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Best Team, Psychubes, and more

Reverse 1999 Spathodea

Explore the latest buzz surrounding Spathodea Banner, the first character in the much-anticipated Version 1.5 update named “Revival! The Uluru Games” of Reverse: 1999. Anticipate an update packed with thrilling features, enhancements, fresh characters, and dynamic events such as free pulls, companion missions, and beyond. Enhance your gaming experience with my detailed Reverse: 1999 Spathodea Build Guide designed to unleash and maximize her capabilities.

Embark on a journey through various epochs and immerse yourself in mind-bending puzzles and intense battles set in the enthralling Reverse: 1999 universe. Delve into the upgrades and exciting events brought by the 1.5 update. Enhance your gaming journey with essential references like tier list, beginners tips, reroll strategies, currency guide, and redeem codes for exclusive rewards.

Spathodea Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

I can see Spathodea as a powerful 6-Star Carry in Reverse: 1999, specializing in dealing massive damage to single targets. Her playstyle revolves around setting up for big bursts of damage rather than continuously attacking like Melania. When she uses her Ignition Point ability, she gains buffs called Preignition and Exhilaration. These buffs boost the damage of her Burn attacks and increase her Critical Rate for the next hit. This setup also grants her the “Little Boxer” skill at the right level automatically.

Reverse 1999 Spathodea
Image via Bluepoch

Although her overall damage per turn may seem lower initially because she spends time stacking buffs instead of attacking, she shines when she unleashes her Ultimate, “Flame Within The Fire.” This move deals significantly more damage if her target has a high Burn stack, making her outshine many other Carry characters in terms of single-hit bursts. Instead of mindlessly attacking, Spathodea focuses on making each hit count by setting up for massive critical damage bursts.

Reverse: 1999 Spathodea Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, enhancing your characters’ power is essential, and raising their Insight Levels is key to achieving this goal. Spathodea, a powerful 6-star damage dealer associated with the Beast Affinity, gains significant benefits with each upgrade of her Insight Level, solidifying her importance as a valuable member of your team. Let’s explore the materials needed to increase Spathodea’s Insight Level and the bonuses she receives at each stage:

Reverse 1999 Spathodea InsightsReverse 1999 Spathodea Insights
Image via Bluepoch

Insight I

When an attack inflicts [Burn] status, the next attack will have its critical rate increase by 25%.

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Page of Beastly Thirst x6
  • Trembling Tooth x5
  • Rough Silver Ingot x5

Insight II

When entering combat, damage dealt is increased by 8%.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Beastly Thirst x10
  • Cicada Wings x6
  • Bifurcated Skeleton x6

Insight III

When a single-target attack lands a critical hit, 4 stacks of [Burn] will be inflicted upon the target.

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Beastly Thirst x16
  • Incorrupt Monkeypaw x7
  • Golden Fleece x3

Best Psychubes for Spathodea in Reverse: 1999

For Version 1.5, it’s important to grasp that Spathodea excels with Psychube selections that complement her burn and critical strikes. To maximize her skills’ effectiveness, selecting the most advantageous options is recommended. Here are the Psychubes recommended for enhancing Spathodea’s performance:

Reverse 1999 Long Night TalkReverse 1999 Long Night Talk
Image via Bluepoch

Long Night Talk (Best 6-star Psychube)

The best Psychube for Spathodea is Long Night Talk. This one boosts her damage output because it increases damage dealt when she has positive status buffs. Plus, when she uses a buff spell, her attack goes up even more, stacking twice. It’s like giving her a double boost when she’s already strong, making her attacks hit even harder.

I’ve found that this Psychube helps Spathodea shine in battles, especially when she’s paired with support characters who can give her those positive status buffs regularly.

Luxurious Leisure (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

As an alternative, Luxurious Leisure is also great. It ramps up her damage after she uses her single-target Ultimate, which can be devastating, especially in longer fights where she gets to stack this effect multiple times. It’s a good choice if you find yourself relying heavily on her Ultimate to deal damage.

Tomorrow Also (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Tomorrow Also is another solid option because it increases her critical rate after using her Ultimate. This pairs well with her kit focused on critical hits, ensuring that she lands those big damage strikes more consistently. Overall, choosing the right Psychube for Spathodea can elevate her performance and make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Reverse: 1999 Spathodea Best Team

If you’re on the lookout for Spathodea‘s perfect partners, look no further. Through experimenting with various team compositions, I’ve found that Spathodea truly shines in setups that emphasize maximizing her damage per second (DPS) and burn potential. Whether she’s unleashing devastating critical strikes or setting enemies ablaze, Spathodea excels in configurations that allow her damage-dealing prowess to reach its full potential and turn the tide of battles.


Bkornblume stands out as a formidable support character with a unique blend of offensive and defensive capabilities. She excels in reducing the Reality DEF of enemies, making them more susceptible to damage, while also increasing the damage they receive. This combination not only amplifies Spathodea’s damage potential but also benefits the entire team by weakening foes.

Reverse 1999 Long Night TalkReverse 1999 Long Night Talk
Image via Bluepoch

Bkornblume’s straightforward gameplay, focused on applying negative status effects consistently, makes her an excellent partner for Spathodea, ensuring that enemies remain vulnerable to devastating attacks.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy emerges as a crucial member of the team with her specialization in critical strikes and healing prowess. She possesses the ability to inflict –Crit Res/DEF debuffs on enemies, significantly boosting the team’s critical hit rate and damage output. This synergy is particularly beneficial for Spathodea, whose playstyle revolves around dealing massive critical damage.

Reverse 1999 Tooth FairyReverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
Image via Bluepoch

Furthermore, Tooth Fairy’s healing capabilities and debuff cleansing abilities provide essential support to sustain Spathodea and the team during intense battles, making her an invaluable asset in ensuring longevity and maximizing damage potential.


Ulu plays a pivotal role in supporting Spathodea’s burn-focused abilities within the team. Her expertise lies in inflicting burn stacks on enemies and providing offensive and defensive buffs through her Ultimate ability. While her kit may initially appear unconventional, Ulu’s unique capabilities significantly enhance Spathodea’s burn damage, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks on enemies.

Reverse 1999 UluReverse 1999 Ulu
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, Ulu’s contribution extends beyond burn synergy, as her offensive and defensive buffs benefit the entire team, making her a strategic choice for bolstering Spathodea’s damage output and overall effectiveness in battles.

Final Thoughts

Spathodea in Reverse: 1999 is all about dealing big damage quickly. To make her the best, you need to level up her Insight and pick Psychubes that suit her strengths. For the best team, consider adding Bkornblume to help weaken enemies, Tooth Fairy for critical hits and healing, and Ulu for boosting her burn attacks. This combo makes Spathodea a force to be reckoned with in battles.

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