Zodiacs have 12 members in total. Interestingly, all of them have the highest levels of authority across the Hunter Association. However, some members of the Zodiac just outclass the others in terms of sheer power.

Updated on March 6, 2024, by Rhenn Taguiam: With Shonen Jump recently announcing the cancellation of the Hunter x Hunter manga, as well as author Yoshihiro Togashi revealing a draft ending for his story should he pass away, fans of the acclaimed franchise might start tying up their own version of the series’ loose ends. Among the more mysterious threads still loose in the story is that of the Zodiacs – essentially the most elite Hunters in the world whose abilities are only rivaled by their penchant for politicking. With all 12 Zodiacs – including protagonists Kurapika and Leorio – traveling to the Dark Continent, fans might be wondering about the histories of their former members, which comprise a cunning former Chairman and Gon’s own father.

14 Former Rat: Pariston Hill

Sinister Goals Behind A Bright Smile

Parriston Hill

First Appearance

Chapter 319, Episode 137


Zodiac Retiree, Former Hunter Association Chairman, Dark Continent Expedition Team, Hunter (3-Star)


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Expert Political and Social Psychologist

Despite his warm and bright smile, many Zodiacs and even former Chairman Netero don’t trust Pariston Hill. While playful at heart, Pariston takes his penchant for triviality to the extremes – often making light of serious situations, and never revealing his true hand. He’s so laidback that he’s never really considered “hating” anyone, perhaps except for Ging. And even then, Pariston has never done anything directly malicious towards him or his fellow Zodiac – although in this case, only Pariston would truly know what “malicious” means in his dictionary.

What Are Pariston Hill’s Abilities?

The manga and anime have yet to reveal the full extent of Pariston Hill’s abilities, from the perspective of Nen. He’s shown a great deal of preternatural perception as he’s able to sense auras of people around him, and possesses enough physical ability to become one of Netero’s former sparring partners. Not much is known about his Nen Abilities, but he can exert Ren outwards naturally to confer his bloodlust, as well as Ten to shield him from Ging’s own aura display.

Where Pariston shines is his genius-level intellect and knowledge in social psychology, as he’s able to manipulate people and events to his favor. Despite Netero’s unease towards him, he selected Pariston as his right-hand Assistant Chairman due to his nature as a yes-man and efficiency. However, even Netero was unaware of Pariston’s political maneuvering into putting Hunters on his own side. He managed to exert enough influence to win the Chairman Elections all the while he had co-members and rivals siding against him, and in the end still resigned from the post as soon as he determined his successor like it was nothing.

Where Is Pariston Now?

Soon after his retirement upon becoming the Hunter Association Chairman, Pariston and Ging both decided to retire from their posts in the Zodiacs as well. Despite the lack of knowledge of Pariston’s skillset, he’s considered worthy enough by Beyond Netero to join him in his expedition to the Dark Continent. Ging and Pariston currently have tensions as members handpicked for Beyond’s team, and it’s revealed that Pariston has around 5,000 cocooned Chimera Ants in a facility for him to play around him. Aside from this, however, not much is known about Pariston’s current maneuvers, especially during the current Succession War Arc.

13 Former Boar: Ging Freecss

Humble But Prodigious Hunter

Ging Freecss

First Appearance

Chapter 66, Episode 37


Zodiac Retiree, Dark Continent Expedition Team, Ruins Hunter (2-Star)


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Attack Replication

Perhaps the whole point of Gon’s adventures in Hunter x Hunter, his father Ging Freecss turned out not simply as a popular Hunter but perhaps one of the strongest Hunters the world has ever seen. Despite this status, however, Ging is shown to be just as bubbly as Gon, with a penchant for having child-like enthusiasm and eagerness to help his friends. However, unlike Gon, Ging is shown to be just as calculating and shrewd, often forming plans that would pay off in years – and sometimes for reasons he himself doesn’t understand. Such was his prowess in Nen that he’s also the mind behind the game Greed Island.

What Are Ging Freecss’ Abilities?

Ging’s absence in Gon’s life could barely be felt in his adventures with his friends, as people they meet almost always had some form of recognition for Ging’s skills and talents. Revealed as a prodigious Hunter, Ging’s expertise as an archeologist is supplemented with a legendary reputation worthy of being qualified as a Triple-Star Hunter and even became a former member of the Zodiacs. Such was Ging’s natural strength that Chairman Netero considered him one of the five strongest Hunters in the world. This alone exhibits remarkable physical prowess and Nen capability, as shown by his precise Nen control that extends to the rest of his abilities.

While the full scope of his Nen Abilities is unknown, Ging has given hints about his abilities with a few demonstrations. He has a natural talent for replicating people’s strikes if he’s hit with it, as seen by altering Leorio’s Remote Punch to make it hyper-focused and create Ultrasound for detecting creatures from the ground. Modifying this ability further, Ging can use Phasing Bullets wherein blasts of Nen can travel through surfaces safely before “materializing” on the other side.

Where Is Ging Now?

After Pariston Hill resigns from his post as the Hunter Chairman, he accompanies Ging to declare both of their resignations as members of the Zodiac. Both of them also got invited by Beyond Netero to join him in the Dark Continent Expedition, with Ging imposing as the second-in-command to the team to ensure Pariston won’t pull any of his tricks.

12 Chicken: Cluck

Irritable But Skilled Bonatical Hunter Of The Zodiacs

Chicken - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Flora and Fauna Team of the Zodiacs, Botanical Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Bird Control

Despite her short and slender stature, Cluck isn’t to be underestimated. Carrying the Chicken designation, Cluck also serves as a member of the Dark Continent voyage’s Flora/Fauna Team. In turn, it’s surmised that Cluck has extensive knowledge of lifeforms in various biomes.

What Are Cluck’s Abilities?

Classified as a Botanical Hunter, Cluck specializes in all things related to plants. However, despite her focus on flora making her seem meek, being able to fight the likes of Netero on a regular basis had Kanzai deem Cluck stronger than Knov and Morel, both Single-Star Hunters of distinguished statuses.


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Interestingly, being one of Chairman Netero’s sparring partners means Cluck must have excellent skills in both combat and Nen usage. In terms of specifics, Cluck only demonstrated her ability by controlling pigeons to deliver messages to “all” Hunters – meaning she can control at least 600 pigeons at once. With this in mind, Cluck may have skill in Manipulation Nen but isn’t necessarily focused while in combat.

Where Is Cluck Now?

During the Succession Contest Arc, Cluck is seen aboard the Black Whale ship alongside her fellow Zodiacs Mizaistom, Botobai, Pyon, and Ginta. They are located in the Tier 3 Political Ward, where they are seen talking about their plans once they reach the Dark Continent.

11 Rabbit: Pyon

Multi-Lingual Programmer With A Manipulative Side

Rabbit - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Intelligence Team of the Zodiacs, Paleograph Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Multi-Lingual (including Ancient Languages), Skilled Programmer

Cutesy Pyon and her bunny ears fit the Rabbit designation, and her casual attitude makes her extremely approachable. However, behind this friendly facade is an extremely tech-savvy and upfront Zodiac, showing no hesitation to manipulate others for the benefit of her missions.

What Are Pyon’s Abilities?

Sadly, the manga has yet to reveal the full extent of her abilities. However, as a Zodiac and Netero’s former sparring partner, this means Pyon has considerable fighting prowess and control over Nen. Given her membership in the Intelligence Team for the Dark Continent exploration, Pyon’s abilities may involve using technology to acquire and manipulate information.

Despite her laid-back personality, Pyon isn’t someone to underestimate. According to Hisoka, Pyon’s strength is at around the 77 mark, putting Pyon below the likes of Illumi Zoldyck, Ginta, and Kanzai but still stronger than most Hunters. Outside combat, Pyon is multilingual and specializes in both modern and ancient languages. She even extended her linguistic prowess to technology, where she used her programming skills to create a language analysis program.

Where Is Pyon Now?

When the Black Whale departs for the Dark Continent, Pyon is eventually seen staying in the Tier 3 Political Ward alongside fellow Zodiacs Mizaiston, Botobai, Cluck, and Ginta. They are seen talking about their eventual exploration of the Dark Continent Team, where her language analysis skills could prove useful should they be able to meet civilizations in the region.

10 Snake: Gel

Analytical Mind Beneath A Calm And Collected Exterior

Snake - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Science Team of the Zodiacs, Poison Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Transform Arm into Snake

As sleek as her iconic black dress, Gel isn’t someone to mess with. Designated Snake and a Poison Hunter, Gel has expertise when it comes to poisons and chemicals. In turn, she’s deemed fit as a member of the Dark Continent voyage’s Science Team. In terms of abilities, her status as Chairman Netero’s sparring partner demonstrates fighting prowess.

What Are Gel’s Abilities?

Being a Poison Hunter, Gel is practically the go-to person when it comes to medicine, chemistry, and biology. In fact, such is her intellectual prowess that Gel can explain in depth the political implications of Beyond Netero’s moves in the Zodiac Succession Arc. There’s even the fact that Gel can threaten Pariston Hill – technically the main antagonist in the arc – in front of the other Zodiacs, implying some sort of hidden Nen prowess.

However, the only hints of her abilities in the manga lie in the ability to transform her arm into a snake, implying some form of Transmutation control. Given her specialization in poisons, Gel’s Nen abilities may have something to do with using poisons for immobilization or even death.

Where Is Gel Now?

During the expedition to the Dark Continent that coincided with the Succession Contest Arc, Gel is seen spearheading a meeting with fellow Zodiacs Mizaistom, Botobai, Pyon, Cluck, and Ginta. While her main focus in the Dark Continent Expedition is her assignment to the Science Team, she’s seen directing other Zodiacs on matters such as when to board Morel’s ship. She is eventually stationed in Tier 3’s Medical Ward alongside Cheadle and Leorio.

9 Boar: Leorio Paradinight

Aspiring Hunter Brimming With Potential

Boar - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Episode 1, Chapter 2


Hunter Association, Science Team of the Zodiacs


Enhanced Physiology, Emission Nen (Remote Punch), Medical Training

Despite his Rookie Hunter status, Leorio Paradinight proved capable enough to become a member of the Zodiacs, with the designation Boar. After his Nen awakening, Leorio demonstrated advanced speed, agility, and stamina, as well as enhanced strength. As an Emitter, he uses the Remote Punch – a punch that can hit a farther location. Sadly, Leorio lacks training in using his Nen, as Gon’s father Ging revealed the Remote Punch can release multiple emissions with multiple punches.


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What Are Leorio’s Abilities?

Throughout Leorio’s stay in the Hunter X Hunter series, Leorio demonstrates preternatural perception that allows him to perceive subtle changes in Nen. Not only that, but Leorio boasts specializations in weapons and medical knowledge aside from his Nen capabilities, potentially allowing Leorio to capitalize on his anatomical knowledge toward his combat talents.

While Leorio is a main character, his inexperience may mean he’s still lacking in power compared to the other Zodiacs. However, Ging hinted that Leorio has a power yet to be untapped, meaning he might possess hidden potential.

Where Is Leorio Now?

Being a medical professional, Leorio was assigned as one of the doctors staffing Tier 3’s Medical Ward inside the Black Whale. He is stationed there alongside Cheadle and Gel, his fellow members of the Science Team for the Dark Continent Expedition.

8 Tiger: Kanzai

Impulsive And Aggressive With A Penchant For Child-Like Ignorance

Tiger - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 316


Hunter Association, Defense Team of the Zodiacs, Treasure Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability

Befitting the Tiger designation, Kanzai sets himself apart with a short-tempered and impulsive personality. Not much is known about Kanzai, apart from the fact that his outfit is a yellow baseball uniform and that he once served as Chairman Netero’s sparring partner.

What Are Kanzai’s Abilities?

Unfortunately, the manga has yet to reveal Kanzai’s full abilities. However, given the series motif, it’s likely that Kanzai’s Nen has something to do with sports. Moreover, being a member of the Defense Team for the Dark Continent exploration means his abilities likely accommodate protective – or perhaps, aggressive – measures, usually implying Enhancement specializations.

Interestingly, despite the series not yet revealing Kanzai’s full extent of abilities, other aspects of his interactions with other Hunters do reveal a bit about his personality. For instance, being Netero’s sparring partner not only implies his overall strength but he also deems himself stronger than Morel and Knov, both distinguished Single-Star Hunters. Hisoka himself considered Kanzai 85 in terms of strength, which is much higher compared to other Hunters.

Where Is Kanzai Now?

Due to his sheer power level, Kanzai is last seen accompanying Saccho and Saiyu guarding Beyond Netero in his cell. While Saccho is originally part of the Dark Continent Expedition’s Intelligence Team, Kanzai and Saiyu’s assignments as Beyond’s guards make sense for their role in the Expedition as part of the Defense Team that ensures Beyond cannot escape confinement.

7 Sheep: Ginta

Gentle Giant With An Extremely Emotional Side

Sheep - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Flora and Fauna Team of the Zodiac, Poacher Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability

Ginta may seem burly, but he’s never underestimated. Designated Sheep, Ginta has abilities befitting his membership in the Dark Continent voyage’s Flora/Fauna Team. Unfortunately, the manga has yet to reveal the full extent of his abilities.

What Are Ginta’s Abilities?

However, his experience as Chairman Netero’s sparring partner means Ginta should possess remarkable combat skills and Nen control. In fact, Ginta can run extremely fast considering his size. In Chapter 320, Hisoka Morrow ranked Ginta higher than Kanzai and Pyon, meaning Ginta has something hidden up his sleeve.

In terms of sheer strength, Kanzai considers Ginta stronger than Morel and Knov, both distinguished Single-Star Hunters. Interestingly, Hisoka also rated Ginta as 90, a score much higher than most other Hunters but also lower than Illumi Zoldyck. As such, it’s interesting to see what kind of Nen abilities Ginta offers, especially if this is related to strength or not.

Where Is Ginta Now?

Ginta is last seen attending a meeting spearheaded by Gel and accompanied by his fellow Zodiacs Mizaistom, Botobai, Pyon, and Cluck as they stay in the Black Whale ship. After this, Gitna is seen joining Botobai as they escort Illumi and Kalluto Zoldyck to Tier 3’s Police Headquarters. While Ginta is a part of the Dark Continent Expedition’s Flora/Fauna Team, his assignment to accompany the Defense Team’s Botobai implies hidden Nen Abilities that may be capable of contending with the Zoldycks’ to some degree.

6 Horse: Saccho Kobayakawa

Master Swordsman Of The Zodiacs

Horse - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Intelligence Team of the Zodiacs, Problem Hunter (2-Star),


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Swordsmanship, Detective Training

Befitting his humble samurai appearance, Saccho remains a calm and collected person. Designated Horse, the quiet Saccho implies information-gathering abilities that make him fit for the membership within the Dark Continent voyage’s Intelligence Team.

The manga has yet to reveal Saccho’s abilities. However, as Chairman Netero’s sparring partner, Saccho must have remarkable combat prowess. Being a Double-Star Problem Hunter and a detective by trade, Saccho has a keen intellect and great observational skills. In turn, it’s likely that Saccho applies his intelligence to his swordsmanship.

What Are Saccho’s Abilities?

While the manga has yet to reveal the full extent of Saccho’s Nen abilities, it’s implied that he’s an extremely skilled swordsman. However, it’s interesting to note that while most martial artists in the Zodiacs are in the Defense Squad, Saccho’s intellectual prowess had him positioned among the intelligence Team. As such, his Nen might be either related to his intelligence or may even improve his combat prowess further.

Where Is Saccho Now?

Saccho is last seen accompanying Kanzai and Saiyu as guards of Beyond Netero’s cell during the voyage of the Black Whale. However, Saccho remarks that having three Zodiacs watch over Isaac Netero’s alleged son might be too much, especially when other matters such as aiding royal troops in the Succession Contest may be more important. In the end, they eventually decide on a rotation of guard duties.

5 Monkey: Saiyu

Blunt Zodiac Who Is Pariston’s Secret Spy

Monkey - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Defense Team of the Zodiacs, Blacklist Hunter, Pariston Hill’s Mole


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Three Monkeys, Martial Arts Training

At first glance, Saiyu possesses the appearance of a typical martial artist. However, “typical” doesn’t do justice to the Monkey’s seemingly-astronomical battle prowess. Essentially, his status as Chairman Netero’s sparring partner should hint towards incredibly impressive combat prowess. Moreover, his membership in the Dark Continent voyage’s Defense Team demonstrates his combat-oriented abilities.


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Personality-wise, Saiyu is extremely proud of his combat prowess, and his respect and authority among the Hunter Association faction are just below that of Cheadle’s. However, Saiyu has all the right to brag about his combat ability, especially with Netero himself considering Saiyu being one of the most skilled Nen users worldwide.

What Are Saiyu’s Abilities?

As a Nen user, Saiyu implies proficiency in Conjuration. Given his status as a martial artist, he relies on hand-to-hand combat and conjures up his staff should he need it. When using this Priest Staff, he can change its length at will, befitting various approaches in combat. Moreover, he can use his Three Monkeys to deprive the opponent of speech, hearing, and sight – remarkably deadly in combat.

Where Is Saiyu Now?

Saiyu’s last whereabouts are within the cell of Beyond Netero, where he alongside Saccho and Kanzai are tasked as his guards. Unbeknownst to Saiyu and the others, Mizaistom and Kurapika have deduced Saiyu as Beyond’s mole in the organization, and may conspire in his escape. A well-placed snide remark by Saiyu steers a conversation that three Zodiacs may be overkill when it comes to guarding Isaac Netero’s supposed son, so they should talk to Mizaistom about guard rotations.

4 Ox: Mizaistom Nana

The Conscience Of The Zodiacs

Cow - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Intelligence Team of the Zodiacs, Crime Hunter (2-Star)


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Cross Game, Legal Training

Among the Zodiacs, Mizaistom is the most observant, analytical, and morally strict – befitting the black-and-white Ox. Given his status as a Double-Star Crime Hunter, Mizaistom possesses remarkable intellect and deductive abilities.

What Are Mizaistom’s Abilities?

As a Crime Hunter, Mizaistom not only works as a lawyer but is also extremely knowledgeable in terms of legal matters. Moreover, Mizaistom manages his private security firm, meaning he has gained authority over his subordinates. He also has the skills to back it up, with deduction and information gathering being a part of his stellar skillset.

However, where Mizaistom shines is in his Nen, being Isaac Netero’s former sparring partner. With his Cross Game ability, Mizaistom has three cards – blue, yellow, and red – with corresponding abilities. In the manga, Mizaistom only showcased yellow – restraint – so far, capable of completely immobilizing the opponent. While his full abilities aren’t revealed yet, his capacity to spar with one of the most powerful characters in the series means there’s more to Mizaistom than meets the eye.

Where Is Mizaistom Now?

On top of stopping Beyond Netero’s potential plans upon arriving in the Dark Continent, Mizaistom is last seen juggling multiple affairs in the worsening conditions inside the Black Whale. While he and Kurapika agree to gather evidence against Beyond’s mole Saiyu, he also has to keep tabs on the Princes in the Succession Contest Arc, all the while appeasing the public presence without revealing the existence of Nen. He is last seen contemplating on the escalating series of events, from mass murders, the arrival of the Zoldyck Siblings, and the presence of the Phantom Troupe.

3 Rat: Kurapika

The Vengeful Last Member Of The Kurta Clan

Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 2, Episode 1


Hunter Association, Intelligence Team of the Zodiacs, Blacklist Hunter, Nostrade Family, Oito Hui Guo Rou


Enhanced Physiology, Kurta Clan’s Scarlet Eyes, Specialist Chains

Codenamed Rat, Kurapika is a skilled Blacklist Hunter capable of pursuing even the deadliest of bounties. Due to his drive to eliminate the Phantom Troupe and recover the remaining Kurta Clan Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika has extensive combat training. He’s proficient in multiple weapons, aided by his enhanced physique. His genius-level intellect proves useful in combat, as he can plan tactics and strategies on the fly.

What Are Kurapika’s Abilities?

Outside his Nen abilities, Kurapika is not just an excellent martial artist, but may even be an assassin, proved by his proficiency with hidden and small weapons such as knives, shuriken, switchblades, and handguns. And even with plain Nen itself, Kurapika possesses advanced hearing and preternatural perception, as well as enhanced physical capabilities.

However, perhaps Kurapika shines most in his Nen abilities. As a Conjurer, Kurapika primarily uses chains embedded with various abilities – from dowsing to restraint to healing to stealing other abilities. Thanks to his Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika transforms into a Specialist, being able to use all Nen types at 100-percent capacity.

Where Is Kurapika Now?

Kurapika is last seen in the Black Whale, which he boards alongside the other Zodiacs in preparation for the Dark Continent Expedition. As part of the Intelligence Team, Kurapika is assigned to gather as much information as possible about Beyond Netero, who he and Mizaistiomares convinced may have plans upon arriving on the island. While they leave his mole, Saiyu, free to move as they gather evidence, Kurapika is assigned as the protective detail to Prince Woble in the Succession Contest Arc. The last few chapters show Kurapika training the Prince’s bodyguards in the usage of Nen.

2 Dog: Cheadle Yorkshire

Silent And Meek Chairman With An Inner Strength

Dog - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Science Team of the Zodiac, Disease Hunter


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability, Legal Training, Medical Training

Albeit possessing a meek appearance, Cheadle Yorkshire serves as the current Chairman of the Hunter Association. As a Triple-Star Disease Hunter, Cheadle has extensive knowledge of diseases – which also explains her membership in the Science Team on the Dark Continent voyage.

What Are Cheadle’s Abilities?

While the manga hasn’t revealed her full abilities, her experience as former Chairman Netero’s sparring partner means she must possess great battle prowess. Moreover, her demonstrated tactical finesse during the chairmanship elections proves her ownership of the title, Brains of the Zodiacs.

And while the full extent of Cheadle’s abilities isn’t revealed yet, some members of the Zodiac and other Hunters already hint towards Cheadle’s powerset. For example, Kanzai believes Cheadle is much stronger than Morel and Knov, both distinguished Hunters. And while Pariston claims Cheadle doesn’t have the necessary strength to be Chairman, Cheadle herself has enough awareness of others that she knows Pariston himself may not believe his words.

Where Is Cheadle Now?

Cheadle is last seen informing Mizaistom that the Kakin Princes have been recruiting bodyguards to accompany them on the Black Whale, meaning some Hunter Exam rejects and infiltrators may be on the ship. Throughout the Succession Contest Arc, Cheadle is seen accompanying Leorio and Gel to Tier 3’s Medical Ward as one of its staffed doctors.

1 Dragon: Botobai Gigante

Netero Loyalist Who Rarely Loses His Temper

Dragon - Hunter X Hunter Most Powerful Zodiacs

First Appearance

Chapter 318, Episode 136


Hunter Association, Defense Team of the Zodiacs, Terrorist Hunter (3-Star)


Zodiac-Level Physiology and Nen Capability,

The bulky Botobai Gigante isn’t just the Dragon by sheer appearance, but also by status and expertise. Being a Triple-Star Terrorist Hunter and a public prosecutor, Botobai has extensive knowledge of military operations, legal affairs, and geopolitics.

What Are Botobai’s Abilities?

Sadly, the manga has yet to reveal Botobai’s full abilities. However, being Chairman Netero’s sparring partner means his combat prowess and Nen control lie far beyond that of a typical Hunter. As a member of the Dark Continent voyage’s Defense Team, his abilities may involve direct attacks or straightforward defense.

Interestingly, a subtle hint is given towards his power level. Chapter 326 of the manga reveals that Botobai possesses the “closest” power level to the Chairman in both name and ability.

Where Is Botobai Now?

When mass murders and other troubles start plaguing the Black Whale, Botobai tends to matters on Tiers 3 and 4 given his judicial and political experience. He aids Mizaistom in the handling of personnel to maintain order throughout the Succession Contest and becomes a presiding judge to various matters to avoid public fallout.

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