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Characters That Could Have Been Cloned In One Piece

Advanced Grade Haki One Piece


  • Doctor Vegapunk’s cloning technology opens up the possibility of creating powerful clones with enhanced abilities.
  • Characters like Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger, Kaido, Big Mom, and Monkey D. Dragon could be potential targets for cloning in the future.
  • Cloning the Gorosei could ensure their authority forever, allowing for immediate replacements in case of unexpected circumstances.



Even though cloning was recently introduced in One Piece, this is a game-changing concept with some mind-blowing implications. Especially after Doctor Vegapunk revealed that Stussy is a perfect clone of the Rock Pirates’ Miss Buckingham Stussy, which means that almost any character could have been cloned at one point or another.


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On top of that, there are also Pacifistas and Seraphims, which are enhanced clones with added powers and abilities. So the possibilities are almost endless. There are so many important figures in One Piece that, if they were cloned, they could reemerge as a dangerous threat to this entire world. These are some of the possible examples.

1 Edward Newgate AKA Whitebeard

Fans May Have Already Met His Clone

Whitebeard alongside his alleged biological son, Edward Weevil.

Since Miss Buckingham Stussy was part of the Rocks Pirates, it’s unknown how many members of that powerful crew Vegapunk could’ve cloned, with one of the biggest contenders being Whitebeard. He held the title of “The Strongest Man in the World” and he had such a strong body that his clone would be a force to be reckoned with.

But many fans theorize that Whitebeard’s clone may have already been introduced in the series, in the form of Edward Weevil, a character who claims to be his biological son. However, if this theory ends up being true, Weevil’s odd design may mean that he’s actually an imperfect clone of Whitebeard after all.

2 Gol D. Roger

A Copy Of The King Of The Pirates

Gol D. Roger using Divine Departure.

Gol D. Roger was willingly arrested by the Marines and spent some time in prison before his public execution. This was more than enough time for Vegapunk – or anybody else working for him – to extract his DNA and preserve it to someday make a clone of this important figure.

While Roger may not have been as strong as his rival Whitebeard, he still was a seasoned warrior, and the most important pirate in all of One Piece. Controlling a perfect clone of the famous King of the Pirates would be a truly evil tactic by the World Government and something that would shake the entire world.

3 Kaido

Vegapunk’s Previous Guinea Pig

Kaido staring menacingly.

It was confirmed that Kaido was captured by the Marines and brought over to Punk Hazard so Vegapunk could extract his Lineage Factor and create an artificial replica of his Devil Fruit. This is an impressive scientific feat, but Kaido is also known for his extremely durable body, so he would be the perfect candidate for the cloning procedure.


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An army of clones or Pacifistas made with Kaido’s DNA would be a true force to be reckoned with. Not only would they be naturally big, strong, and impervious to most damage, but they would strike fear into the hearts of any enemy they encounter. And if Vegapunk could make more copies of Kaidos’s Devil Fruit, these clones would be even more dangerous.

4 Charlotte Linlin AKA Big Mom

The Other Behemoth Of The Rocks Pirates

Big Mom powering herself up with her own Devil Fruit.

Just like her former crewmate Kaido, Big Mom is also infamous for having an extremely durable body, only that she was born with it for unknown reasons. On top of that, she’s so strong that she can go toe to toe against seasoned giants. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Big Mom is also quite dangerous and unpredictable, so keeping clones of her in check wouldn’t be easy if not raised properly.

Big Mom was never imprisoned by the World Government, so her DNA may not be as easily accessible as Kaido’s. But, considering that Stussy’s perfect clone works for Vegapunk, there are many ways in which they could have acquired a sample at some point.

5 Monkey D. Dragon

A Clone That Could Rebel Against The World Government

Monkey D. Dragon looking at the horizon.

Monkey D. Dragon is a character shrouded in mystery: the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Luffy’s father, and someone who’s said to be powerful, yet readers still don’t know much about his abilities. However, it is known that Dragon was on good terms with Vegapunk at one point, so the scientist had easy access to his DNA.

Doctor Vegapunk never really trusted the World Government and had many plans to rebel against them. So who would be a better ally than the most wanted criminal in the world and the man who leads the revolutionary movement against their oppression? And if it turns out that Dragon is as strong as it was said, any clone of him would be really useful.

6 Monkey D. Garp

Making An Army Of Heroes

Monkey D. Garp in his prime, back when he earned the title of Hero of the Marines.

Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp is known as the “Hero of the Marines,” someone so strong yet so respected that he won’t even answer to the Gorosei themselves. He is what every marine should strive to be, especially considering how incredibly strong he is.

Making clones of Garp would be a clever move from Vegapunk or any other scientist who decides to do so because it means that he could also be cloned into a younger version, similar to how he used to be back in his prime when he fought against Gol D. Roger himself. An entire army of “Heroes of the Marines” would be a deadly weapon for anybody who commands it.

7 Marshall D. Teach AKA Blackbeard

Uncovering The Mystery Of His Body

Blackbeard wielding the powers of his two Devil Fruits.

It has been mentioned many times throughout the series that Blackbeard has a unique body, which may be the reason why he can wield two Devil Fruits at the same time. Recently, Jaygarcia Saturn has revealed that he’s aware of his special bloodline, adding more fire to this mystery.


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Saturn is known as the Warrior God of Science and Defense, so he knows something about Blackbeard. Teach was part of the Seven Warlords and worked for the Government at some point, so there exists a possibility that his strange body was researched and maybe even used to clone him at some point. This would be quite convenient if his special bloodline granted him any kind of power.

8 Little Oars Jr.

Cloning An Ancient Giant

Little Oars Jr. during the War of Marineford.

The Ancient Giants are one of the most mysterious tribes in the world of One Piece. A lot of people have tried (and failed) to clone these gigantic behemoths. Even though the Beast Pirates got close to it by producing the Numbers, there hasn’t been a perfect clone of an Ancient Giant yet. And the World Government had easy access to a sample.

Little Oars Jr. was the only known member of this tribe, and he was famous for being a descendant of the mighty Oars. He was knocked down during the War of Marineford, and it was never confirmed if he lived or not. Regardless of his status, there’s a big possibility that the government used this as an opportunity to secure some Ancient Giant DNA and even try to clone Little Oars Jr. with it.

9 The Gorosei

Securing Their Authority Forever

The Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) sitting together at Mary Geoise.

The Gorosei, also known as the Five Elder Stars, is the maximum authority that the inhabitants of the world of One Piece are aware of.They are key figures that contribute to the expansion of the World Government in one way or another, and they are so important that they rarely go outside of Mary Geoise.

But in the strange instance that they venture to the outside world and take the risk of dying, it would be a flawless plan to have many perfect clones of them to immediately fill in their positions and maintain the balance in the world. Since Doctor Vegapunk was closely monitored by the Gorosei, this is something they would have forced him to do with his newfound scientific breakthrough.

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