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Best Team, Psychubes, and more

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37

Know the latest buzz surrounding the 37 banner as the first character to debut in the highly anticipated Version 1.4 update titled The Prisoner in the Cave of Reverse: 1999. I discovered that this update is packed with exciting features, optimizations, new characters, and thrilling events like the Mystery Box Carnival. You can make the most out of your gameplay with this comprehensive Reverse: 1999 37 Build Guide, designed to help you unlock and leverage 37’s potential.

Embark on a journey through various eras, engaging in puzzle-solving quests and intense battles within the captivating Reverse: 1999 universe. Dive into the improvements and events introduced in the 1.4 update by referring to our Reward Redemption Guide. Enhance your gaming experience with valuable resources such as tier lists, beginner’s guides, reroll guides, currency guides, and exclusive redeem codes.

37 Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

I discovered that 37 is a versatile support Carry in Reverse: 1999 with a unique ability called [Eureka], which powers her devastating [Supplementary Formula] attack. To maximize her potential, she needs allies who can follow up with actions to help her gain stacks of [Eureka]. Her critical rate is boosted by 20%, and she can cause critical hits with her Genesis DMG, making her effective in crit-based teams.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37
Image via Bluepch

In my experience, I found 37 to excel in teams that focus on synergy and follow-up actions. Her ability to buff allies while dealing significant damage herself makes her a valuable asset in battles. I often paired her with characters who could trigger follow-up attacks or provide additional support to maximize her effectiveness.

Reverse: 1999 37 Character Insight Level-up Material

In Reverse: 1999, enhancing the strength of your characters is essential, and advancing their Insight Levels is a key aspect of this process. 37, the formidable 6-star DPS aligned with Star Affinity, gains significant benefits with each Insight Level upgrade, further solidifying her role as a valuable asset for your team. Let’s explore the materials needed to increase 37’s Insight and the bonuses she receives at each stage:

Reverse 1999 37Reverse 1999 37
Image via Bluepoch

Insight I

After using an Incantation, gains Eureka +1. After another ally takes an extra action, gains Eureka +1. When at 5 Eureka, consumes 5 Eureka to cast [Supplementary Formula]. This attack is regarded as 1 follow-up attack and does not grant Eureka.

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Page of Starlit Ascent x6
  • Magnesia Crystal x6
  • Liquified Terror x5

Insight II

Critical DMG +15% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Starlit Ascent x6
  • Esoteric Bones x6
  • Winged Key x3

Insight III

When entering battle, Critical Rate +20%. All Genesis DMG applied through Incantations can critically hit.

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Starlit Ascent x6
  • Bogeyman x5
  • Serpent Scepter x3

Best Psychubes for 37 in Reverse: 1999

In Version 1.4, you need to learn that 37 benefits from a wide choice of Psychube choices, thanks to her emphasis on critical-centric abilities. To maximize the effectiveness of her skills, it’s recommended to meticulously select the most advantageous options. Below are the suggested Psychubes for 37:

Reverse 1999 Long Night TalkReverse 1999 Long Night Talk
Image via Bluepoch

Long Night Talk (Best 6-star Psychube)

If you are looking for an amazing psychube choice for 37, then Long Night Talk offers 37 a substantial boost in damage output, particularly when she maintains multiple positive statuses. With an 8% increase in damage upon attacking under such conditions, coupled with the ability to stack her Attack by 2% per Buff Incantation.

This Psychube synergizes well with 37’s focus on critical-centered abilities. Amplifying her damage potential, ensures she can capitalize on her critical hits and buffs to unleash devastating attacks on her foes.

Silent and Adoring (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Silent and Adoring complements 37’s kit by enhancing her damage potential when she takes additional actions, which is common in her gameplay due to her skill set. With a 12% increase in Damage Dealt and a 10% boost to Genesis DMG through extra actions, this Psychube aligns perfectly with 37’s playstyle, incentivizing her to make the most out of her abilities and seize opportunities to deal significant damage.

Thunderous Applause (Alternative 6-star Psychube)

Thunderous Applause further amplifies 37’s damage potential by enhancing her critical hits. With a 16% increase in Critical DMG upon landing a critical hit with her 1-target attacks, this Psychube synergizes seamlessly with 37’s critical-centered abilities. It ensures that when 37 delivers critical strikes, they pack an even greater punch, making her a formidable force on the battlefield and reinforcing her role as a top-tier damage dealer.

Reverse: 1999 37 Best Team

If you’re seeking optimal teammates for 37, look no further. Through my exploration, I’ve uncovered that while 37 can adapt to various team compositions, she truly shines in setups that actively generate follow-up attacks. This dynamic not only swiftly charges her Eureka meter but also enables her to unleash her devastating supplementary formula attack without expending action points.


Lilya serves as an excellent companion to 37 due to her follow-up attack capabilities, which synergize seamlessly with 37’s need for follow-up actions to charge her Eureka meter. With Lilya’s straightforward yet effective damage-dealing abilities, combined with her reliance on critical rate, she amplifies the team’s overall damage output, especially once her critical bonuses kick in at Insight 2.

Reverse 1999 LilyaReverse 1999 Lilya
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, allies who can reduce the enemy’s critical resistance and provide offensive buffs further enhance Lilya’s performance, ensuring she maximizes her potential alongside 37.

Ms. Newbabel

Ms. Newbabel complements 37’s strengths with her unique kit focused on defense and disruption. As the only character with built-in Taunt, Counter, and Follow-Up attacks in her Ultimate, Ms. Newbabel effectively diverts enemy attention away from squishy Damage Dealers like 37, allowing her to focus on dealing damage without fear of being targeted.

Reverse 1999 Ms NewbabelReverse 1999 Ms Newbabel
Image via Bluepoch

By consistently keeping shields up and utilizing her “Old Idea” skill to charge her Ultimate faster, Ms. Newbabel contributes to the team’s survivability while enabling 37 to shine in her role as a potent DPS.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy rounds out the ideal teammates for 37 by boosting critical rates and damage through her Baby Tooth passive. With Tooth Fairy’s ability to inflict -Crit Res/DEF debuffs and enhance the team’s crit rate and damage, she significantly amplifies 37’s Genesis damage, further increasing the team’s overall damage output.

Reverse 1999 Tooth FairyReverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, Tooth Fairy’s healing abilities, especially with her Ultimate Song for the Bad Tooth, can cleanse debuffs from the team upon landing a critical hit. This provides valuable support to 37 and ensures the team’s longevity in battle. Together, Lilya, Ms. Newbabel, and Tooth Fairy form a synergistic team that not only supports 37’s strengths but also enhances her effectiveness as a formidable DPS in Reverse: 1999.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, crafting a formidable build for 37 in Reverse: 1999 involves prioritizing her critical-centered abilities and maximizing her damage potential. Leveraging insights like Insight III, and Calculation of Genesis, enhances her critical rate and ensures her Genesis damage is optimized.

Selecting Psychubes such as Long Night Talk or Thunderous Applause further boosts her damage output. While teammates like Lilya, Ms. Newbabel, and Tooth Fairy synergize well with her playstyle. Because this is providing follow-up attacks, defensive support, and critical rate enhancements.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 37 Build Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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