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COD Mobile: The complete Scorestreaks guide

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Scorestreaks, a signature feature within the Call of Duty Mobile universe, have transcended the gaming realm and left an indelible mark on broader internet culture. This system in CODM, while simple in concept, carries substantial potential consequences, rewarding players for their in-game prowess by granting access to powerful tools provided they can navigate the challenge of avoiding death along the way in COD Mobile. It’s all upon the players to decide what they choose for their use, but just like our weapon guide, class guide, and perks guide, we now do have a COD Mobile Scorestreaks Guide here for all scorestreaks that can be used.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, this tradition endures, with a plethora of familiar gadgets and gizmos making their appearance. Mastering the art of unlocking and employing these scorestreaks is paramount for those seeking to ascend the ranks of COD: Mobile’s competitive ladder.

What are the Scorestreaks available in COD Mobile

As of Season 2 in 2024, there are a total of 25 scorestreaks available in COD: Mobile. Additionally, there is detailed information on the score requirements for each scorestreak and a comprehensive description explaining how they operate in CODM.

Now that you know about the scores required to unlock these scorestreaks, here’s all about how these scorestreaks work.

The Gunship

The Gunship is a formidable aerial asset that offers devastating firepower in the form of three distinct attack modes. This versatility allows players to effectively engage various threats from above, making it a valuable asset in controlling the battlefield. Whether dealing with ground-based or aerial adversaries, the Gunship provides a strategic advantage with its high-flying capabilities and potent firepower options.

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The Guardian

The Guardian is a sophisticated device designed to release a range of radiation. Its deployment on the battlefield can have diverse effects on enemy units, depending on the type and intensity of radiation emitted. This makes it a valuable tool for disrupting enemy movements, compromising their defenses, or inflicting direct damage on hostile forces.


Wheelson, a remote-controlled ground drone, stands as a versatile asset with impressive offensive capabilities. Players can command it from a safe distance, utilizing its firepower to eliminate enemy targets and secure strategic positions on the battlefield. Its mobility and firepower make it a valuable asset in both offensive assaults and defensive maneuvers.

Shield Turret

The Shield Turret is a manually deployable defensive structure equipped with protective shielding. This allows players to set it up on various surfaces, providing cover and firepower support to bolster defensive positions. Its ability to withstand enemy fire while delivering accurate shots makes it an invaluable asset for fortifying key locations on the battlefield.


The Shock RC (Remote Control) is a detection and immobilization device that detects nearby enemies and paralyzes them with a continuous electric shock. This disrupts enemy movements and provides valuable crowd control, allowing players to gain the upper hand in engagements by immobilizing adversaries and preventing them from effectively retaliating.

Shock RC

The Hunter Killer Drone is an infantry-deployed drone programmed to seek out and engage enemy units. Its autonomous nature and lethal capabilities make it a potent asset on the battlefield, capable of targeting both ground-based and aerial threats with precision. Whether used to eliminate key enemy targets or disrupt enemy formations, the Hunter Killer Drone proves to be a valuable asset in achieving victory.

Hunter Killer Drone

The Hunter Killer Drone is an infantry-deployed drone programmed to seek out and engage enemy units. Its autonomous nature and lethal capabilities make it a potent asset on the battlefield, capable of targeting both ground-based and aerial threats with precision. Whether used to eliminate key enemy targets or disrupt enemy formations, the Hunter Killer Drone proves to be a valuable asset in achieving victory.

Care Package

Care Package introduces an element of unpredictability by airdropping random Scorestreaks onto the battlefield. This presents an opportunity for players to potentially gain access to powerful rewards that can turn the tide of battle in their favor. However, securing the Care Package amidst the chaos of combat requires strategic positioning and vigilance to prevent enemy interference.


Counter-UAV disrupts the enemy’s minimap, scrambling their reconnaissance efforts and hindering their ability to track friendly movements. This provides a tactical advantage by shrouding friendly positions in secrecy and forcing the enemy to rely on alternative means of gathering intelligence. By disrupting enemy communication and coordination, the Counter-UAV undermines their ability to mount effective offensives or defenses, tilting the scales of battle in favor of the deploying team.

MQ-27 Dragonfire

MQ-27 Dragonfire utilizes a drone for enemy detection and elimination. Armed with infrared explosive probes, it offers enhanced offensive capabilities, capable of neutralizing hostile forces with precision and efficiency. By deploying the MQ-27 Dragonfire, players gain a valuable asset for reconnaissance, target acquisition, and engagement, enabling them to maintain battlefield dominance and secure victory.

SAM Turret

SAM Turret is an unmanned weapon system equipped with missiles to destroy hostile aircraft Scorestreaks. This automated defense mechanism provides reliable protection against aerial threats, safeguarding friendly airspace and denying enemy air superiority. By neutralizing hostile aircraft Scorestreaks, the SAM Turret ensures the safety and effectiveness of friendly forces operating in the skies, contributing to overall mission success.

Predator Missile

Predator Missile allows players to remotely control a missile armed with a cluster bomb payload. This precision strike capability enables players to inflict significant damage on enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy, making it a valuable asset for eliminating high-value targets or disrupting enemy formations. By leveraging the Predator Missile, players can turn the tide of battle in their favor and seize control of the battlefield.

Hawk X3

Hawk X3 is a manually controlled drone armed with a machine gun, providing armed support and suppressing enemy positions effectively. Its versatility and firepower make it a valuable asset for engaging enemy targets from a distance and providing cover for friendly forces. By deploying the Hawk X3, players can gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield and dominate enemy positions with sustained firepower.

Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun is equipped with thermal detection for acquiring and engaging enemy targets autonomously. Its ability to acquire and engage enemy targets without direct human intervention makes it a force multiplier on the battlefield. By providing automated defense and suppression capabilities, the Sentry Gun enhances the defensive capabilities of friendly forces and strengthens their positions against enemy attacks.

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike allows players to launch a coordinated airstrike on three designated locations simultaneously. This strategic tool enables players to target multiple enemy positions or objectives with precision and overwhelming firepower, making it a valuable asset for turning the tide of battle in their favor. By leveraging the Lightning Strike, players can disrupt enemy formations, destroy key targets, and seize control of strategic positions on the battlefield.

XS1 Goliath

XS1 Goliath calls in a heavily armored exosuit equipped with a minigun boasting limitless ammunition. This formidable asset provides players with enhanced durability and firepower, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks and unleash devastating firepower on hostile forces. By deploying the XS1 Goliath, players can turn the tide of battle in their favor and dominate the battlefield with unmatched firepower and resilience.

Cluster Strike

Cluster Strike unleashes a continuous missile barrage on a designated area, disrupting enemy movements and fortifications. This devastating attack saturates the target zone with explosive firepower, causing chaos and destruction among enemy ranks. By leveraging the Cluster Strike, players can neutralize enemy defenses, clear out entrenched adversaries, and seize control of strategic positions on the battlefield.

Orbital Laser

Orbital Laser deploys a powerful beam from the sky, capable of penetrating structures and eliminating fortified enemy positions effectively. This precision strike capability enables players to neutralize high-value targets and disrupt enemy formations with pinpoint accuracy. By leveraging the Orbital Laser, players can gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield and dominate enemy positions with overwhelming firepower.

Stealth Chopper

Stealth Chopper provides armed aerial support, harassing enemy positions and disrupting their operations. Its stealthy nature allows it to evade enemy detection, making it a valuable asset for surprise attacks and reconnaissance missions. By deploying the Stealth Chopper, players can gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield and dominate enemy positions with sustained firepower.


Napalm scorches nearby enemies and fills the battlefield with smoke, creating chaos among enemy ranks. Its devastating effects disrupt enemy formations and hinder their ability to mount effective offensives or defenses. By deploying Napalm, players can neutralize enemy positions, deny them critical territory, and seize control of strategic objectives on the battlefield.

EMP Systems

EMP Systems disable enemy electronics, removing items from their HUD and affecting their field of vision. This disruptive capability undermines enemy communication and coordination, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. By deploying EMP Systems, players can gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield and neutralize enemy defenses with ease.

Chopper Gunner

Chopper Gunner allows players to rain down firepower from the skies using a chopper-mounted gun with unlimited ammo. Its sustained aerial support capability enables players to suppress enemy movements effectively and dominate the battlefield with overwhelming firepower. By deploying Chopper Gunner, players can turn the tide of battle in their favor and secure victory with unmatched firepower.

Advanced UAV

Deploying an orbital UAV that reveals enemy directions on the mini-map is a crucial tactical advantage. This advanced reconnaissance tool offers critical intelligence, allowing players to anticipate enemy movements and plan strategic positioning effectively. By knowing the direction of enemy forces, players can set up ambushes, control key chokepoints, and coordinate attacks with precision, gaining a significant edge over their adversaries.


Calling in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer Drones is a devastating offensive tactic. This coordinated assault overwhelms enemy defenses, saturating the battlefield with relentless firepower and causing chaos among enemy ranks.

The sheer volume of drones ensures that even well-fortified positions are not safe, as the swarm relentlessly seeks out and engages enemy targets, leaving adversaries scrambling to defend themselves against the relentless onslaught.


Summoning a VTOL gunship provides unparalleled air support on the battlefield. This formidable aircraft delivers devastating firepower from above, dominating the skies and neutralizing enemy threats effectively.

With its powerful armaments and maneuverability, the VTOL gunship can swiftly eliminate enemy forces, disrupt their movements, and provide cover for friendly ground troops, making it a game-changing asset in achieving victory on the battlefield.

How to unlock Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile

Scorestreaks could be obtained through either completing battle pass/season challenges or purchasing them from the in-game store. It was noted that when a scorestreak was initially introduced into the game, it tended to appear as a reward; subsequently, it would become available for purchase through the store.

Each scorestreak has a cost of 2000 credits, and upon purchase, immediate access to it is granted. The most straightforward method of acquiring and equipping a scorestreak was through the ‘loadout’ menu.

In the loadout menu, players were directed to click on ‘scorestreaks,’ where they could select the desired scorestreaks to equip, with a requirement to choose three. Additionally, any unavailable scorestreaks could be purchased from this menu. Players have the flexibility to assign different scorestreaks to each loadout, with the process being repeated for each loadout configuration.

Scorestreaks are exclusively accessible within COD: Mobile’s conventional multiplayer modes, requiring players to accumulate a certain number of points without facing defeat. Points can be earned through a variety of actions, including securing kills, completing objectives, neutralizing enemy scorestreaks, and gathering intelligence. In COD Mobile, the most budget-friendly scorestreak to unlock is the Shield Turret, obtainable for 300 points, while the most costly option is the VTOL Gunship, priced at 1600 points.

To streamline the process of unlocking scorestreaks, players can utilize the Persistence perk. This perk offers the advantage of retaining scorestreak progress even after death. However, it comes with the caveat of doubling the standard cost of scorestreaks and limiting their usage to once per match. Additionally, scorestreaks are categorized into three ranks, allowing players to equip only one scorestreak from each rank simultaneously.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Scorestreaks Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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