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Crystal Knights Beginners Guide and Tips

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights

Crystal Knights is a new RPG title brought to you by DAERI SOFT. In this game, you will journey through the mysterious world of Ignis the Immortal. You’ll lead a team of heroes discovering the secrets of Ignis the Immortal and facing off against formidable enemies. In this Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, I’ll walk you through the basics of the game, how to get started, and provide you with essential tips for your journey.

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Crystal Knights Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Following the Main Quest

The main quest is your best path for progressing through Crystal Knights and experiencing the story of Ignis the Immortal. As you follow the quest, you’ll visit different parts of the game world, encountering new challenges, dungeons, and enemies. I’ve found that the quest typically focuses on clearing enemies, upgrading your knight, summoning heroes, and discovering new features.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights
Image via DAERI SOFT

Completing main quest objectives rewards you with experience points, gold, summoning tickets, and useful items to strengthen your heroes and prepare you for the journey ahead. The main quest also leads you to major milestones and boss battles, which makes the game more exciting. As you progress through the main quest, you’ll unlock new areas and quests, keeping your adventure fresh and engaging. Staying on track with the main quest helps you move forward in the game.

Upgrading your Knight

In my experience, upgrading your knight is essential to boost your power and stay competitive in battles. As you level up, you can allocate points to increase your knight’s stats like health, attack, defense, accuracy, and evasion using Gold. In the Improvement section, you can use Level Points to increase your knight’s gains in Gold and experience points from battles, speeding up your leveling and resource gathering.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal KnightsCrystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights
Image via DAERI SOFT

In the Advance section, you can use Advance Points to boost your knight’s mastery in stats and gains, making your knight stronger and more efficient in combat. By continuously upgrading your knight, you’ll be able to take on tougher challenges and improve your overall performance. Make sure to regularly check your knight’s progress and make adjustments as needed.


The game revolves around choosing unique heroes to lead your adventures, each with their abilities, strengths, and playstyles. You can recruit these heroes by summoning them with Hero Summon tickets or Crystals, unlocking new characters for your party.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal KnightsCrystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights
Image via DAERI SOFT

When upgrading your heroes, keep in mind there’s a level cap. To surpass it, you need hero pieces, which I find difficult to collect. You can also upgrade your heroes’ skills, especially for A-grade heroes and above, who usually have two skills to improve. To do this, you’ll need skill books. You can create a strong team capable of taking on tough opponents by strategically managing your hero upgrades and skill improvements.

Summoning Heroes

Summoning heroes is crucial for building your team, but at the start, it’s not easy to get higher-grade heroes. I’ve found that summoning has its leveling system, and the more you summon, the higher your summoning level will become.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal KnightsCrystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights
Image via DAERI SOFT

As you level up your summoning, the odds of getting higher-grade heroes increase, which helps strengthen your party. Reaching specific summoning levels can reward you with hero summoning tickets, allowing you to perform additional summons without using in-game currency. Using your tickets strategically and aiming for higher-grade heroes will boost your team’s power and overall game experience.


In my experience, Dungeons in Crystal Knights bring a variety of challenges, from tricky puzzles to waves of enemies and powerful bosses. As you progress through a dungeon, you’ll need a key, and the challenges become tougher, so make sure to bring a strong team with a good mix of abilities.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal KnightsCrystal Knights Beginners Guide, Crystal Knights
Image via DAERI SOFT

In the Mine dungeon, you need to defeat all the monsters, and the reward is a ton of gold, which is great for upgrading heroes. The Underground Temple dungeon is all about protecting a crystal from being destroyed. If you succeed, you’ll earn experience potions to help level up your heroes.

The Gate of Proving dungeon is one of my favorites because it challenges you to deal as much damage as possible. Depending on your damage output, you can earn daily ranking rewards, adding a competitive element to your dungeon runs.

Crystal Knights Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use the Goddess Blessing

Watch ads to use Goddess Blessing and gain valuable boosts in the game. You’ll benefit from bonuses like increased attack, defense, health, and more gold while you’re in the field. These perks give you a solid advantage in battles and help you gather resources faster.

2. Complete Quests

Make sure to complete your daily, weekly, and loop quests to earn crystals. These quests give you a steady stream of crystals, which you can use for summoning heroes and making other important in-game purchases.

3. Take advantage of Dungeons

Dungeons are a great source of gold, experience potions, and rare items to help you progress in the game. Bring a strong, balanced team and adjust your strategy to each dungeon’s challenges and goals. This will help you gather important resources and boost your heroes.

4. Balance your Knight’s stats

Be careful not to over-upgrade one stat for your knights, as you might run out of resources for other important stats and struggle to progress through quest guides. Aim for a balanced approach when leveling up your knights to keep them well-rounded and ready for different challenges.

5. Login daily for Attendance rewards

Make it a habit to log in every day to receive attendance rewards. These daily bonuses can include valuable items like crystals, gold, experience points, or even summoning tickets. Staying consistent with your daily login can give you an advantage and help you progress more smoothly in the game.

Final Thoughts

Remember to take your time exploring Crystal Knights and enjoy the journey. Focus on leveling up your heroes and balancing your resources, and don’t forget to complete daily and weekly quests for rewards. By following the main quest and tackling dungeons, you’ll make steady progress and discover exciting new challenges.

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