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COD Mobile Season 1 2024 – Soldier’s Tale update: New map, modes, and more

COD Mobile Season 1 2024

The much-anticipated Season 1 update for Call of Duty Mobile has been officially launched, presenting players with a captivating experience centered around the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon in COD Mobile. The update, titled “COD Mobile Season 1 2024 – Soldier’s Tale,” introduces an array of exciting content, characterized by a unique dark twist in CODM.

Players can embark on this gripping journey as COD: Mobile Season 1 – Soldier’s Tale unfolds, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping fusion of action and tradition. The battlefield beckons, and the Year of the Dragon has never been more compelling. CODM Enthusiasts are encouraged to join the action now and experience the thrill of the darkened festivities in this highly-anticipated update.

COD Mobile Season 1 2024 Soldier’s Tale update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 1 2024 : Battle Pass

In addition to new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and extra Call of Duty Points (CP) that can be used toward the next paid Pass or Store purchase, the Soldier’s Tale Pass offers both free and paid stuff.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Players have the opportunity to obtain the new Trip Sensor Tactical item upon reaching Tier 14 and are encouraged to skillfully utilize it for setting traps against approaching enemies. Upon progressing to Tier 21, the powerful LW3-Tundra Sniper Rifle becomes available, known for its ability to secure one-shot eliminations. Other complimentary Tier highlights include a range of Camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the AK117 — Last Hope, accessible at Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

Investing in the Premium Pass offers the opportunity to access all the content featured in the Soldier’s Tale stream. This includes exclusive Operator Skins like Death Angel Alice — Wonder Lost, Cipher — Hatter’s Grin, Daniel — Hangman, and Artery — Heartless Queen.

Players will get to battle with the extensive array of Weapon Blueprints, such as the QQ9 — Dragon’s Roar, the ICR — Witch’s Gift, the S36 — Caterpillar’s Poetry, the Striker — Death Spiral, and the LW3-Tundra — Red Queen’s Rebuke, all inspired by the new Season 1 weaponry.

Battle Pass Subscription

Players are encouraged to enlist with the Ground Forces through the purchase of a Battle Pass Subscription, which provides extra rewards each season. It also grants a 10% boost to both Player and Weapon XP, along with discount coupons and limited discounts on 10x crate pulls.

Season 1’s Ground Forces rewards include the Talon — Motu Nui Operator Skin, the AGR 556 — Egg Napper! Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack — Egg Napper! These exclusive items enhance the overall gaming experience and collection.

Battle Pass Loyalty Reward

Players are reminded that, beginning from the last season, those who consistently acquire the Battle Pass for three consecutive seasons will receive a distinctive Calling Card as a reward.

CODM Season 1 2024 Soldier’s Tale update: Multiplayer Updates

Atrium map is coming to COD Mobile multiplayer in the Soldier’s Tale update

Originally introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), Atrium presents players with a challenging environment characterized by a confined space, featuring a central fountain and tree within a pleasant courtyard. The outer columns provide limited cover, making it primarily an open battlefield. Players should be prepared to engage right from the start.

New Event: 1001 Blades Event

Players can participate in the 1001 Blades in-game event, where they can accumulate a collection of lethal daggers. By completing missions, players can earn both Steel and Bronze Daggers, advancing along the reward track. Rewards include items such as the FFAR 1 — Mad Hatter’s Revenge Weapon Blueprint and the Operator: Zero — Soldier Royal Operator Skin.

Complete new Seasonal Challenges and Events to earn Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more, including a new Muzzle Attachment for the UL736 Assault Rifle.

New Muzzle Attachment: Equip the new LW Silencer Barrel for the UL736 to stay under the radar while attacking enemy positions.

Players are advised to regularly check the in-game Events tab throughout the season for additional information, including details on Daily Mission rewards and Monthly Login incentives.

CODM Season 1 update: Store Update: New Mythic Character, Weapon and more

  • Templar — Wolfen Raider: Get the chance to earn a new wolf-themed Operator Skin for Templar as well as the accompanying AS VAL — Night’s Howl, a pristine weapon model designed for legendary combat.
  • Fiona St. George — Shattered Glass: Don’t mess with this version of the classic Cinderella, wearing a suit of armor in place of a dress for the ball. Burn out the competition with the accompanying PDW-57 — Glass Silencer, also available to earn.
  • Witch Doctor — Doctor Raven: Take on the role of a renegade scientist and chemist with this wicked Witch Doctor Operator Skin. Strike fear into your enemies by earning the CR-56 AMAX — Distemper, the perfect weapon to complement this horrific enemy.
  • Codename: Lazarus — Mortal Fear: As if risen from the dead and looking for revenge, this Operator Skin features a metallic exoskeleton and a menacing glare. Also get the chance to earn the M4LMG — Micro Nuked, a deadly weapon combining the arts of death and science into one mean tool.
  • Battle Pass Vault: Season 1 will bring in the Battle Pass content from Season 6 — To the Skies (2022). Earn Epic Operator Skins like Sophia — Shadow, Wraith — Disruptor, Reyes — Scar Pilot, and Ethan — Flying Sharks. Get Weapon Blueprints you missed like the Man-O-War — Desecration, the Chicom — White Steel, the Locus — Overdrive, the KSP 45 — Oxidate, and the JAK-12 — Peggy. And don’t forget about the Goofy Octopus Weapon Charm.

The Call of Duty: Mobile web store launches in-game on January 10

The all-new Official Call of Duty: Mobile Web Store is now live in specific regions, offering players a chance to save more and earn additional rewards compared to other platforms when purchasing COD Points. Bonus COD Points are awarded with every COD Point purchase, providing added value.

During the limited-time Launch Sale, players can also enjoy a 20% discount on their first purchase. These COD Points can be used to acquire operator and weapon skins in the Call of Duty: Mobile app, including this season’s Battle Pass items like the Epic Talon — Motu Nui and his Epic AGR-556 — Egg-Napper! See you on the frontlines!

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