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Cool Lore Details You Might Have Missed

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League of Legends is a game that is rich in lore and history, with many hidden secrets and easter eggs that add depth and flavor to the world of Runeterra. However, not all players are aware of these details, or how they connect to the gameplay and the champions. This lost lore will enhance a fan’s experience and understanding of the game. Whether a lore enthusiast or a casual player, there is something interesting and surprising to discover.



From the origins of the Void and the Black Mist, to the mysteries of the Watchers and the Ruined King, there is a lot to learn about the lore of League of Legends. Moreover, the lore is constantly evolving and expanding, with new events, stories, and champions being added regularly. Therefore, there is always something new and exciting to explore and enjoy in the game. League of Legends is not just a game, but a living and breathing world that invites players to immerse themselves in its lore and history.



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10 The Origins of the Void

An Ancient Nothingness of Corruption

League of Legends Malzahar

The Void is a dark realm beyond the world of Runeterra. It is ruled by the Watchers, ancient beings who want to destroy everything. They tricked some people from Icathia, a city that rebelled against Shurima, to open a portal to the Void. The portal unleashed a wave of death and corruption that wiped out Icathia and its people, and let the Void invade Runeterra.

The Ascended, powerful warriors who served Shurima and Ixtal, fought the Void and closed the portal. The Void still creates monsters and affects some champions, like Malzahar, Kassadin, and Kai’Sa. The Void is now waiting for The Watchers to return and end the world.

9 Where is Skarner’s Hextech Crystal from?

Crystals Of Longing, Searching For Their Home

Skarner Digging Through A Cavern If Crystals

First Crystals are a type of hextech crystal that are extracted from the Brackern, a species of sapient, crystalline scorpions that live in the underground caves of Shurima. These crystals are very rare and powerful, as they contain the essence and memories of the Brackern who possessed them.


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The Brackern are a peaceful and ancient race, who have a hive-mind connection with each other through their crystals. They hibernate for centuries, only waking up when disturbed by outsiders. Only those with magic can use the crystals, with care and respect. Skarner, a brackern, has a crystal on his tail. He wants to get back the other crystals from Piltover.

8 Yone’s History

Yasuo’s Brother, Revived Swordsman

yone league of legends

As Yasuo’s brother, Yone was a swordsman who was wrongly accused of murdering his master. Yone chased Yasuo to deliver vengeance but died by his brother’s sword in a duel, a cruel twist of fate. Then a spirit brought Yone back and joined him with a mask that enables him to see and fight the azakana, the fiends that devour human emotions.

Yone’s lore tells his connection with Yasuo, his struggle with his new fate, and his goal to cleanse the world of evil. Now a champion on the rift, the brothers can be matched against each other once again.

7 Why is the Howling Abyss Important?

ARAM And The Cell For The Watchers

League of Legends - Aram Logo Overlaid On Image Of Bel Veth In Fountain In Howling Abyss Map

The Howling Abyss is a bridge that spans a deep gorge in the Freljord. It witnessed a fierce clash between the Iceborn, loyal to the Frozen Watchers, and the Ascended, protectors of Shurima and Ixtal. The Watchers twisted the Iceborn, and sought to end the world. The Ascended stopped the Watchers, and trapped them in the abyss, but paid a high price. The bridge is haunted by the ghosts of the dead, and the Watchers still wait for their escape.

The Howling Abyss is not only a place of lore but also a battleground for a game mode called ARAM, which stands for All Random All Mid. ARAM is a fast-paced and fun mode that tests the players’ skills and adaptability with different champions and situations.

6 The Black Mist explained

Ruined King’s Curse Creates Black Mist

Ruined King

The Ruined King’s soul is trapped in the Black Mist, a dark force that corrupts everything it touches. He was once a noble king who loved a commoner named Isolde. But when she died, he used the Waters of Life from the Blessed Isles to bring her back, unleashing a terrible curse that turned the isles into a land of undead.


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Now, he leads the Black Mist across the sea, searching for his lost love, while his former kingdom lies in ruins. You can discover more about this story in the Ruined King game, a turn-based RPG set in the League of Legends universe.

5 The Black Rose Cult

Noxian Elite’s Secret Cult Of Manipulation And Intrigue

League of Legends Winterblessed Swain Splash Art

The Black Rose is a secret society that operates in the shadows of Noxus. This cult, led by the champion LeBlanc, has been around longer than Noxus itself. Its members are the rich and powerful of Noxus, who use the cult to further their own interests. They play a dangerous game of power and influence, manipulating events from behind the scenes. The Black Rose is a testament to the dark underbelly of Noxus, a reminder of the power struggles that shape its destiny.

The Black Rose Cult’s stroke of genius was to slay King Darkwill, the oppressive ruler of Noxus, and replace him with Jericho Swain, another champion in the game, a cultist and a former general, who reshaped Noxus into a land of ambition and expansion.

4 Lissandra’s Secret Monologue

Ice Witch’s Hidden Struggle To Delay The Void’s Apocalypse

Lissandra Using Her Magic In Her Freijord Fortress

In the Howling Abyss, as players jump into an ARAM match, Lissandra, the Ice Witch, speaks a secret to the wind. She remembers her history when she turned against her sisters and opened the way for the Watchers, the abominations of the Void, to invade Runeterra. She admits her remorse, but also her defiance.

She employs her ice power to calm the Watchers with dreams, delaying their awakening. Her monologue is a harrowing tale of treachery and endurance, a demonstration of her desire to save life from the imminent danger of the Void.

3 Warwick Ate Urf

Beast’s Tragic Feast Of The Beloved Manatee

league of legends official urfwick splash art

Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun, preyed upon fan favorite secret champion Urf, the Manatee, in a cruel stroke of destiny. Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, made this event as a prank. In 2010, they announced a new champion, Urf the Manatee, who was adorable and nice. But on April 1st, they revealed that Urf was eaten by Warwick. They also released a skin for Warwick, called Urfwick, that shows him with Urf’s skin as a trophy.


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This event was hilarious and tragic for the fans of the game, and they celebrate Urf every year on April Fools’ Day. This event shows Warwick’s savage character and unstoppable appetite. It also enriches his story in the game’s lore, depicting a beast ruled by animal impulses.

2 Origins of the Black Cleaver

Darkin Origin Or Battle-Axe Inspiration

League of Legends Wild Rift Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver is a League of Legends item that gives attack damage, health, and ability haste. It also lowers the armor of foes hit by physical damage and makes the user faster. The origins of Black Cleaver are unknown, but some say it is linked to the darkin, a race of fallen ascended beings who were locked in their own weapons. The icon of Black Cleaver looks like the sword of Aatrox, one of the darkin champions. This likely ties this useful item to its expected origins.

1 The Multiverse

Skins Explore Different Worlds And Themes In League Of Legends

League of Legends EDG Skins

The League of Legends universe is vast and diverse, with many different worlds and dimensions that coexist, with the world of Runeterra at the heart of the game. Some of these worlds are explored through the various skin lines, which give the champions new appearances and stories based on different themes and genres.

From the wild west of High Noon, to the retro gaming of Arcade, to the mystical moonlight of Blood Moon, to the cosmic wonders of Cosmic, to the magical wonders of Arcanist, each skin line offers a unique perspective and experience for the players and fans. These skin lines also hint at the possibility of a multiverse, where different versions of the champions exist and interact.

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