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Best soundbars in 2024

The Sonos Arc

Soundbars are about as common and sought after as the 4K and 8K TVs they connect to. They’re also one of the best investments you can make for your home theater experience, because nothing says “lackluster” like the measly audio that most TV speakers produce.

Not only do soundbars nip audio deficiencies in the bud, but some of the best models are powerful enough to virtualize an entire surround sound system — and without all those pesky speaker wires mucking up your living room! Other great features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, along with voice assistant capabilities.

There are hundreds of soundbars to choose from though, which is why we’ve put together this list of all the best models on the market.

Sonos Arc

Best overall

The best soundbar for most people

$825 $899 Save $74

While the Sonos Arc comes with a few limitations — namely, there’s no HDMI passthrough, and the Trueplay tuning feature is iOS only — this soundbar is truly a wonder. First and foremost, it sounds great, with plenty of power behind it. It also offers exceptional spatial audio and plenty of low-end in a single all-in-one package.


  • Fantastic room-filling sound
  • Spatial audio is great
  • Plenty of bass even without a subwoofer

  • No HDMI passthrough
  • Need an iPhone for Trueplay tuning feature

The Sonos Arc might be a single unit without extra rear speakers or subwoofer, yet it still provides exceptional three-dimensional audio with Dolby Atmos technology. It also has a surprising amount of low-end for a stand-alone soundbar, and you can add a subwoofer later. Overall, it sounds phenomenal, with more than enough power to forget more complicated home theater setups.

Unfortunately, this soundbar has a few issues, such as no HDMI passthrough on hand. Also, Sonos uses Trueplay tuning to adjust the audio to whichever room its respective product is sitting in, which is a great feature but requires an iPhone to make use of it. Most of us know someone with an iPhone, so that’s not necessarily the biggest hurdle to make this soundbar sound its best. Also, since this is a Sonos product, you can include the Arc in a multi-room setup with other products from the company’s lineup.

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The JBL Bar 1000

JBL Bar 1000 7.1.4 Soundbar

Premium pick

Monstrous sound without all the speaker wires

If top-shelf Dolby Atmos surround immersion is what you’re after, but you can’t afford the thousands of dollars that a true Atmos surround entails, a more than fitting alternative is the incredible JBL Bar 1000.


  • Immersive surround virtualization
  • Can be calibrated to listening space
  • AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Alexa, and Google Assistant support

  • Minimal EQ customization
  • Fairly expensive

If full-on Dolby Atmos immersion is what you’re after, nothing gets it done like the JBL Bar 1000. Short of investing in a complete surround sound system, the Bar 1000 gives you a complete 7.1.4 Atmos configuration. This includes wireless surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

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JBL Bar 1000 review: Surround sound all around us

With Atmos surround sound and a lot of power, the Bar 1000 brings home theater immersion in soundbar form

A mighty 440W amplifier is the brawn behind the audio, while JBL’s MultiBeam virtual surround tech is responsible for the amazing sense of depth the Bar 1000 delivers. Connections include HDMI and digital optical, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Bar 1000 also supports Apple AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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The Sony HTS100F

Sony HTS100F 2.0 Channel Soundbar

Best value

Powerful sound on a budget

$98 $128 Save $30

Sometimes all you need is a subtle boost in the sound department to rise above the audio that your TV speakers are limited to. Fortunately, Sony’s HTS100F goes the extra mile by giving you a stereo soundbar for less than $125 that mimics a full surround system!


  • Excellent price
  • Built-in Bass Reflex speaker
  • Several EQ presets to choose from

  • Not as advanced as other soundbars
  • No Wi-Fi support

It really doesn’t take much for any soundbar to improve the audio coming out of your TV speakers, but the cost-effective Sony 100F does so in style. As our value pick, the 100F doesn’t offer all the frills and expansive tech of higher-priced models, but features like a built-in Bass Reflex speaker and Sony’s S-Force Front Surround for surround virtualization helps this model rise above the rest.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of Bluetooth and USB inputs, as well as HDMI and digital optical for wiring the 100F to your TV. Again, it’s not the fanciest set of speakers in the world, but you’ll definitely notice a difference between the tinny sound of your QLED or OLED set, and the full-bodied audio the Sony 100F delivers.

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The Samsung HW-Q800C Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q800C

Best soundbar for Samsung

Q-Symphony lets your Samsung TV and soundbar join forces

$678 $998 Save $320

Operating your soundbars and TV speakers at the same time is usually frowned upon, but Samsung’s Q-Symphony allows you to do just that, and the end result is actually quite amazing.


  • SpaceFit Sound Pro calibrates automatically calibrates sound
  • Can be paired to Samsung TVs with Q-Symphony
  • Dolby Atmos and Alexa support

  • Expensive
  • No Google Assistant support

One of the coolest things about modern TVs and audio systems is you’ll usually unlock some kind of extra feature by pairing one same-brand component with another. Such is the case with Samsung’s awesome HW-Q800C soundbar, and the hidden capability is something called Q-Symphony. If you happen to own a Samsung QLED released between 2020 and 2023 (Q70 models and above), when you link the Q800C to your TV both the soundbar drivers and TV speakers work in unison to deliver an immersive audio experience like no other.

The Q800C also supports Dolby Atmos, so you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best 4K movies and TV shows in true multi-layer surround sound. And on top of all that, the Q800C also has a feature called SpaceFit Sound Pro, which automatically calibrates sound output based on your listening environment.

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The Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 Soundbar

Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 Soundbar

Best multi-speaker setup

A hassle-free surround sound

$404 $500 Save $96

It’s not too common that a soundbar below $500 includes support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, but the Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 didn’t show up to the party to be just another boring guest.


  • Comes with a wireless sub and two satellite speakers
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support

  • Additional speakers are not wireless

Movie fanatics may have a hard time accepting the fact that a soundbar usually can’t deliver the full immersion of a true surround system. Fortunately, models like the Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 are here to reinvent the wheel a little bit. This mid-tier soundbar not only comes with a wireless subwoofer, but also two satellite speakers that you can position anywhere you’d like. Considering they need to be plugged into the sub for power, we’d recommend using them as rear speakers.

The Vizio M-Series also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround formats (and has two up-firing speakers to accompany both codecs), and can also be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. You’ll also be able to wire the soundbar using HDMI ARC or digital optical.

The Bose Smart Soundbar 600 white background with remote

Bose Smart Soundbar 600

Best small premium pick

When you have the budget but not the space

The Bose Smart Soundbar 600 might be a little pricier compared to smaller format soundbars, but it’s worth the price. It offers great spatial audio thanks to its upward-firing speakers, and it’s easy to set up. While it’s a bit light on bass and only has one HDMI port, that’s to be expected from such a compact model.


  • Perfect for smaller setups
  • Has up-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos
  • Easy to set up

  • Only one HDMI port
  • Light on bass
  • Only supports Dolby Atmos spatial audio

Although you have to deal with the typical issues one would find with a smaller soundbar on the Bose Smart Soundbar 600, it’s still a fantastic soundbar. Sure, the bass response is nothing to write home about, and it only comes with one HDMI port, so if you are hoping for more, you should look at a larger option.

Still, the Bose Smart Soundbar 600 sounds pretty good for its size, plus it includes some immersive Dolby Atmos spatial audio thanks to its upward-facing speakers. Additionally, setting up all its features via an accompanying app is pretty easy. You can also use the app to control settings on the soundbar if you don’t feel like reaching for the remote. Of course, being a Bose product with an uncommon feature like upward-firing speakers, it’s pricier than a lot of the competition.

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The Polk Signa S4

Polk Signa S4

Dolby Atmos for less

An Atmos champ for less than $400

$299 $399 Save $100

If you’re looking to score a terrific Dolby Atmos simulator for less than $400, the Polk Signa S4 should be at the top of your list. Not to mention this soundbar also includes a dedicated center channel and Polk’s patented Voice Adjust tech for enhanced dialogue.


  • Great Dolby Atmos virtualization for the price
  • Several inputs and EQ options
  • Voice Adjust and dedicated center channel for enhanced dialogue

Polk may not receive the same kind of attention as soundbar brands like Bose, Sonos, and the many TV companies that produce their own audio systems, but the incredible Polk Signa S4 is a Dolby Atmos emulator that deserves a close look. Not only is it a slim 2.36 inches tall, making it ideal for sitting on a TV stand or getting mounted below a TV, but the inclusion of two 2.59-inch Atmos height channels delivers a breathtaking 3D effect for all your favorite movies and shows.

That’s on top of two racetrack drivers, two tweeters, a dedicated center, and a wireless subwoofer. Inputs include HDMI ARC/eARC and digital optical, along with Bluetooth and 3.5mm inputs. We’re also writing home about the Polk’s amazing Voice Adjust Technology, which lets you fine-tune the Signa S4 to deliver dialogue you won’t have to struggle to hear.

The Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-209BL

The best for Alexa

A voice assistant you can trust

$160 $350 Save $190

When you want to use Alexa to adjust the lighting or raise the temperature, the Yamaha YAS-209 is the soundbar for the job.


  • Built-in Alexa
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Spotify Connect support
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer

  • No Google Assistant support
  • No AirPlay 2 support

Yamaha may not have the kind of audio notoriety you’ll hear folks screaming from the rooftops about, but that doesn’t mean the Yamaha YAS-209 isn’t an amazing soundbar choice. In fact, if you’re looking for a low-cost peripheral that sounds great, streams music, and can control your smart home devices with Alexa, the YAS-209 should be one of your top considerations. Even from a design standpoint, the dark mesh grille is stylish and minimalist, allowing the YAS-209 to fit into most entertainment setups without being overly distracting.

In terms of connectivity, you’ll be able to use either HDMI or digital optical to get the YAS-209 plugged into your TV, and the soundbar also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As for the latter, it’s a requirement if you plan on using Alexa, but once the soundbar is paired to your network, you’ll also be able to enjoy native Spotify Connect support.

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The ZVOX AV157


Best for dialogue and vocals

Crystal-clear sound from all your favorite characters

Struggling to hear what your favorite characters are saying? Then consider the ZVOX AV157, a soundbar designed to amplify and isolate dialogue and vocals.


  • Terrific for dialogue enhancement
  • Solid price
  • Plug-and-play connectivity

  • No subwoofer
  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi
  • No HDMI ARC/eARC connection

ZVOX has been around for a minute, and the company has always been great for all the typical reasons a soundbar is better than TV speakers. But when it comes to dialogue clarity, the ZVOX AV157 is one of the best small soundbars around. Thanks to the company’s patented AccuVoice tech, you’ll be able to enhance the sound of people talking and vocalists singing beyond most sounder’s capabilities.

Then there’s ZVOX’s SuperVoice capabilities, which dulls down distracting background sounds in all movies and TV shows to bring more attention to the spoken word. The AV157 is also sleek enough to be wall-mounted below your Samsung or Sony QLED, and the simple digital optical and 3.5mm inputs are plug-and-play connections that work with just about every TV on the market.


Roku Streambar

Best soundbar with built-in OS

When you need a streaming device as well as a soundbar

If you need a soundbar and stream box, the Roku Streambar is an incredible value proposition, especially considering the amount of volume available and the audio quality. It’s a bit light on bass, can get overblown when turned all the way up, and has a narrow soundstage, but you can always fix that by investing in some of Roku’s wireless speakers and subwoofer.


  • Surprisingly loud with good audio
  • Built-in Roku OS
  • Expandable

  • Soundstage is limited
  • Light on bass
  • Can get overblown at higher volumes

The Roku Streambar has a lot going for it, starting with the fact that it has full Roku functionality built in. It’s also a solid small form-factor soundbar with plenty of volume and solid audio performance. It even supports 4K and HDR; however, don’t expect something like Dolby Atmos included here.

There are limitations due to its size (and likely low price), such as its amount of bass, narrow soundstage, and the fact that it loses definition when turned all the way up. But considering that you can buy wireless speakers and a subwoofer to pair it with for not a lot more money, those are not dealbreakers. In fact, you can turn the Roku Streambar or its big brother, the Streambar Pro, into the center of a 5.1 surround sound system if you so wish.

What should I look for in a soundbar?

When it comes to soundbars, you should start by considering the size of your setup. For example, if you have a small TV, such as 40 inches or below, you might be better off with some of the smaller offerings included here. If you have a larger TV (and a larger room for your setup), a full-length model will not only look good, but it’ll also give the amount of volume to match that large screen.

Once you’ve figured out how big or small you want to go, consider your budget, as the more expensive you go, the more features you’ll get — plus, typically better and more detailed audio. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you can get a stand-alone unit without a subwoofer. If you do choose a stand-alone unit, it’s better to get one with the ability to add a subwoofer later on, whether through wireless pairing or a sub-out port.

Additionally, you might have to pay extra for some features, such as Dolby Atmos. Although it is a great feature that adds immersion, that doesn’t mean you’ll care for it, especially since not everything is mixed in to take advantage of it. If you’re mostly watching old movies and shows (ten years old or more), you probably won’t hear much of a difference. However, if you want to get the most engrossing experience possible, get Dolby Atmos or DTS support. Also, consider options that let you add rear speakers if they aren’t already bundled.

The best of the best

A soundbar is far more than an upgrade for your TV speakers. Some of the best models go above and beyond to deliver immersive audio that is closer to a full surround sound system than just two speakers. It also doesn’t hurt when your new audio gadget includes handy features like Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and voice assistant support.

There are soundbars available in a number of sizes, with many models including a wireless subwoofer, and we think the incredible Sonos Arc is going to be the best soundbar for most households. It delivers fantastic room-filling sound and it delivers pulse-pounding bass without a separate sub.

If you’re willing to drop a few more dimes on a premium audio experience though, we definitely recommend the JBL Bar 1000. This 7.1.4 soundbar is a beast when it comes to simulating Dolby Atmos, and it also supports AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Saving a few dollars is always a great idea too, and the Sony HTS100F earned a spot on our roundup for a reason. Far more than just a value pick, this 2.0 stereo soundbar is outfitted with Bluetooth and USB inputs, and includes a built-in Bass Reflex speaker!

The Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc

Best overall

The best soundbar for most people

$825 $899 Save $74

While the Sonos Arc has a few limitations — no HDMI passthrough and the Trueplay tuning feature is iOS only — this soundbar is truly a wonder. First and foremost, it sounds great, with plenty of power behind it. It also offers exceptional spatial audio and plenty of low-end in a single all-in-one package.

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