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Boomerang RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Boomerang RPG Battle

Boomerang RPG is an idle RPG adventure brought to you by Super Planet. In this captivating game, you are thrust into the heart of Dude World, where you take on the role of the legendary Boomerang Dude, destined to confront the relentless demon hordes threatening the realm. This Boomerang RPG Beginners Guide is here to provide you with essential information to navigate the challenges ahead.

Boomerang RPG Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Boomerang RPG, the primary method of combat is throwing your boomerang at demons. Battles happen automatically, however I found that you can also take control and aim your throws yourself. Just swipe or tap your finger across the screen to aim your boomerang where you want it to go. Be careful to hit the demons and deal damage. Try different angles and throws to get better at it.

Boomerang RPG Battle
Image via Super Planet

As you progress, you’ll encounter various demons in waves, with a boss waiting for you at the highest stage. Each wave gets tougher, so it’s essential to train your dude and become better at throwing your boomerang to defeat them all.

Train your Dude

In the game, I noticed that the challenges became significantly harder. To conquer these obstacles, I found it crucial to focus on training my Dude and enhancing key aspects of his abilities. Boosting his attack (ATK), health points (HP), and HP Recovery became my top priorities, as they allowed my Dude to endure more damage and sustain himself longer in battles against stronger demons.

Boomerang RPG TrainingBoomerang RPG Training
Image via Super Planet

Additionally, I made sure to improve his critical hit rate (Crit Rate), which greatly increased the likelihood of delivering powerful blows to enemies. By consistently training your Dude and enhancing his abilities, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any challenges the game throws at you. Just keep in mind that enhancing attributes requires Gold, and as you level up, the cost increases. So, be sure to stock up on Gold to stay ahead of the game!

Collect and Upgrade your Boomerangs

As you journey through the game, you’ll come across various boomerangs, each with its special abilities and features. You can get boomerangs by summoning them using Ruby. Gathering these boomerangs not only adds to your collection but also boosts your fighting skills in battles.

Boomerang RPG BoomerangBoomerang RPG Boomerang
Image via Super Planet

To make your boomerangs even stronger, you can enhance and promote them. Enhancing your boomerang requires blueprints, and promoting them requires obtaining a specific number of the same boomerang. It’s crucial to select upgrades that align with your preferred style of play. I found that by focusing on enhancements that complemented my tactics, I was able to become more effective in battles.

Challenge Dungeons

In the challenging dungeons of Boomerang RPG, I encountered a variety of demons, each offering valuable resources and these Dungeons require tickets. The Bounty Dungeon was particularly thrilling, where my goal was to hunt down the most wanted demons and claim rubies as my reward. These rubies proved essential for unlocking special upgrades and enhancements for my character, making every battle worthwhile and rewarding.

Boomerang RPG DungeonBoomerang RPG Dungeon
Image via Super Planet

In the Escort Dungeon, your job is to defend your group from non-stop demon assaults while earning meat as a reward. This meat can be used to upgrade your companions, making them stronger and more helpful in battles to come. In the Titanium Golem Dungeon, your mission is to defeat the mighty titanium golem to acquire titanium, a rare material used for crafting potent gear. By mastering these dungeons and gathering their special resources, you’ll strengthen your arsenal and set the stage for even bigger victories.

Level Up your Skills

As you progress in Boomerang RPG, leveling up your skills becomes crucial for success. I’ve found that as you journey through the game, you’ll unlock the skill tree, where you can enhance your abilities further. Spending Skill Points (SP) on these skills allows you to unlock more advanced abilities within the skill tree, making you stronger in battles.

Boomerang RPG SkillBoomerang RPG Skill
Image via Super Planet

Furthermore, along your adventure, you’ll come across various abilities that can greatly aid you in combat. These abilities can be obtained either during battles or by summoning them using tickets. Having access to a wide range of abilities has proven invaluable in overcoming tough challenges. So, remember to level up your skills and unlock new abilities.

Boomerang RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Follow Quest first

Start by tackling those quests head-on in Boomerang RPG. They’re your ticket to unlocking new features, snagging rewards, and getting the hang of the game. Plus, they’re usually straightforward, so you’ll breeze through them while getting a feel for the game’s mechanics.

2. Farm Rubies in the Bounty Dungeon

Don’t overlook the Bounty Dungeon, it’s where you’ll find loads of rubies, the key to summoning powerful boomerangs. Make it a habit to take on the Bounty Dungeon regularly. The more rubies you collect, the more boomerangs you can summon.

3. Watch ads to use Goddess’ Blessing

By watching ads, you can activate these Goddess’ blessings, which offer various buffs such as gold, experience, equipment drop rates, and demon card drop rates. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost your progress in Boomerang RPG.

4. Upgrade your Dude

Spend your resources beefing up your character in Boomerang RPG. Make them tougher by boosting their attack, health points, and critical hit rate. This way, they’ll dish out more damage in battles and handle tougher challenges

5. Get your Daily Rewards

Don’t forget to snag your daily rewards in Boomerang RPG! Every day, you’ll score some sweet bonuses just for logging in. It’s an easy way to stock up on extra goodies like gold, gems, or even special items. So, make it a habit to check in daily and claim your rewards.

Final Thoughts

Boomerang RPG offers an exciting adventure filled with demon-hunting action, strategic battles, and character progression. With its diverse range of boomerangs, skills, and abilities, there’s always something new to discover and master. The combination of idle RPG elements and engaging gameplay mechanics makes it easy to pick up and play, while still providing depth for more experienced players. I hope this guide helps you on your journey, it’s been crafted with care to give you the best shot at success in Boomerang RPG!

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