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D&D: Best Swords

The Best D&D Campaigns Of All Time


  • The journey to acquire powerful swords in
    Dungeons and Dragons
    is long and arduous but worth it.
  • Players should carefully consider which sword fits their character best and consult with the Dungeon Master.
  • There are several legendary swords with unique abilities, such as cutting through enemies and traveling between planes.



The idea of the Sword has fascinated people for thousands of years, and it’s no wonder that Dungeons and Dragons has such a vast library of these powerful weapons. The journey from a slightly rusty piece of metal to a reality-altering artifact is usually long and arduous, but definitely worth it.


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The best weapon for a character will often depend on a number of factors, from class, to build, to play style. Players should carefully consider which aspects of a sword fit their character best, but ultimately there will have to be a conversation with the DM. On top of preexisting choices, the Dungeon Master might introduce a homebrewed weapon that will blow anything official completely out of the water.

10 Scimitar Of Speed

A Hasty Weapon That Allows For More Attacks Per Turn

Scimitar of Speed

The Scimitar of Speed is a great and versatile weapon and is somewhat easier to acquire than others on the list. It is a +2 Finesse weapon, meaning players can choose to use either Strength or Dexterity as their modifiers.

It is also Light, allowing players to wield up to two such weapons at the same time. The special feature of the sword is that it allows an additional attack using a bonus action. Many characters can utilize the sword to great effect, dishing out significant damage every turn.

9 Sword Of The Planes

A Legendary Sword That Allows The Wielder To Traverse The Many Planes

Sword of the Planes

This sword has recently been introduced in the Book of Many Things official supplement, which houses a number of new player options, items, and rules. Among them is this plane-tearing weapon, which can cut through enemies as easily as through the fabric of reality.

Aside from a nice +3 bonus, the Sword of the Planes allows the caster to freely travel to any plane. As an action, characters can open rifts to other planes, and even specify exactly where on that plane they would wish to go.

8 Sword Of Answering

The Sword Both Answers And Strikes True

Sword of Answering

In the Greyhawk setting, there are only 9 such swords, each with a different look and personality. Every sword is connected to a particular D&D alignment, although there are no requirements when it comes to attunement to the weapon.

The Sword of Answering provides a +3 bonus to attacks and also comes with a special Reaction. Characters can immediately attack anyone that damages them, and they make that attack with advantage. On top of that, any damage dealt this way completely ignores any resistance or immunities.

7 Luck Blade

A Weapon To Foil The Gods’ Plans

Luck Blade

The Luck Blade is in a league of its own, as it has one of the most powerful effects in the entire game attached to it. This sword gives the wielder a flat +1 bonus to any saving throws and allows them the use of the Luck feat once per day.

But the sword’s greatest feature is the ability to use Wish. The sword can hold up to 5 charges, and loses this property once the charges are spent, but even a single Wish can send the entire campaign in a completely new direction.

6 Nine Lives Stealer

A Way To Insta-Kill One’s Enemies

Nine Lives Stealer

This intimidatingly-named sword can be incredibly powerful, especially given its lower rarity compared to other weapons. The Nine Lives Stealer gives the wielder a +2 bonus to their attacks, but the most devastating part is closely related to the name of the weapon.


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The sword has up to 9 charges. Whenever the wielder lands a critical hit on a creature with 100 health or lower, the target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. If they fail, the creature is immediately slain, and a single charge of the weapon is lost.

5 Blackrazor

A Dark Weapon That Can Devour The Souls Of Slain Enemies


This sentient Greatsword is an absolute menace on the battlefield and comes with hefty bonuses and special effects. Starting with a +3 bonus to attacks, this chaotic neutral weapon gives the wielder great power and often insists that they use it.

Blackrazor can Devour Souls whenever it reduces a creature to 0 hitpoints. Upon doing so, the wielder also gains temporary hitpoints, equal to the slain creature’s max HP. On top of that, the wielder can also sense living creatures within 60 feet around them, and cannot be charmed or frightened.

4 Moonblade

A Legendary Elvish Creation Made Stronger With Each New Wielder


The Moonblade is one of the Elves’ most treasured possessions. Such a sword would only be passed down within a family, growing stronger with every new user. The blade can grow in such a way up to 7 times, gaining a new feature every time.


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From attack bonuses, to spell storing, and even Vorpal properties, every version of this sword is unique but absolutely incredible. The sword refuses to serve anyone but its rightful master, and will actively hinder any evil wielder until they return it.

3 Vorpal Sword

The Weapon Of Myths And Legends

Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal Sword has always been the stuff of legend in D&D, and most who know what it does actively want to try it at least once. The sword is capable of immediately beheading almost any enemy and is feared by many characters and villains alike.

Whenever the wielder rolls a 20 for an attack, they immediately cut off one of the enemy’s heads. No saving rolls, no nothing, unless the DM decides that there are certain circumstances that would not allow it, such as size or Legendary Resistances.

2 Sword Of Zariel

A Heavenly Blade That Bestows Incredible Powers, But Exacts A Heavy Toll

Sword of Zariel

This incredible longsword once belonged to Zariel herself before her ultimate fall from grace. This angelic weapon is loaded with incredible properties, but that power does come with a price. The wielder of the Sword of Zariel is forever changed, and their personality, after attuning to it, might look nothing like themselves.


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From angelic wings to Truesight to extra Radiant damage, the sword truly blesses the wielder. Acquiring and wielding it is no small feat, but it is absolutely fitting for a radiant champion of the Gods.

1 Blade Of Avernus

The Blade To Rule The Underworld


The weapon could be considered the opposite of the Sword of Zariel, but it is in a league of its own. Interestingly enough, for all the power it provides, the Blade of Avernus requires no actual personality change to wield it, though it does come with the responsibility of looking over Avernus itself.

The sword is Vorpal, meaning it can also immediately behead an enemy. On top of that, the wielder has incredible power over other devils, and can freely travel between planes. It would take a very particular character to wield it, but who’s to say that Avernus wouldn’t be better off under new management?


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