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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7

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  • Chapter 7 of Boruto brought intense action as Boruto fought Mitsuki, showcasing impressive techniques.
  • The power of Omnipotence was revealed to be unbreakable, erasing memories repeatedly even if the truth is known.
  • The God Tree clones, led by Jura, aim to seek out Naruto for answers, setting the stage for future events.



Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 7 dropped recently and, once again, this month’s chapter proved to be quite interesting. Although not as amazing as the last few chapters have been, The chapter was still solid all across the board and delivered some very exciting moments. As expected, the chapter largely focused on Boruto Uzumaki’s fight against Mitsuki, and at the same time, there were also other interesting moments in the chapter, pertaining to individuals such as Shikamaru, and of course, the villain group that was recently introduced making big movements as well.


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Given that the chapter was full of incredible action, it is no surprise that fans loved this month’s dose of Boruto, and are excited for the series to continue, with the villains now ready to make their move.

Mitsuki Vs Boruto Begins

mitsuki vs boruto uzumaki boruto tbv 7

Boruto Uzumaki Vs. Mitsuki is a fight that was inevitably going to happen in this month’s chapter. Fans knew towards the end of the last chapter that Boruto Uzumaki’s attempt to escape was unsuccessful and that he had to draw his sword against Mitsuki. That is exactly where the manga picked up from and fans got to see an extended fight between these two individuals. As expected, Mitsuki tapped into the power of his Sage Mode right away and launched a barrage of powerful attacks at Boruto. Thankfully, the young Uzumaki was able to counter most of Mitsuki’s attacks effortlessly. Even though Mitsuki tried to strangle Boruto with his snakes, paralyze him, and confuse him using clones, none of his techniques eventually ended up working on him. At the same time, Boruto Uzumaki utilized the power of flight, and other lightning-based techniques to counter Mitsuki’s clones, and of course, attempted to launch some hits on him as well.

Naturally, Boruto did not want to kill Mitsuki and it was clear throughout the fight that he could have done so at any moment if he wanted to. This became clear to Mitsuki as well, and he was baffled as to why Boruto did not kill him. Towards the end of it, Boruto defeated him effortlessly, yet, he stated to him that he does not intend to kill Kawaki, neither is he the enemy that he thinks he is. Boruto also gave Mitsuki a nudge in the right direction by telling him that he does not need a sun, and that if he were to ever need one, he could seek him out whenever he wanted. It seems that Mitsuki has now finally gotten it through his head that Boruto is not his enemy. At the same time, Boruto has also given him the idea that Kawaki is not his sun and he has never been one.

He also made him realize that Kawaki is not the person who he thinks he is and that there is something wrong with his memories. Of course, to Mitsuki, things don’t look like they make much sense at the moment, however, with time, there is quite a big chance that he will lock on as to what is happening around him, provided a cure for Omnipotence is found.

The Shocking Truth About Omnipotence

omnipotence truth boruto and shikamaru boruto tbv 7

In Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 7, fans found out more about the power of Omnipotence. This ability has proven itself to be quite dangerous already, and just when fans thought that there was a way to break the power of Omnipotence and figure out the truth, Boruto revealed that this technique is so strong that even if one figures out the truth, it overwrites their brain over and over again until they forget. Essentially, there is no cure for Omnipotence. Boruto mentioned to Shikamaru that he has already learned the truth several times over, however, every single time, he has forgotten the truth, and, as a result, Omnipotence has continued to persist.


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Sarada has repeatedly told him the truth over and over again, however, the facts don’t seem to stick. That is the true power of Omnipotence. Mitsuki likely suffers from the same thing, as do the other individuals in the Boruto series. This just goes to show the true scope of the power of Omnipotence.

This ability seems like it is almost impossible to undo, and only individuals such as Ada or, perhaps, someone else with a greater power can undo this ability. For now, this ability seems like it is here to stay and no one will likely be getting their memories back. Shikamaru, despite realizing the truth, along with Ino, and potentially even Mitsuki, would likely have their memories overwritten once again, and when that happens, they will once again start doubting Boruto.

Jura And The God Tree Clones Make A Move

jura god tree clones boruto tbv 7

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 7 also gave fans a look into the God Tree clones, who, as fans know, are the main villains of the story at the moment. These Shinju are quite powerful, however, right now, their goal is to acquire information. Particularly, Jura was seen in action in this month’s chapter. By the looks of it, he was reading quite a lot of books, and through these books, he appears to be learning quite a lot about life, and humanity itself. The more he learns, the more questions he has and the more questions he has, the more he wants to seek out answers to them. Of course, Jura cannot seek out answers to his questions through books alone and that is why he wants to seek out someone in particular.

This certain someone is none other than Naruto Uzumaki. Previously, Jura had already made it clear that he wanted to eat Naruto because that is what his instinct told him to do. What connection he has with Naruto isn’t known at this point in time. However, he is fully adamant about visiting Naruto and consuming him. In the process, Jura would likely find the answer to his questions, and of course, fulfill the desire of his heart as well. Whether or not that will happen is something that fans will have to see. However, at the moment, what is quite clear is that he’s setting out on his journey to visit Naruto.

Naruto, as fans know, is inside the dimension of Daikokuten. The fact that Jura thinks that he can visit him means that he must have access to this ability and that in itself means that he has some sort of connection to Isshiki. Perhaps, Jura was created using Isshiki’s body, as has been hinted in the story repeatedly and fans will most certainly find out more about him as he is focused upon in the upcoming chapters of Boruto.

All things considered, Boruto chapter 7 was certainly a solid addition to the series and it set the stage for more exciting events to come in the future. The next few chapters of Boruto will likely be combat-focused and will reveal the Shinju on the move. Hopefully, fans will be able to witness some incredible fights in the upcoming chapters, as that appears to be the biggest strength of the series at this point in time.

Boruto is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of Boruto, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 8, is set to be March 20, 2024.



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