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Best weapon, Artifact, Team comps, and more

Solo Leveling Arise Lee Bora

The release of Solo Leveling: ARISE, a highly anticipated mobile game offering an action-packed RPG experience, has sparked considerable excitement among players. Having extensively tested various SSR characters, I’ve gained expertise in optimizing their builds. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Lee Bora Build Guide specifically focuses on maximizing her abilities and showcasing the best build choices for her.

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Lee Bora Playstyle

Lee Bora‘s playstyle revolves around summoning creatures to deal passive damage, making her an effective damage dealer over time. Her ability to boost the dark damage of the entire team makes her a valuable hunter, especially in dark element hunter teams. However, her playstyle requires strategic positioning since staying inside her buff circle can be challenging due to enemies’ movement patterns.

Solo Leveling Arise Lee Bora
Image via Netmarble

Personally, I’ve found Lee Bora’s playstyle rewarding as she becomes more potent with additional dupes, and her synergy with other dark-based hunters opens up diverse team compositions, adding depth to gameplay strategies.

Lee Bora Best Weapons

Selecting a weapon for Lee Bora requires careful consideration of her elemental type, class, playstyle, and team strategy. Given her proficiency as both a buffer and a mage damage dealer with summoning abilities, there are several adaptable weapon options suitable for her.

Solo Leveling Arise Solid Logic weaponSolo Leveling Arise Solid Logic weapon
Image via Netmarble

Solid Logic (SSR)

The Solid Logic weapon enhances Lee Bora’s damage potential and strategic impact in battles, especially when paired with her summoning abilities. In my experience, this weapon has proven effective in increasing Lee Bora’s damage output and providing valuable strategic advantages during combat.

Personally, I’ve found this weapon to be effective in increasing Lee Bora’s damage output and providing strategic advantages during battles, especially when paired with her summoning abilities.

Black Hawk (SR)

Black Hawk improves Lee Bora’s evasiveness and contributes to her overall effectiveness in combat situations. This weapon enhances Lee Bora’s evasive capabilities and provides a significant Attack boost, contributing to her overall effectiveness in combat.

In my experience, the Hunting effect synergizes well with Lee Bora’s playstyle, allowing her to deal more damage while maintaining mobility.

Steel Staff (SR)

As for the Steel Staff, it enhances Lee Bora’s utility and survivability in various battle scenarios. This weapon enhances Lee Bora’s utility and survivability, making her a more versatile and durable team member.

Personally, I’ve found the Power Gauge boost and stat increases from this weapon to be valuable in various battle scenarios, helping Lee Bora fulfill her role effectively in different team compositions.

Lee Bora Best Artifacts

The Almighty Kargalgan set boosts Lee Bora’s Ultimate Skill damage significantly and reduces its cooldown, enhancing her burst potential and allowing for more frequent powerful attacks. This set complements her playstyle well by maximizing her impact during critical moments in battles.

Solo Leveling Arise Almighty Kargalgan setSolo Leveling Arise Almighty Kargalgan set
Image via Netmarble

Almighty Kargalgan Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Ultimate Skill damage by 25%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    Decreases the Ultimate Skill cooldown by 40%.

On the other hand, the Viridescent Set increases Lee Bora’s damage dealt and reduces cooldowns for Basic Skills, improving her overall damage output and versatility in combat. While it may seem unconventional due to increased Skill MP Consumption, it proves effective in maintaining sustained damage and enhancing her combat capabilities.

Solo Leveling Arise Viridescent SetSolo Leveling Arise Viridescent Set
Image via Netmarble

Viridescent Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Skill MP Consumption Rate by 20%, but increases damage dealt by 5% and decreases Basic Skill Cooldown by 5%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    Increases Damage Increase effect to 18% and Cooldown Reduction effect of Basic Skills to 18%.

Lee Bora Best Teammates

Crafting a well-balanced team composition is essential for success in Solo Leveling: ARISE, especially when considering Lee Bora‘s unique abilities like her dark element and summoning buffs. As she stands out as the top dark buffer currently, her ideal teammates would typically belong to the dark element category. Let’s delve into three outstanding teammates who synergize with Lee Bora’s strengths and amplify her impact on the battlefield.

Solo Leveling Arise Lee Bora best teamSolo Leveling Arise Lee Bora best team
Image via Netmarble

Lim Tae-Gyu

It is no surprise that the best dark unit DPS at the moment is one of the best teammates for Lee Bora. Lim Tae-Gyu brings exceptional damage output, especially against single targets and bosses, makes him a valuable teammate for Lee Bora.

While his skills may be slower, they provide breaks and scale well with attack, making him a straightforward yet powerful unit. In my experience, pairing Lee Bora with Lim Tae-Gyu results in a formidable duo capable of handling tough enemies and boss encounters efficiently.

Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk’s tanking abilities, along with his dark element, make him an excellent choice to complement Lee Bora’s strengths. His max HP buffs act as heals, and his double stun capabilities can bypass mechanics, aiding greatly in campaigns and challenging content.

Personally, I’ve found that having Hwang Dongsuk on the team alongside Lee Bora ensures solid defense and control during battles, allowing for smoother progress and success in various scenarios.

Seo Jiwoo

Seo Jiwoo, despite not being a dark element character, still stands out as a top-tier teammate for Lee Bora. Her constant refresh of skill cooldowns, shield, and break abilities make her an exceptional breaker unit with good damage output.

Additionally, her scalability with HP makes her easy to gear and sustain, contributing significantly to the team’s survivability. From my gameplay experience, Seo Jiwoo’s versatility and consistent performance make her an invaluable asset when paired with Lee Bora, ensuring the team has a good breaker and tank.

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