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Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Conquest of Empire Battlefield

Conquest of Empires is an epic war strategy game, developed and offered by Snail Games. You get to experience the rise and fall of ancient civilization via this game. You must leave out the luxuries of the modern world and transform their land by constructing buildings, recruiting heroes and soldiers, and precisely deploying them to defeat a superior enemy threatening the growth of your civilization. Therefore, follow our Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide to learn about gameplay mechanics and features. Also, gain some reliable tips along the way to progress in your continent.  

Gameplay Overview

Conquest of Empires 2 is a tactical game where you explore the various ancient civilizations. The game follows an exciting storyline with a narrative also promoting city development. Firstly, you must choose a faction of a civilization once prominent in ancient times. Then, you can proceed accordingly. 

Conquest of Empire Battlefield
Image via Snail Games

Coming to the gameplay of Conquest of Empires 2, you should focus on the completion of quests. A certain number of quests promotes you to a higher level. For city development, every player is provided with a Castle protected by the Wall. You must contribute towards the advancement of the city via degradation.

The Castle is still regarded as the most important structure in the city, with other buildings being inferior to it. Diving into the battle strategies, you need to form a team of heroes known as a troop. The heroes of a special kind command their respective army units. Once the troop is set, you can set them for Expedition.

Conquest of Empire Expedition buttonConquest of Empire Expedition button
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The army of both sides: yours and the enemy’s start attacking each other as soon as you start the battle. The side with a higher total strength will eliminate their opponent beforehand. You don’t have to manually control the movements or powers the heroes exhibit. 

Introducing the Basics of Conquest of Empires 2

The Game Modes

Main Mode

The Main mode introduced to you in the game follows the fundamental storyline. The plot must be followed by the participants, and they must participate in the necessary tasks. There are multiple quests assigned to each level you progress to.

Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and TipsConquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Snail Games

To advance to your next level, it is advised to finish all of the quests. The combats can be accessed wherever the battle symbol pops out after tapping on the assigned quest in the section itself.

Outside Main City

The area outside the main city contributes to the second game mode in Conquest of Empires 2. You can conduct your exploration via this mode. The miniature models in the outside area depict where your city is located amongst the other players.

Conquest of Empire Outside main cityConquest of Empire Outside main city
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In addition, you must look for resource areas like farmlands, wood, ore, stone, wild fruits, and coconut trees. Another benefit they can search for is shoals in the nearest location by sending troops commanded by heroes. 


The Hero section displays the heroes along with their information on attributes, skills, and talents. You can upgrade your unlocked heroes from the section itself. The game divides the heroes based on the soldier units they command.

Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and TipsConquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Snail Games

The heroes require a certain quantity of silver coins to upgrade themselves as well as their Talents. This eventually allows you to improve the skills of a particular hero and they assure you with a clear triumph. 


The Tavern is nothing but the summon section of the game. You can recruit heroes for free. The summon process for this game is different from the usual method. First, you will be witnessing three options: City Recruit, Area Recruit, and World Recruit. The world recruit unlocks after the castle reaches level 10.

Conquest of Empires TavernConquest of Empires Tavern
Image via Snail Games

The other two recruit options give you choices where you interact with the heroes and whoever you please will join you in your civilization. There are a handful number of free attempts for both systems and you can always recruit using diamonds.


The Troops section allows you to form a team of heroes ready to be dispatched in the battle. When you tap on the troop, you just have to drag the hero you wish to add to the team and place it in the space in the troop.

Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and TipsConquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Snail Games

The heroes specializing in a particular skill lead their respective troop units. The drill ground helps in increasing the troop capacity of the city. A higher capacity guarantees more resources plundered from outside the city and a clean victory over the enemies. 


Alliance is the clan section in Conquest of Empires 2. Being a part of a strong alliance increases your rate of progress. Choose between creating an alliance or joining one. One can only join an alliance of one faction in a civilization. You can check out their details or tap on Apply to join their clan.

Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and TipsConquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Snail Games

You will gain benefit from the other alliance members in reducing the queue time for buildings. Be present for them when they seek your help. Along with that, you should stay active in all sorts of activities within your alliance. 


Quest is a section dedicated to the tasks or missions you ought to carry out for your city’s progress. The game assigns you with these quests to test your ability to handle the ancient world. There are different categories of quests.

Conquest of Empire QuestsConquest of Empire Quests
Image via Snail Games

One of them being the strategic quests. Each type has its benefits and completing every quest of a stage promotes you to a higher level. The rewards you receive in the completion are valuable and needed for further in-game activities.

Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep completing all the Quests

With each level you advance in the game, there are a few objectives assigned to you for completion. To go on to the next level, a certain amount of chores from each stage must be completed. You can reap plenty of resources like silver, diamonds, ore, wood, grain, etc. by completing quests, and your general strength increases as well. In the end, this makes it easier to easily claim victory over your enemies on missions outside the realm. 

2. Upgrade your Heroes regularly

It is essential to level up the heroes to fight other forces at a stronger level. It’s the responsibility to improve their talents in addition to raising their upgrading their overall attributes. To improve a skill, each hero needs a specific quantity of silver coins and other sufficient materials. The Talents have four sub-categories and each one of them enhances the performance of your troop in the battle. These are improved via the talent tree with the same requirements as upgrading your heroes. 

3. Go for the General Challenge

The game provides special challenge segments for you and the other gamers. Some of them include the Soldier Challenge, General Challenge, and Ranking Challenge. Each of the challenges unlocks when their requirement level or age is achieved. Here, the general challenge is a continuous strike against the enemies. Your heroes and troops can fight for 24 hours jumping from one stage to another. You receive your clearance for each stage you complete and the rewards are worthwhile. 

4. Level up the Castle as fast as possible

The Castle is the principal structure of any civilization in this game. Since many people ignore it when new modes are introduced, it’s crucial to pay attention to it. It determines the level limit of all the buildings in your city. It means that the castle is mandatorily upgraded first to level up the other minor units or structures. No edifice in the city is more advanced than the castle. You must meet requirements and trade specific resources to advance in the game.

5. Recruit more Soldier Units

All the soldier units be it Infantry, Archer, or Cavalry have their training grounds in the city. We recommend recruiting soldiers from all units and training them for better strength and performance on the battlefield. Basic natural resources such as grain, wood, and ore are a necessity when seeking to recruit soldiers. Other than that, upgrade the drill ground to create more troop space in your city. Thereafter, you can claim your assured victory on the field. 

Final Thoughts

Conquest of Empires 2 is an interesting strategy-based game that runs on the concept of throwing away your modernized life and immersing yourself in a realm of ancient civilizations. To gather heroes, supplies, and research breakthroughs in the game of clever plans, you should investigate several areas both inside and outside your civilization. Hence, reach out to this comprehensive Conquest of Empires 2 Beginners Guide and Tips piece to make informed decisions and battle the lords for control of your continent. 

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