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COD Mobile Season 2 2024 – Lunar Dragon update: New map, modes, and more

COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024

In 2024, the celebration of the Year of the Dragon is underway with the launch of Season 2— Lunar Dragon in COD Mobile. Among the exciting additions in Call of Duty Mobile is the Year of the Dragon-themed Nuketown Multiplayer map, along with the introduction of jetpack mechanics for utilization in the Boost Assault Multiplayer mode, and the debut of the new Jet Boost Battle Royale class in CODM.

Players can engage in new minigames situated on the floating platform Isolated, while also benefiting from enhanced customization options for their Heads-Up Display (HUD) across various game modes. Furthermore, two new weapons are available for unlocking, alongside other captivating features.

COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Lunar Dragon update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 2 2024: Battle Pass

The Lunar Dragon Pass not only introduces new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and additional Call of Duty Points (CP) that can be utilized for future paid Pass or Store acquisitions but also provides a range of both complimentary and premium items.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

This season, the Free Battle Pass Tiers showcase standout features such as the Jet Boost Battle Royale class and the introduction of the new Type 19 Assault Rifle. Additionally, notable highlights in the free tier encompass a diverse selection of Camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the AGR 556 — Lantern Light at Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

Players have the opportunity to access all Lunar Dragon stream content, including coveted Operator Skins such as Isabella — Dragon Warrior, Battery — Imperial Battledress, David Mason — Claws of Iron, and Tiangu — Explosive Impact, by purchasing the Premium Pass.

COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024
Image via Activision

Additionally, with the Premium Pass, players can wield the power of the dragon through exclusive Weapon Blueprints like the Type 19 — Imperial Refinement, Man-O-War — Warrior’s Redoubt, OTs 9 — Avenging Lily, HS0405 — War-Built, and the UL736 — Attack Speed, all of which are inspired by the new Season 2 weapon.

Battle Pass Subscription

Players can join the Ground Forces through the acquisition of a Battle Pass Subscription, which provides additional rewards each season, coupled with a 10% augmentation to both Player and Weapon XP. Furthermore, subscribers gain access to discount coupons and enjoy limited discounts on 10x crate pulls.

Season 2 of Ground Forces offers rewards such as the Shigenori — Shadow Outcast Operator Skin, the Oden — Tranquil Vision Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack 2 — Tranquil Vision.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024 Lunar Dragon update: Multiplayer Updates

Lunar Dragon-themed Nuketown map is coming to COD Mobile multiplayer

Players are invited to partake in the celebrations with the Year of the Dragon rendition of Nuketown. Set against a backdrop of evening nature, this iteration of the map pays tribute to the dragon within a futuristic environment, promising to challenge the abilities of even the most seasoned Operators.

COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024
Image via Activision

New Mode: Boost Assault

Players are encouraged to equip themselves with a jetpack in the new Multiplayer mode. The jetpack allows for higher jumps, and longer slides, and enables access to wall runs. This mode is designed to satisfy both newcomers and veterans of the jetpack-style gameplay, which was originally introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

CODM Season 2 2024 Lunar Dragon update: Battle Royale Updates

The Year of the Dragon is commemorated with an enhancement to the floating platform in Battle Royale, offering players the opportunity to soar past enemy Operators utilizing the newly introduced Jet Boost class.

Floating Platform is coming to Battle Royale with minigames

Upon entering the Battle Royale match, all players will find themselves on the floating platform, where they have the opportunity to engage in celebratory activities such as setting off firecrackers and participating in two minigames. During this phase, weapons are disabled, and only firecrackers are permitted in the area.

Players should keep an eye out for UAVs carrying gift boxes near the floating platform. By successfully hitting these UAVs with firecrackers, players can earn the loot contained within. This loot may include gear such as attachments, weapons, and consumables. Additionally, players may come across food gift boxes, which can be used to initiate one of the cooking minigames.

COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024COD Mobile Season 2 2024, CODM Season 2 2024, Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2024
Image via Activision

Furthermore, players should be vigilant for balloons near the platform. Shooting down these balloons will release their cargo. It’s worth noting that UAVs carrying gift boxes may also appear in other areas on Isolated. Destroying these UAVs will grant players the loot they carry.

Floating Platform Minigames

Cooperative Hot Pot: Players can engage in the Cooperative Hot Pot minigame by interacting with one of the four tables situated on the floating platform. Once a player occupies a table, only teammates can join them, with a maximum of four teams participating. However, the game can also be played with fewer teams, even down to a single player.

Upon initiation, the perspective shifts to a top-down view. Players must navigate around the cooking station to prepare the meals listed on the menu. Points are earned for each dish completed within the designated time limit. Throughout the minigame, players can undertake various actions, including picking up and passing on ingredients, cooking, discarding undesirable dishes, and adding dipping sauce to finished dishes.

Cooking Fire: For the Cooking Fire minigame, players can head to the central hot pot located on the floating platform. To commence the challenge, players must spend a food gift box. In this challenge, players are presented with a circular hot pot panel and must cook the food evenly to achieve high scores and unlock rewards.

New Class: Jet Boost

The new class, which is accessible for free through the Season 2 Battle Pass, is equipped with a cutting-edge jetpack, offering players a host of dynamic capabilities. Among its features, the jetpack enables users to execute higher jumps, providing an unprecedented level of vertical mobility on the battlefield.

Additionally, it enhances sliding maneuvers, allowing for smoother and more agile movements across various terrains. This innovative addition promises to significantly augment the gameplay experience, providing players with new strategic opportunities and heightened excitement as they navigate the challenges of combat.

Throughout the new season, players can partake in a myriad of fresh Seasonal Challenges and Events, each offering enticing rewards such as exclusive Operator Skins, unique Weapon Blueprints, valuable Battle Pass XP, and various other incentives, including the introduction of the new Spear Secondary Weapon.

Players are encouraged to regularly check the in-game Events tab for detailed information on upcoming challenges and events. This tab will provide insight into not only the Seasonal Challenges but also the Daily Mission rewards and Monthly Login incentives, ensuring that players stay informed about the diverse opportunities available to them throughout the season.

CODM Season 2 update: Store Update: New Mythic Weapon, Lucky Draws, and more

  • Mythic Type 19 Blueprint: Players have the opportunity to acquire a new Mythic Weapon Blueprint for Type 19, the latest addition to Season 2. This unique weapon evolves throughout the match, displaying a captivating Chinese ink painting depicting the changing seasons.
  • Long Yun and Spear Melee Blueprint: Long Yun, a skilled assassin and bodyguard, graces the Lucky Draw with his presence, donning elegant warrior attire. Alongside him is his faithful Spear—Striking Azure, a lethal melee weapon crafted to complement his combat prowess with precision.
  • Kryptis — Cruel Gaze: The formidable mercenary Kryptis makes his appearance in this Lucky Draw, clad in an imposing tactical suit designed to preserve his anonymity. Included in this draw is his preferred DL Q33 — Dark Void, featuring a futuristic design with a mesmerizing galaxy-shaped animation adorning its body.
  • Accompanying this Blueprint is the Dark Shepard — Umbral Imperator Operator Skin, featuring a striking warrior ensemble adorned in black and white hues, complete with a rugged cape.

Key Optimizations and Additions coming in COD Mobile Season 2 2024 Lunar Dragon update

  • HUD Customization: Season 2 is bringing new customization options for the in-game HUD, including support for more game modes and the ability to synchronize your settings across game modes. Expect some optimization to the current HUD as well.
  • Ground War: Breach: Optimizations for this mode include elevation changes to reduce the damage range of the tank, increasing the number of shelters along the roads, and some changes in and around the castle. Ground War: Breach will also be supported with HUD customization settings.
  • Patrol Mode: Expect more maps to be added to the Patrol game mode, as well as several game mode optimizations.

Furthermore, for a limited duration, players can obtain the Legendary M4 — Royal Black Soul Weapon Blueprint in Call of Duty: Mobile by either creating and/or logging into their Call of Duty Account and participating in five multiplayer matches within the app. This opportunity concludes on May 22, 2024. It’s important to note that the Weapon Blueprint is exclusively accessible within Call of Duty: Mobile.

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