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Bullet Echo Beginners Guide and Tips 

Bullet Echo battleground

Bullet Echo is a tactical action shooter game enforcing single and competitive multiplayer modes. The game is a development from KRAFTON and has a slightly different gameplay than a regular shooter game. Here, your only support would be a beam of flashlight. Regardless, you’ll be able to hear the footsteps and gunfire sounds. The players undergo matchmaking globally to battle on a random map. Hence, keep up with our Bullet Echo Beginners Guide and Tips piece where I’ll explain the different playstyles and other significant features of Buller Echo and also provide a few reliable tips. 

Also, check out the Bullet Echo codes piece to obtain free valuable rewards. You can also look into the heroes tier list for the same to play as one of the mythic heroes in the game. Our space also provides a guide on analyzing and using the common heroes, Stalker, and Bastion, and tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. For any technical issues or other queries with the game, check our customer support service guide for this game.

Gameplay Overview

Bullet Echo is a twin-stick PvP shooter game where you must follow the basic battle royale mode rules. You undergo matchmaking to find two of your other teammates and multiple teams battle against each other. The last team standing alive within the shrinking map wins the match and each one lasts for almost 2 minutes. The battle royale mode has six random maps to battle on while the other modes have two. 

Bullet Echo battleground
Image via KRAFTON

During combat, the main objective is to survive strategically till the end by killing opponents before they do. In this game, you’ll be able to see through the beam of a flashlight-like area. The rest of the space on the map is foggy and not visible fully. There is no way to view the map from any other portion of the screen. You have to go through various obstacles set on the map that require slyness to trick your enemies. 

The area has items to pick like ammo, armor, medkit, enhancers, shields, and more. You’ll not be able to pick up weapons because the hero you’re playing as already has his/her unique weapon. The joystick on the left helps you to control your movements. The one on the right rotates the hero and assists in changing directions. There is no specific shoot button to attack the enemies. As soon as the angle and range for the shoot are correct, the game will automatically start attacking the opponent. 

Bullet Echo gameplayBullet Echo gameplay
Image via KRAFTON

Apart from the vision impairment, there is a smaller red cone that represents the range of your weapon. There is a larger circle that covers the player. This circle changes in size depending on your speed. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to detect if your enemy is approaching you or not. Respectively, the sound and red spots of the footsteps also become available. These factors add to the thrill and tension of the gameplay.

Bullet Echo Basics

The Game Modes

The game, Bullet Echo, has a total of four game modes. Each of the modes follows a different gameplay and set of rules. Moving on, I’ll explain all the game modes you get to experience in Bullet Echo:

1. Battle Royale

Battle Royale is the first game mode you get to experience in Bullet Echo. This mode has five teams with each team having 3 players. There is a random selection of the players as your teammate and there are six random maps to battle on. There will be a safe zone that will shrink with time. This mode follows the classic gameplay. Here, if you die, your teammates can revive you. However, you’ll enter the spectator mode if they cannot restore you in time. 

2. King of The Hill

You can unlock the King of the Hill mode once you reach the third league from where you started. You’ll be put under a map where you will have to play solo. You must fight against other players and be the last man standing. This mode has a total of 12 players. Like the battle royale mode, there will be ammo, armor, upgrades, ability charges, and crates for you to pick up. The game will rank you based on how long you survive in the match.

Bullet Echo game modesBullet Echo game modes
Image via KRAFTON

3. Squad VS Squad

The Squad vs Squad mode unlocks once you’ve reached the second league. This mode unlocks for a limited time of 30 minutes. You need not worry about this being permanent; you can play again after 5 hours. The mode will have two teams each having five players. The aim is to kill all players of the opposing team. The team that outlives the other team will claim victory for the match. 

4. Sabotage

Sabotage is an interesting mode where the objective is to either defend the bomb or to defuse the bomb. In other words, you’re either the attacker or the defender. This mode switches up your role but the maximum is for three times. You cannot be revived in Sabotage mode. The first one to have two victories wins the match. Also, you can only play a character once per round leaving you with three characters in total.


The Heroes section allows you to see the various rarity heroes Bullet Echo inhabits. The heroes in here range from common to mythic and their number of skills increases as well. The game permits you to train your heroes in exchange for certain coins.

Bullet Echo Heroes and dronesBullet Echo Heroes and drones
Image via KRAFTON

You should update their private and squad gears to advance the heroes. You can also see three drones out of which two are civil and one is military. These drones help you in a clear win in battles.


The Arcade is a fast-paced battleground within the game where you engage in intense combat with other players. This section features tight spaces, strategic cover points, and various obstacles, creating an environment for firefights.

Bullet Echo arcadeBullet Echo arcade
Image via KRAFTON

It has different rule sets, gameplay, and objectives compared to the standard modes. You can also collect tickets which you get a chance to grab at certain intervals. The Arcade has limited resources and crates laying out but demands faster movement.


The Contract section represents missions or tasks you receive on a daily or interval basis to complete. The game defines them as the list of personal orders you get to finish in Bullet Echo.

Bullet Echo Contracts sectionBullet Echo Contracts section
Image via KRAFTON

These orders can include tasks like upgrading an ability to level 2, joining a syndicate, reviving teammates, and more. You should aim to complete these tasks and gain rewards that further help you in upgradation and other in-game activities.


The League is an event-like section where a league event lasts for a day or two. The second and third leagues are a gateway to unlock various features in Bullet Echo. You need to take first place to advance to the next league.

Bullet Echo League sectionBullet Echo League section
Image via KRAFTON

As I’ve mentioned earlier, leagues unlock new modes and increase your rewards. This space allows you to earn tokens by winning the battles. You can take the first place several times in a row and go on a winning streak to become a league champion. 


The Syndicate section in Bullet Echo allows you to join or create a syndicate, which is essentially a clan. You can team up with others, participate in syndicate events, and gain rewards like coins, bucks, gear, and more.

Bullet Echo SyndicateBullet Echo Syndicate
Image via KRAFTON

Being a part of any syndicate gives you benefits like sharing ammo and medkits with other members during matches, Additionally, your syndicate can compete against other clans in Syndicate Wars, within the game’s ecosystem. 

Star Pass

The Star Pass is the in-game season pass for Bullet Echo. Like every other game pass, the Star Pass also has three types: Free, Premium, and Premium+. The free pass gives you rewards like, skins, hero shards, packs, and more.

Bullet Echo Star PassBullet Echo Star Pass
Image via KRAFTON

The other two passes require real money transactions to unlock the rewards. The game divides each star pass into episodes. You must get stars in battles to progress ahead in each episode. 


In Bullet Echo, you’ll get to witness two types of chests namely Battle Chest and Skull Chest. For the battle chest, you need to win three times in any mode. Also, you must kill a certain number of opponents in different modes to win a skull chest. These chests have prizes like coins, bucks, gear, and various materials that help you in upgrading heroes and your performance.

Bullet Echo Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use Stealth in Battles

The gameplay of Bullet Echo is all about maintaining secrecy and hence it is important to use stealth in battles. Since your vision is limited by just a flashlight, it is difficult to spot an opponent reaching your way. So, you need to be alert of the red foot spots and approaching sounds. Also, not only you but the other players in the game will also face this disadvantage. This allows you to use your slyness and strategy in the right manner to outwit your enemies.

2. Complete your Contracts

In Bullet Echo, I can symbolize Contracts with a list of personal orders. These are nothing but some tasks or missions that include the basic in-game activities. These activities can include joining a syndicate, reviving teammates, killing several opponents, trying out all game modes, and more. Once you finish a set of personal orders, more contracts will unlock. The rewards you’ll receive will benefit you in upgradation, and other significant requirements.

3. Train the Heroes

The heroes in Bullet Echo are a vital part of your journey. The game does not allow you to have extra weapons. Each of the heroes has special weapons with unique abilities and this is one of the advantages you have.

Bullet Echo Heroes training and gearBullet Echo Heroes training and gear
Image via KRAFTON

As you go on winning matches, the level of your opponents will significantly increase. For that reason, it is crucial to train your heroes for fixed coins and let their powers rise. Highly abled heroes will greatly benefit you in matches in terms of winning them.

4. Advance your League

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the League section is like an event section of Bullet Echo. Any event in the league may last for one or two days. The leagues unlock new modes and features and increase the level of your rewards. You must secure first place to be promoted to the next league.

Also, you need to win battles to earn tokens. You can collect these tokens to become the League Champion and get high-quality rewards. All you have to do is continue your winning streak up to a certain number.

5. Acquire Different Chests

The game, Bullet Echo has two types of chests you can obtain namely Battle and Skull chest. To win the battle chest, you have to win three times in any of the game modes available. To win a skull chest, you need to kill a fixed number of enemies in different modes.

As you win matches, the gauge for these chests continues to fill and eventually, you unlock them. The chests are a good source of currency and resources in the game including coins, bucks, gear, and more. These are helpful when you require such items for separate activities in games. 

Final Thoughts

Bullet Echo is an interesting action shooter game by Krafton, Inc. where the players face unique and challenging gameplay. The matches in the game are of short durations but promise to deliver equal thrill for the players. The game also enforces a multiplayer tactical approach to redefine your gaming experience. It requires stealth due to vision limitations in fights. Thus, go through this piece to learn about various modes, heroes, and their skills, and strategically take the win. 

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