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Best weapon, Artifact, Team comps, and more

Solo Leveling ARISE Baek Yoonho

The release of Solo Leveling: ARISE, a highly anticipated mobile game, featuring an action RPG experience, has sparked immense excitement. Having extensively tested various SSR characters, I’ve gained expertise in optimizing their builds. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Baek Yoonho Build Guide is tailored to maximize his overall potential and suggest optimal builds.

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Baek Yoonho Playstyle

Baek Yoonho is an SSR character with the Light element and Tank class. He is a top-tier light damage dealer and breaker in Solo Leveling: ARISE, boasting exceptional versatility in dismantling enemy defenses. His unique ability to constantly break enemy shields, even with basic attacks featuring a Break: Light effect, makes him invaluable in challenging encounters.

Solo Leveling ARISE Baek Yoonho
Image via Netmarble

What sets him apart is his knack for triggering explosions effortlessly, boosting his damage output significantly, and applying a Defense Decrease debuff to enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks. In my experience, mastering Baek Yoonho’s playstyle involves strategic timing and resource management. With evolving gear and support options, his potential for growth in strength is boundless, promising an even more formidable presence in battles to come.

Baek Yoonho Best Weapons

Selecting a weapon for Baek Yoonho demands thoughtful evaluation of his elemental type, class, playstyle, and team synergy. Given his role as a damage dealer and break specialist with unique scaling, the options are somewhat limited in terms of ideal weapons. However, leveraging his signature weapon can offer unparalleled synergy. Here are some of the top weapon choices for Baek Yoonho.

Solo Leveling Arise White Tigers Soul weaponSolo Leveling Arise White Tigers Soul weapon
Image via Netmarble

Suppressed White Tiger’s Soul

The Suppressed White Tiger’s Soul is a standout choice for Baek Yoonho because it amplifies his Light damage and fortifies his Defense whenever he strikes enemies marked with the White Flames effect. This added protection has proven invaluable in my experience, allowing Baek Yoonho to withstand onslaughts from formidable foes while dishing out devastating attacks.

Moreover, the overall stat enhancements provided by this weapon further bolster his capabilities, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Steel Shield

Conversely, the Steel Shield has been a reliable companion for Baek Yoonho, offering a significant reduction in damage taken from enemies. This defensive boost has often turned the tide of challenging encounters, giving Baek Yoonho the durability needed to endure punishing attacks and contribute effectively to the success of the team.

Additionally, the added bonuses to Attack, Defense, and HP provided by the shield have contributed to Baek Yoonho’s overall strength and versatility in various combat scenarios.

Baek Yoonho Best Artifacts

The New Hunter Set is a great pick for Baek Yoonho because it boosts damage against enemies in the Break state and enhances the Break effect when attacking weaknesses. This set complements Baek Yoonho’s break-heavy playstyle, significantly increasing his damage output in critical moments.

Solo Leveling Arise Hunter SetSolo Leveling Arise Hunter Set
Image via Netmarble

New Hunter Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Damage dealt to enemies in the [Break] state increases by 15%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    When attacking the Weakness attribute, increases [Break] effect by 30%.

On the other hand, the Behemoth Set is another strong option for Baek Yoonho, especially against weakened foes. This set boosts damage when attacking enemies with low health and increases effectiveness when Baek Yoonho’s HP is above a certain threshold.

It helps sustain his effectiveness in battles, allowing him to capitalize on vulnerable enemies. Both sets offer unique advantages that align well with Baek Yoonho’s strengths and enhance his overall combat performance.

Solo Leveling Arise Behemoth SetSolo Leveling Arise Behemoth Set
Image via Netmarble

Behemoth Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    When attacking enemies with 40% or less HP, increases damage dealt by 8%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    HP condition has been changed to 70% and Damage Increase effect increases to 20%.

Baek Yoonho Best Teammates

When it comes to achieving success in Solo Leveling: ARISE, crafting an optimal team composition is crucial. This is particularly true for Baek Yoonho, whose gameplay revolves around strategic damage dealing and breaking. Let’s explore three exceptional teammates who synergize seamlessly with him, enhancing his strengths and maximizing his impact on the battlefield.

Solo Leveling Arise Baek Yoonho Best teamSolo Leveling Arise Baek Yoonho Best team
Image via Netmarble

Min Byung-Gu

Min Byung-Gu is an excellent teammate for Baek Yoonho due to his top-tier healing abilities and decent damage output, particularly for the light element. His Disguise effect not only increases healing and crit rate/damage for the team but also makes enemies more susceptible to damage. I’ve found Min Byung-Gu to be a crucial asset in sustaining Baek Yoonho and the team during intense battles.

Seo Jiwoo

Seo Jiwoo complements Baek Yoonho’s strengths as another breaker unit with constant cooldown refreshes on her skills, making her a valuable addition to the team. Her scaling with HP and ability to provide shields enhance the team’s survivability, especially in situations where a healer might not be readily available. I’ve appreciated Seo Jiwoo’s versatility and tankiness, which allow her to handle challenging encounters effectively alongside Baek Yoonho.

Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In rounds out the team as a powerful damage dealer who synergizes well with Baek Yoonho. His focus on attack stats and penetration, coupled with his ability to remove cooldowns after using his ultimate, makes him a straightforward yet impactful choice.

Additionally, Choi Jong-In’s utility in fights with multiple enemies and consistent defense debuffs make him a reliable partner for Baek Yoonho in various scenarios. Overall, these hunters bring out the best in Baek Yoonho’s abilities and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

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