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Best Team, Psychubes, and more

Reverse 1999 Ezra Theodore

Check out the latest excitement surrounding Ezra Theodore Banner, the second character introduced in the Version 1.5 update, “Revival! The Uluru Games,” of Reverse: 1999, following the Spathodea banner. This update promises thrilling features, enhancements, new characters, and dynamic events, including free pulls and companion missions. Enhance your gaming experience with my detailed Reverse: 1999 Ezra Theodore Build Guide, designed to maximize her potential.

Journey through various epochs, tackle mind-bending puzzles and engage in intense battles in the captivating Reverse: 1999 universe. Stay updated on the new upgrades and events with references like tier lists, beginner tips, reroll strategies, currency guides, and redeem codes for exclusive rewards.

Ezra Theodore Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

Ezra‘s playstyle focuses on being a sustain/support character who provides shields, buffs, and essential resources like Moxie and Eureka to his team. He plants mushrooms with his skills, which grow over rounds and provide crucial buffs or debuffs. Ezra loses health with each skill, but his Insight III heals him based on the number of mushrooms on the field.

Reverse 1999 Ezra Theodore
Image via Bluepoch

His primary damage skill, “Protection to the Body,” relies on Genesis DMG, while “Stimulus to the Mind” offers a mass shield buff and plants a Ghost Fungus. His ultimate, “Compassion All-Round,” grants moxie and Eureka to all allies, plants Honey Fungus, and matures all mushrooms instantly.

Ezra’s gameplay revolves around setting up and managing these mushrooms to keep himself and his team buffed. His ability to generate and use Eureka efficiently boosts his moxie and overall effectiveness. Though he can be complex and requires careful AP management, Ezra excels as a support character by providing critical buffs and sustainability for the team.

Reverse: 1999 Ezra Theodore Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, enhancing your characters’ power is crucial, and raising their Insight Levels is essential for this. Ezra, a powerful 6-star support character associated with the Star Affinity, gains substantial benefits with each Insight Level upgrade, solidifying his role as a valuable team member. Let’s explore the materials needed to increase Ezra’s Insight Level and the bonuses he receives at each stage:

Reverse 1999 Version 1.5 companion missionReverse 1999 Version 1.5 companion mission
Image via Bluepoch

Insight I

When entering battle, gain Eureka +2. After casting an Ultimate, gain Eureka +4. When casting a normal incantation, if mushrooms are maxed out and match the incantation type, spend 2 Eureka to grow the matching mushrooms 1 time and trigger them if they are mature.

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Page of Starlit Ascent x6
  • Silver Ore x6
  • Esoteric Bones x5

Insight II

DMG Taken -8% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Starlit Ascent x10
  • Solidus x3
  • Salted Mandrake x6

Insight III

At the end of the round, for every 1 mushroom on the field, recovers 8% Lost HP. This effect can critically hit. After casting a normal incantation, if the mushrooms are maxed out but don’t match the incantation type, spend 2 Eureka to gain Moxie +1 (only triggers when Moxie is below 5).

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Starlit Ascent x16
  • Glowing Mothwing x6
  • Fruit of Good and Evil x3

Best Psychubes for Ezra Theodore in Reverse: 1999

It’s important to grasp that Ezra Theodore excels with Psychube selections that complement her supportive capabilities and mushroom abilities. To maximize his skills’ effectiveness, selecting the most advantageous options is recommended. Here are the Psychubes recommended for enhancing Ezra’s performance:

Reverse 1999 Beyond Wonderland PsychubeReverse 1999 Beyond Wonderland Psychube
Image via Bluepoch

Beyond Wonderland (Best 6-star Psychube)

Beyond Wonderland is an excellent choice for Ezra as it increases his healing rate by 3% each time he uses a debuff incantation, stacking up to 4 times. Given Ezra’s frequent use of skills that debuff enemies, this Psychube significantly boosts his overall healing capabilities. Additionally, it increases his Critical Rate by 7%, making him more effective in combat.

Her Second Life (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Her Second Life is a strong alternative for Ezra, especially for enhancing team survivability. After Ezra casts his mass Ultimate, it boosts the HP of all allies by a percentage based on his ATK (HP + 32% of his ATK). This Psychube leverages Ezra’s ultimate ability to provide a substantial health boost to the entire team, making it an excellent choice for prolonging battles and maintaining team health.

Both Beyond Wonderland and Her Second Life Psychubes synergize well with Ezra’s support role by enhancing his healing and boosting team survivability. Beyond Wonderland increases Ezra’s healing rate with each debuff, which works well with his mushroom-planting abilities that debuff enemies. Her Second Life provides a significant HP boost to all allies after Ezra uses his ultimate, further enhancing his role as a sustain/support character.

Reverse: 1999 Ezra Theodore Best Team

If you’re searching for Ezra‘s ideal companions, your quest ends here. After testing different team setups, I’ve discovered that Ezra Theodore truly thrives in configurations that emphasize maximizing his mushroom abilities and support potential. Whether he’s unleashing game-changing skills or providing crucial support, Ezra excels in setups that allow his support capabilities to shine and sway the outcome of battles.


37, being a Star-type damage dealer, benefits greatly from Ezra’s supportive abilities. Ezra’s buffs enhance 37’s powerful attacks, making them even more devastating.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37
Image via Bluepch

The critical damage boost from Ghost Fungus further amplifies 37’s effectiveness, allowing him to deal massive damage to enemies with his Genesis attacks.


Regulus and Ezra form a synergistic duo where Regulus fully utilizes the buffs and debuffs provided by Ezra. Ezra’s shields and buffs significantly augment Regulus’s damage output, making his attacks even more impactful.

Reverse 1999 RegulusReverse 1999 Regulus
Image via Bluepoch

Moreover, the critical damage boost from Ghost Fungus and the damage vulnerability inflicted by Honey Fungus turns Regulus into an unstoppable force on the battlefield, enabling him to deal massive damage to enemies and emerge victorious in battles alongside Ezra.


Lilya‘s pivotal role in Ezra’s team is to consistently deal high damage while enjoying the protective benefits of Ezra’s shields. Ezra’s supportive abilities, coupled with the increased critical damage from Ghost Fungus.

Reverse 1999 LilyaReverse 1999 Lilya
Image via Bluepoch

This empowers Lilya to focus entirely on her offensive capabilities without fretting about survivability. This synergy allows Lilya to become a relentless force in battles, dealing significant damage to enemies with confidence.

Final Thoughts

When building Ezra, focus on upgrading his Insight levels to maximize his support capabilities. Consider team compositions that complement his mushroom abilities, such as pairing him with damage dealers like 37 or Lilya who benefit from his buffs and debuffs. Overall, prioritize enhancing Ezra’s support skills and synergy with teammates for a balanced and effective team in battles.

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