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Costa del Sol Minigames in FF7 Rebirth (& All Rewards)

Cloud and Chadley in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Costa del Sol is a breath of fresh air among Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s mako-infused slum areas of Nibelheim and Under Junon. In a journey filled with tense moments, Costa del Sol gives Cloud and his party a chance to ease off the pressure by partaking in a range of mini-games.



From a rocket-league-like game of soccer to a sharpshooter exercise, there are a plethora of rewards awaiting the player throughout the duration of their stay in Costa del Sol. To make the most use of the players’ time, the following guide provides a 101 on all the mini-games and their respective rewards.


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FF7 Rebirth Costa del Sol Mini-games

Cloud on a Wheelie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

After reaching chapter 6, players are given access to a new area in FF7 Rebirth, Costa del Sol, a sunny, colorful, and adventurous resort teeming with activities Cloud and his party can participate in. Though all the mini-games are unmissable and part of the story progression, some of the tiers of challenges are unlocked later as part of an optional side quest.

In total, there are four mini-games specific to Costa del Sol. These are Card Carnival, Run Wild, Pirate’s Rampage, Cactuar Capture, and Rendezvous Wheelie. Only the first three of this bunch can be replayed for higher rewards after completing the story-related segment.

Card Carnival

Card Carnival in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

This is a slight twist on the existing framework of the Queen’s Blood card game introduced in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Instead of being able to choose their deck, the player will be given a selected number of cards by the house to overcome specific challenges. In total, there are seven puzzles, three of which are easy, followed by three advanced puzzles and one skill drill. All challenges, except the skill drill, reward Cloud with unique Queen’s Blood cards, so it’s a good addition to the card deck as players take on more formidable opponents later on.

These challenges are tabulated below, along with the order and position of placing cards to achieve victory and the subsequent rewards obtained. In the interest of clarity and removing confusion, if there are two cards of the same name, the first one’s position is also provided. Moreover, for Rank 5 and Rank 6 challenges, particularly, it’s important to mention the card positions of those that get destroyed during the match of Queen’s Blood.



Victory Image

Achieving Victory Order

Rank 1: Three-Card Stud

Card 023: Fleetwing

Rank 1- Three-Card Stud in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth


Rank 2: Go for Choco-Broke

Card 109: Posh Chocobo

Rank 2- Go for Choco-Broke in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Fat ChocoboPosh ChocoboChocobo & Moogle

Rank 3: Mischief-Making Moogles

Card 110: Moogle Trio

Rank 3- Mischief-Making Moogles in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Moogle TrioFleetwingGrasslands WolfMoogle BardMoogle Mag

Rank 4: Spears and Needles

Card 031: Spearhawk

Rank 4- Spears and Needles in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

CactuarSpearhawk (right of Cactuar)SpearhawkQuetzalcoatl

Rank 5: Sea Devil by Night

Card 032: Sea Devil

Rank 5- Sea Devil by Night in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Security Officer (second column in third lane from the top) → Sea Devil (second column in second lane) → Sea DevilMandragora (first column in second lane) → Mandragora Minion (second column in third lane) → Mandragora (second column in third lane) → Mandragora Minion (second column in third lane)

Rank 6: A Kingly Clash

Card 035: Tonberry King

Rank 6- A Kingly Clash in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Zu (second column in third lane) → Zu (second column in first lane)→ Tonberry KingMindflayerDeathwheel (first column in first lane) → Deathwheel (first column in third lane)

Rank 3: Power-Down Practice


Rank 3- Power-Down Practice in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Archdragon (second column in third lane) → ArchdragonQuetzalcoatl


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Run Wild

Run Wild in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Run Wild is a rocket league-esque game where four animals will chase a ball and score points by scoring in their opponents’ goals. Players will be controlling Red XIII, so the idea is to shoot goals into any net other than the red one since doing the latter will incur a score deduction.

Naturally, in order to place higher, the player needs to score more goals than the opposition team. During the story segment, the Free-for-All mode is accessible. However, by completing the Rendezvous in Costa del Sol side quest, players can unlock the Time Trial category of Run Wild, where they must put the colored balls in a specific order. If you are having difficulties completing this time trial, maybe the video below can help:

As good practice, it’s always recommended to use the Sprint mode by pressing the Dash button (R2 or L3 twice). The Shoot button (Square) will be sufficient for most situations, but there are certain scenarios in the Time Trial category, specifically where the Lob button (Cross) will come in handy to lift the ball over an obstacle and into the goal.

Here are all the rewards for each rank achieved in Run Wild:


Ranked Position



Rank I – 2nd place

Ether x2


Rank II – 1st (Tie)

Emerald x1


Rank III – 1st

Silver Collar x1

Time Trial

Rank I – 03:30

Mixed Hi-Potion x2

Time Trial

Rank II – 03:00

Oldebeast Bracelet x1

Time Trial

Rank III – 02:30

Platinum Earrings x1

Pirate’s Rampage

Pirate's Rampage in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Pirate’s Rampage is modeled after a traditional carnival sharpshooting game against the backdrop of a pirate ship and the many fiendish targets players will need to shoot down. The controls are simple and intuitive, with R2 to fire, the left stick to aim, and the L1/R1 buttons to toggle the sensitivity of the aim.

Like Run Wild, Pirate’s Rampage has two separate modes. The first one, Brigantine, is unlocked as part of the story segment in Chapter 6. This mode just focuses on achieving a score as high as possible by shooting down the most targets in a given amount of time.

The second mode, Ghost Ship, is unlocked after completing Rendezvous in Costa del Sol side quest. It is more challenging as it also takes into account the accuracy of the shots, so players need to shoot in a more calculated manner.

For Brigantine, a higher aim speed is desirable, while for Ghost Ship, since accuracy is vital, a slower aim speed will give players more control and precision. However, it still comes down to what aim speed players are most comfortable and familiar with. When shooting, players should take note of the points that are labeled on each target.

Some targets may test the player’s perseverance as they might require multiple shots to be destroyed, while other targets may test players’ patience as these net bonus points if they aren’t shot down immediately.

The table below lists all rewards for the respective ranks in the two modes:


Ranked Score



Rank I- 10,000

Hi-Potion x2


Rank II- 13,000

Ruby x1


Rank III- 15,000

Time Materia x1

Ghost Ship

Rank I- 10,000

Mist Hi-Potion x2

Ghost Ship

Rank II- 18,000

Abyssal Bangle x1

Ghost Ship

Rank III- 22,000

Wind Materia Earrings x1


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Cactuar Caper

Cactuar Caper in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

As part of the main scenario, players will step into the shoes of Tifa or Aerith to snap pictures of four hidden pink Cactuar graphics. Following the given map, players can get hints about locations within Costa del Sol where the Cactuar artwork may exist. The mini-game emphasizes the clarity of the picture taken, so depending on the zoom/focus of the player’s camera, the percentage accuracy of the picture obtained is higher.

Although some Cactuar imagery is visible on signboards and boulders, others are more obscure. All the four locations are covered in detail in a separate guide. After completion of Cactuar Caper, players are rewarded with a companion card for Aerith that can be exchanged for her beachwear.

Wheelie Rendezvous

Wheelie Rendezvous in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Another mini-game completed as part of the story progression, Wheelie Rendezvous, requires the girls of Cloud’s party to return any vacant and unclaimed segways around Costa del Sol. There are three different colors of segways: Red, Yellow, and Blue, and they must be returned to their respective return points. In total, 6 wheelies (2 of each color) must be returned to complete this part of the story segment.

A quick stroll around Costa del Sol would be sufficient to spot vacant wheelies and return them to the resting stations. In general, the wheelies are near their respective parking lots.


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February 29, 2024

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