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Emma Stone’s greatest films and Best deals Amazon

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Catch up on the Academy Award-winning actress’s best performances with these amazing movie deals!

Oscar season is the perfect time to catch up on movies, and not just those nominated this year! It’s also a great time to watch (or maybe rewatch) the previous performances of actors who are in the running for awards in 2024. Emma Stone is one such nominee: She’s up for Best Actress for her performance in Poor Things, the latest in a phenomenal run of films to win Stone praise.


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Here, we’ve collected the best deals on some of Stone’s previous movies, from sweeping romantic flicks to stories that are more on the comedic side. Before you tune into the Academy Awards on March 10th, why not check out some of Stone’s previous roles – she’s had such a prolific career and been in so many iconic films so far, there’s bound to be something in her filmography that speaks to that pre-ceremony mood.

  • The Favourite GOOD

    The Favourite

    With the success of Poor Things this awards season, why not check out Emma Stone’s performance in another Yorgos Lanthimos movie? This satirical dark comedy follows cousins Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, and Abigail Hill as they compete to become Queen Anne’s favorite in 18th-century England. This movie also earned Emma Stone a Best Supporting Actress nomination!

  • The Help

    The Help

    $7 $9 Save $2

    Based on a book of the same name, this film follows a young woman named Skeeter, an aspiring writer in 1960s Mississippi. Her interviews with black women who have spent their lives as maids to wealthy white families in their small town showcase their life stories and daily hardships. This 2011 film was nominated for 4 Academy Awards.

  • Aloha


    $8 $15 Save $7

    This is a fun Hawaiian rom-com packed with stars. When military contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) returns to Hawaii on assignment, he reconnects with an old flame who is now remarried and discovers some hard truths about his past. He also bonds with fighter pilot Allison Ng (Emma Stone) as they journey through the terrain of Oahu, falling for her on the way.

  • Easy A

    Easy A

    $8 $10 Save $2

    Easy A is a teen classic, so there’s no better time to check it out if you’ve never seen it (or rewatch it for the hundredth time!) Emma Stone’s Olive is an unpopular teen who thinks her life is too dull, so she tells a lie about losing her virginity. When the rumor spreads through her school, Olive achieves popularity, but not exactly how she wants. 2010’s Easy A handed Emma Stone her first leading role, and almost 15 years later, it’s one fans have to see.

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    $6 $10 Save $4

    This award-winning musical is a modern classic that won 6 Oscars, including a Best Actress statue for Emma Stone in one of her most iconic roles. La La Land follows Sebastian, a jazz pianist, and Mia, an actress, as they’re drawn together as they pursue their passions in Los Angeles. As each gains success, they begin to be pulled apart and must decide if their dreams still include each other.

  • Cruella


    $17 $27 Save $10

    If anyone’s ever wondered what happened to the iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil to make her into what she is in 101 Dalmatians, this movie will provide the answers. As a young fashionista, Cruella makes a name for herself in London but starts to embrace her wicked side when she befriends fashion icon, Baroness von Hellman. Over half a century after Disney’s original cartoon, Emma Stone made a definitive Cruella De Vil, so it’s no surprise that a sequel is coming.

  • Magic in the Moonlight

    Magic In The Moonlight

    $10 $20 Save $10

    In the 1920s, a magician named Stanley Crawford insists that spiritualists who claim that they can perform real magic are lying and is called to the mansion of the Catledge family to expose a young medium named Sophie. However, though he is a skeptic, Stanley soon comes across compelling evidence that Sophie’s magic may be for real. Emma Stone steals the show in Woody Allen’s 2014 rom-com.

  • The Croods

    The Croods – 2 Movie Collection

    $11 $13 Save $2

    This 2-movie set that includes both The Croods movies is perfect if you’re looking to find more of Emma Stone’s voice work! These animated DreamWorks movies follow a prehistoric family who must navigate the approaching destruction of their world… At the same time as dealing with their own family dynamics.

  • Crazy STupid Love

    Crazy Stupid Love

    This romantic comedy classic is always a good watch and includes a star-studded cast! The movie follows Cal, whose seemingly perfect life unravels when he finds out his wife has been unfaithful and wants a divorce. Suddenly single, Cal enlists the help of Jacob Palmer, a player who helps him regain confidence in dating. Any fan who’s seen La La Land will enjoy catching this earlier link-up of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling on screen.

  • Birdman


    $10 $11 Save $1

    This is yet another award-winning film featuring Emma Stone in a major role. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) follows a washed-up Hollywood actor who tries to stage a play to revive his career only to experience setbacks – both with the production and with his family – along the way. Packed with phenomenal performances, Emma Stone and Michael Keaton as daughter and father are stand-outs.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing Spider-Man Collection

    $8 $15 Save $7

    If you’ve been missing Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, why not re-watch The Amazing Spider-Man movies and relive her and Peter Parker’s love story all over again? This double pack includes both movies featuring Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, and is the perfect addition to the collection of any fan of the famous web-slinger.

  • movie 43

    Movie 43

    $8 $13 Save $5

    This film has a fun storyline: It’s made from a series of interconnected short films that follow a washed-up Hollywood producer as he tries to pitch various wacky story ideas to some of the industry’s biggest stars. The cast is jam-packed with talent – including Emma Stone – making this a fun, meta look at Hollywood.

Whether or not you’re an avid Oscars-watcher, Emma Stone has been in such a wide variety of movies that there’s truly something for everyone on this list. There’s no better time than the present to celebrate her talent! If you’re looking to buy any of these picks from Amazon, be sure to check out their 30-day trial of Prime for shipping that’s fast and free!


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