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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Beginners Guide and Tips

Dusk of Dragons Survivors character creation

Venture into the captivating realm of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, an action survival sandbox crafted by COREGAMES PTE. LTD. In this game, you’ll find yourself in a magical medieval kingdom brimming with dragons and enchantment. In this Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Beginners Guide, I’ll dive into essential tips and tactics to help you thrive in the fantastical world of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors.

As you navigate through the in-game challenges such as extreme weather, hunger, and relentless zombies, the key to your survival lies in mastering the art of dragon companionship and strategic base-building. For an even more thrilling adventure, don’t forget to unlock incredible rewards with exclusive Redeem Codes!

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Create your Survivor

In Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, your adventure starts with character creation. This is your opportunity to customize every detail, including your character’s face, hairstyle, beard, hair and skin colors, and tattoos, with various options available for each.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors character creation

Before diving into the game, take a moment to choose a name and spend time crafting a unique appearance for your character. Additionally, there’s a button to create your character randomly if you prefer.

Building your Shelter

Start by building your shelter as a top priority in the early stages of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors. Focus on essential elements like floors, sturdy walls, doors, windows, and decorative arches during the construction process. I recommend prioritizing functional structures like storage boxes, dragon nests, and workbenches, while also incorporating defensive features such as corner walls and city gates.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors campDusk of Dragons Survivors camp

It’s important to note that each structure has specific unlocking requirements, so ensure you meet them to build and place them seamlessly. By prioritizing shelter construction from the outset, you establish a secure foundation for your survival journey.

Cook Recipes and Craft Items

Utilize the cooking pot in the camp to prepare a variety of recipes in Dusk of Dragons: Survivors. Explore the available recipes, each requiring different resources for production. Some recipes may be locked initially but can be unlocked by meeting specific conditions. To cook, select a recipe, check the required items, and add the necessary materials. Ensure you have fuel, like wood, in the designated zone to cook items.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors craftDusk of Dragons Survivors craft

To cook efficiently, I ensure there’s enough fuel, like wood, in the designated area. Using a blower speeds up cooking select the number of items and press Craft to start production. The production zone shows the remaining time and completed quantity. Upgrading the cooking pot reduces cooking time, enhancing my survival skills. Crafting diverse items is crucial too, allowing you to make tools, structures, weapons, and armor. Use the craftsmanship menu to create these items using various resources.

Raise your Dragon

In the early stages of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, you’ll be asked to find a dragon egg and hatch it to get your first fire dragon. To optimize its capabilities, it’s crucial to raise and nurture your dragon properly. Feed it various food items for faster growth. If it’s left hungry, it will seek food, causing delays in returning to its nest. You can summon it back using gold or promote its star tier with the required resources, unlocking valuable skills for battles.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors hatcheryDusk of Dragons Survivors hatchery

I equipped my dragon with different items to enhance its strengths. Upgrading its elemental level made it even more powerful. The Dragon Force, activated after obtaining dragons with diverse elements, provided unique talents. By using dragon energy in my backpack, I upgraded and unlocked active and passive skills.

Explore and Defeat Bosses

In Dusk of Dragons, exploring the world beyond the town is crucial. As I go out, different places offer unique resources and specific items to find. It’s important to have a clear goal. Keep in mind that traveling to villages consumes energy, and you can either walk, which takes a lot of time, or sprint in 2 seconds using energy.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors mapDusk of Dragons Survivors map

Each village features its monsters and a formidable boss with substantial damage and health. Opt for easy, hard, or nightmare difficulties in various places, and be prepared for stronger monsters with your best weapons and dragon to successfully conquer the map.

Gathering Resources

Collecting resources plays a crucial role in this game, as it revolves around resource-driven gameplay. Whether you’re crafting, cooking, or building your camp, resources are the key to success in all these endeavors. To gather the necessary resources, venture into the world outside your camp, engage in battles with various enemies, and collect essential items.

Dusk of Dragons Survivors gathering resourcesDusk of Dragons Survivors gathering resources

To gather the needed resources, I recommend exploring the world outside the camp, confronting various enemies, and collecting essential items. Unlocking all regions on the world map required leveling up quickly through quest completion. During my exploration, I utilized a virtual joystick and icons to pick up items and combat enemies.

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending a considerable time with the game, here are some of the best tips and tricks we came up with that I wish someone had told me before I started with Dusk of Dragons: Survivors:

1. Follow the in-game Quests

Prioritize completing quests in the early stages of the game. Quests not only guide you through the main story mode but also provide essential rewards, contributing to your overall progression. Use quests as a roadmap to unlock additional features and expand your gameplay.

2. Manage your Inventory Wisely

Always prioritize picking up items that are essential for your survival. However, if you have free space, consider gathering other items that might be useful later. Efficient inventory management is key to thriving in the game.

3. Experiment and Explore

Dusk of Dragons offers a variety of features, including skills, weapons, and dragons. Don’t hesitate to try out different options to discover what suits your playstyle best. Experimentation can lead to valuable insights and improvements.

4. Watch Ads for rewards

Maximize your in-game rewards by watching up to eight ads daily! Navigate to the “Best” tab in the in-game store and explore the ad benefits options. By watching these short ads, you can earn valuable rewards for free.

Enjoy the game to the fullest by being an active part of the community. Don’t be afraid to seek help or share your experiences. Joining platforms like Discord allows you to connect with fellow players, exchange tips, and enhance your overall gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the magical realm of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, let these indispensable tips be your guide. Navigate through the challenges with confidence as you build a resilient base, care for your majestic dragons, and unravel the mysteries of the vast world.

Hone your skills in crafting, cooking, and resource gathering to flourish in this enchanting medieval kingdom. Each quest, every encounter with formidable monsters holds potential rewards to aid your journey. Embrace the adventure, experiment with diverse skills and weaponry, and always connect with the vibrant community.

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