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Best weapon, Artifact, Team comps, and more

Solo Leveling ARISE Choi Jong In

Solo Leveling: ARISE is an eagerly awaited mobile action RPG. Having extensively tested numerous SSR characters in the game, I have gained substantial experience and expertise in optimizing their builds. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Choi Jong-In Build Guide focuses on outlining the most effective strategies to enhance his abilities and unlock his full potential.

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Choi Jong-In playstyle

Choi Jong-In is a Fire-element Mage-type SSR character that currently stands out as one of the most formidable damage dealers in the game. A notable advantage is his inability to crit, allowing players to concentrate solely on boosting his attack and penetration stats. This simplicity in his build distinguishes him from other characters, making him more straightforward to build.

Solo Leveling ARISE Choi Jong In
Image via Netmarble

In my personal experience, I found that Choi Jong-In also excels in energy regeneration during moments of combat. Furthermore, his unique ability to reuse skills following the activation of his ultimate amplifies his strategic versatility on the battlefield.

Choi Jong-In Best Weapons

Consider the element type and class of Choi Jong-In, along with your playstyle and team strategy, when choosing his weapon. For optimal synergy, Equivalent Exchange, his signature weapon, is highly recommended. It enhances his ATK and complements his kit seamlessly.

Solo Leveling Arise Equivalent ExchangeSolo Leveling Arise Equivalent Exchange
Image via Netmarble

Equivalent Exchange (SSR)

Choi Jong-In’s signature weapon, Equivalent Exchange (SSR), is a top choice due to its dual benefits. It boosts his Attack by 5%, enhancing his damage output significantly. Moreover, when attacking enemies afflicted with the Burned status, their Defense drops by 7% for 5 seconds.

This further amplifies the wearer’s offensive capabilities. In my experience, this weapon synergizes perfectly with Choi Jong-In’s kit, allowing for consistent high damage and strategic debuffs.

Orb of Avarice (SR)

The Orb of Avarice (SR) is another excellent weapon for Choi Jong-In, primarily due to its enhanced effect on his Purgatory skill. It increases Purgatory’s damage by 50% but comes with a slight drawback of higher MP Consumption by 10%. Additionally, it applies the [Raging Black Flame] effect at the beginning of the stage, providing an immediate boost to his damage potential.

Although the increased cooldown of Purgatory by 5 seconds can be a downside, the overall damage boost compensates for it, making this weapon a solid choice for maximizing Choi Jong-In’s offensive prowess.

Burning Demon’s Grimoire (SR)

Finally, the Burning Demon’s Grimoire (SR) offers versatility to Choi Jong-In’s playstyle with its unique effects based on his MP level. When using Burst, it applies either Mana Point Fulfillment or Mana Point Thirst depending on his MP status. Mana Point Fulfillment increases his Skill Damage by 30% at the cost of 10% Max MP, ideal for burst damage scenarios.

On the other hand, Mana Point Thirst grants additional MP regeneration, ensuring sustained skill usage during prolonged battles. This weapon’s adaptability makes it a valuable asset in various combat situations.

Choi Jong-In Best Artifacts

The Almighty Kargalgan‘s Set complements Choi Jong-In’s ultimate skill perfectly because he resets his cooldowns after using his ultimate, creating a simple rotation that devastates everything in its path.

Solo Leveling Arise Almighty Kargalgan setSolo Leveling Arise Almighty Kargalgan set
Image via Netmarble

Almighty Kargalgan Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Ultimate Skill damage by 25%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    Decreases the Ultimate Skill cooldown by 40%.

On the other hand, the Viridescent Accessory Set is an excellent choice for Choi Jong-In, especially in burn Damage over Time (DoT) teams. This set provides significant utility in battles against multiple enemies, thanks to skills like [Airborne] and [Knock Down] present on most of his abilities.

Solo Leveling Arise Viridescent SetSolo Leveling Arise Viridescent Set
Image via Netmarble

Viridescent Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Skill MP Consumption Rate by 20%, but increases damage dealt by 5% and decreases Basic Skill Cooldown by 5%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    Increases Damage Increase effect to 18% and Cooldown Reduction effect of Basic Skills to 18%.

Choi Jong-In Best Teammates

Assembling the perfect team composition is crucial for success in any game, and in Choi Jong-In’s case in Solo Leveling: ARISE, strategic synergy can make all the difference. Let’s explore three exceptional teammates who complement Choi Jong-In’s strengths and enhance his effectiveness on the battlefield:

Solo Leveling Arise Choi Jong In best teamSolo Leveling Arise Choi Jong In best team
Image via Netmarble

Emma Laurent

Emma Laurent is an excellent teammate for Choi Jong-In due to her versatile kit that combines damage-dealing with tankiness. Her ability to provide break with everything she does enhances the team’s overall damage output.

Additionally, her passive grants a shield and defense penetration, further boosting everyone’s damage, and her scaling with HP makes her a sturdy tank. Her synergy with DoT teams, especially with her Burn effect, makes her an invaluable asset, particularly when paired with other fire damage dealers.

Seo Jiwoo

Seo Jiwoo stands out as an ideal partner for Choi Jong-In due to her role as the best breaker unit in the game, constantly refreshing the cooldown for her skills. Her ability to get a shield adds to her tankiness, while her HP scaling makes her easy to build and sustain without a healer in most cases.

Her versatile kit, providing break, shield, and knockdown effects, makes her a reliable tank that can adapt to various combat scenarios, ensuring the team’s survivability and control on the battlefield.

Song Chiyul

Song Chiyul complements Choi Jong-In’s team by offering exceptional clearing abilities, especially in non-boss stages, thanks to his passive and AoE damage with whirlwind attacks.

His synergy with other damage-over-time hunters who apply Burn or Poison effects enhances the team’s ability to apply continuous damage over time, making him a solid choice for prolonged battles and crowd control situations.

Final Thoughts

Building Choi Jong-In in Solo Leveling: ARISE has been a rewarding experience. His straightforward playstyle, focusing on attack and penetration due to his inability to crit, makes him relatively easy to optimize compared to other characters. His energy generation out of combat and the ability to reuse skills after using his ultimate enhance his gameplay, allowing for strategic decision-making in battles.

Overall, Choi Jong-In’s versatility as a strong damage dealer with utility makes him a valuable asset in any team composition, and I look forward to seeing how players continue to refine and innovate his build in the game.

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