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Blue Lock PWC Review: Unleash Your Soccer Mastery

Blue Lock PWC Storyline

Rudel Incorporation has created Blue Lock PWC, a sports simulation game inspired by the hit anime Blue Lock. In this Blue Lock PWC Review, I’ll delve into its core gameplay elements and provide an honest evaluation based on my experience after playing for several days. Additionally, you can find helpful resources such as my Blue Lock PWC beginner’s guide, a reroll guide for tips, and redeemable codes for in-game rewards.

I’ve invested more than 20 hours of gameplay on my iPhone 11 to thoroughly assess Blue Lock PWC. This involved exploring all its features to ensure a complete experience, which is crucial for a detailed and comprehensive evaluation. The game is now available on Android and iOS platforms, it was first launched in Japan and is now globally accessible.

Blue Lock PWC Storyline Takes you on a thrilling Coaching Journey

Starting with the review, I will talk about the storyline of Blue Lock PWC. The game puts you in the shoes of an assistant who quickly rises to become a coach within the Blue Lock project, where young soccer players aspire to join Japan’s national team. Playing Blue Lock PWC, I felt in the role of coaching these aspiring players, guiding them in skills and mindset. The game’s storyline highlights leadership and strategy in building a winning team.

Blue Lock PWC Storyline
Image via Rudel Incorporation

What impressed me most was how the game captured the essence of the anime series, with its themes of ambition, teamwork, and self-improvement woven into every aspect of gameplay. The concept of creating a “chemical reaction” within the team emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Blue Lock PWC’s attention to detail, from player interactions to match strategies, contributes to its good storyline experience.

Spending hours refining coaching skills and leading the team to victory felt rewarding and satisfying. Overall, Blue Lock PWC is a fantastic game for fans of the anime series and sports simulation enthusiasts, offering an engaging storyline and solid gameplay mechanics that make for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Blue Lock PWC gameplay is innovative but lacks impact

In Blue Lock PWC, you can train and improve your soccer players through practice sessions. As you play, you unlock new skills and strategies for matches. Your decisions during games affect how well your team performs. It’s a mix of training, strategy, and competitive matches, making it a complete soccer simulation game.

Talking about the gameplay, I’m not personally drawn to simulation games as I often find them dull. When envisioning a game inspired by or derived from Blue Lock PWC, I wouldn’t have pictured it as a sports simulation. While there are engaging dialogues in the game, especially during matches, the simulation aspect fails to resonate with me. It lacks the crucial ability to make a lasting impression on players.

Blue Lock PWC training sessionsBlue Lock PWC training sessions
Image via Rudel Incorporation

The gameplay itself is decent, showcasing some strengths, but it doesn’t excel enough to maintain long-term engagement. It’s missing that spark that truly captivates players and keeps them invested. The absence of a compelling factor or a unique selling point makes it challenging for Blue Lock PWC to stand out in a crowded gaming landscape.

Despite its innovative features and occasional engaging moments, Blue Lock PWC struggles to leave a lasting impact. For players like me who crave more than just simulation mechanics, the game falls short of delivering a truly immersive and captivating experience.

Great Graphics with engaging Audio and Voice-Overs

Blue Lock PWC features stunning anime-style graphics that make soccer matches and training sessions visually captivating. The colorful visuals and detailed player movements bring you into the game’s action, making each moment feel dynamic and exciting. I find the graphics to be a standout feature, as it’s nearly as good as the anime, and seeing the characters in a game feels different.

Blue Lock PWC Graphics and AudioBlue Lock PWC Graphics and Audio
Image via Rudel Incorporation

The audio in Blue Lock PWC is well-executed, with background music that sets the mood for intense matches and training drills. Sound effects like ball kicks, time whistles, and scoring a goal enhance the gameplay quality, making the gameplay more engaging. Playing with sound enabled enriches the atmosphere and contributes to an overall enjoyable experience.

The voice-over work in Blue Lock PWC brings personality to the game, especially during important moments such as player conversations, goal celebrations, and tactical discussions. Hearing the characters talk about passing, scoring goals, and strategizing brings authenticity to the game and makes the interactions more meaningful. The quality of voice acting is commendable, making the dialogue exchanges feel natural.

Blue Lock PWC has good controls and UI

I find Blue Lock PWC to have easy-to-use controls, making it accessible even for those new to simulation games. You navigate through the game by interacting with simple pop-ups during training drills, matches, and conversations, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. PI found the controls to be quite user-friendly, which made diving into the game and managing various aspects feel natural and enjoyable.

Blue Lock PWC team compsBlue Lock PWC team comps
Image via Rudel Incorporation

The user interface (UI) in Blue Lock PWC is well-crafted, featuring clear menus and organized options that facilitate seamless navigation. Whether you’re checking player stats, customizing strategies, or exploring different game modes, the UI’s layout is structured and visually appealing, eliminating any confusion and allowing for easy access to all features.

Blue Lock PWC Gacha System is scary if you are not lucky

Moving on with the review, let’s break down the Gacha system of the game, there are two gachas in this game where, one for characters and another for training cards. The base rates for a 3-star character or an SSR card are around 3.5%. The game has a pity system where after 15 multi-pulls, you’re guaranteed the new unit or card. However, acquiring duplicates is crucial as their power significantly increases with each one, reaching a max level of 100.

What I found out to be the balance is while the number of duplicates needed may seem high, the developers have added features to ease leveling if you’re lucky. For example, you can choose two featured units from any banner, increasing the chances of desired duplicates.

Blue Lock PWC GachaBlue Lock PWC Gacha
Image via Rudel Incorporation

There are also many opportunities for free pulls and timed “chances” to boost the odds of obtaining higher-tier units. Special banners with guaranteed featured units also appear after a few days, making progression more accessible.

The gacha system in Blue Lock PWC can be daunting if luck isn’t on your side. In conclusion, Blue Lock PWC’s gacha system requires luck and patience, but strategic elements and opportunities provided enhance progression. It’s a rewarding system that encourages dedication and smart choices.

Final Verdict

In my final assessment, Blue Lock PWC falls short of effectively translating the Blue Lock anime into a game. The gameplay lacks the quality and depth expected in a simulation and sports genre. Although the storyline shows potential with its iconic Blue Lock project, it doesn’t fully capture the excitement of the anime.

While the graphics and audio contribute to the atmosphere, they don’t compensate for the game’s weaknesses. The gacha system may feel overwhelming and luck-dependent. Overall, while Blue Lock PWC has its strengths, it doesn’t fully meet the expectations set by the anime, leaving room for improvement in gameplay quality and player engagement.

Gameplay Mechanics – 6

Storyline – 7

Graphics and Music – 7

Controls and UI – 7

Free-to-Play Elements – 5.5



Blue Lock PWC falls short of effectively translating the Blue Lock anime into a game. The gameplay lacks the quality and depth expected in a simulation and sports genre.

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