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Best smartwatches for kids in 2024

Garmin Bounce smartwatch against a white background

Whether they’re tracking your child’s whereabouts or encouraging a more active lifestyle, smartwatches for kids are just as relevant as they are for adults.

The best youth smartwatches include geofencing, educational games, long battery life, and a comfortable design for all-day use. These days, you’ll even find smartwatches that include multiple cameras, so young ones capture selfies or daily moments — all without requiring a smartphone. And these devices are typically built to withstand not-so-gentle handling, unlike some adult versions.

Start them young with these smartwatches

Garmin Bounce smartwatch against a white background

Garmin Bounce

Best overall

A full-featured smartwatch for kids

$140 $150 Save $10

The Garmin Bounce is the obvious choice for parents attempting to get their children into fitness. The watch’s full-fledged sports tracking is rounded off with essential monitoring features like location tracking, geofencing, two-way communication (thanks to built-in LTE), and monitored contact access. You’ll get all the smartwatch smarts at half the price of most wearables.


  • Full-fledged waterproof activity tracker
  • Two-way communication over LTE
  • Two-day battery life

  • No voice call support
  • Reflective screen can be hard to read
  • Chunky bezels

One of the most full-featured smartwatches on our list, the Garmin Bounce even resembles a full-sized fitness tracker. Garmin’s pedigree includes building some of the best fitness trackers, which is evidenced here, thanks to a built-in sports app that uses GPS to track runs, walks, and bike activities. It’ll even handle swimming workouts and display lap counts on the bright and colorful display. The Bounce also doubles as a learning tool with multiple games like a slider puzzle, math flash games, and utilities like a stopwatch and alarm clock.

Of course, parental controls are the biggest reason to opt for a watch like this. The built-in LTE connectivity lets you track your child’s location in real time. Geofencing controls are also included, notifying parents anytime their child steps out of a designated zone. Parents can even add up to 20 contacts who can be called or texted. In the case of an emergency, the assistance mode will automatically beam a message to all family contacts alongside a live tracking link. The large 1.3-inch screen with reinforced glass makes it easy for children to pick up and use. You’ll even get two days of use on a single charge, making it the perfect full-featured choice as a smartwatch for kids.

Apple Watch SE with green sports band on a white background

Apple Watch SE

Premium pick

High-end thrills

$189 $249 Save $60

Apple’s entry-level smartwatch coincidentally makes for an excellent first watch for kids. It has the right mix of fitness features, including robust support for practically every activity, a reliable heart rate sensor, and fall detection. Equipped with the Family Setup option, the Apple Watch SE can be used for emergency calling and sending emergency notifications.


  • Affordable for a full-fledged smartwatch
  • Supports all essential fitness features
  • All-day battery

  • Small display with thick bezels
  • Dated design
  • No always-on display

Apple’s most affordable smartwatch is, ironically, the most premium option on our list. However, that high price gets you a bonafide smartwatch with all the trimmings like better quality fitness sensors, dozens of activity modes, and the ability to install apps and reply to calls and messages. The Apple Watch SE also has one of the best displays in this segment, with a choice of 1.5-inch or 1.7-inch displays that can go as bright as 1000 nits. Perfect for when your kids are out in the sun.

Once the Apple Watch is paired via family setup, parents can decide which contacts will be available to children and set parental controls to grant permission for installing apps. Other features like Schooltime allow parents to block notification and app access during school hours. Finally, it is possible to track the location of a GPS and cellular-enabled Apple Watch using the Find My feature, making it an excellent option for older children who need something a bit more feature-packed. Unfortunately, battery life is not the Apple Watch’s strong suit, and you’ll need to charge it up every night.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 in pink on a white background with display on

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Best value

Top-tier parental controls without breaking the bank

$43 $70 Save $27

The VTech Kidizoom DX2, a completely stand-alone smartwatch, is designed from the ground up to encourage activity and play. With over 55 watch faces and multiple preloaded games, your child is bound to find one to suit their taste. The two built-in cameras let kids capture special moments or kick back and catch monsters, thanks to the included AR game.


  • Very affordable
  • AR games offer an engaging experience
  • Responsive display

  • Mediocre camera quality
  • Bulky design
  • No cellular connectivity

The VTech Kidizoom DX2 is the perfect beginner smartwatch with its standalone functionality and fun, learning-oriented features. The attractive design and colorful screen are sure to appeal to younger children. Additionally, the watch comes preloaded with dozens of watch faces, a motion sensor for challenge-based activities, a pedometer for step counting, and free games.

The VTech Kidizoom stands out for its included cameras. The cameras at the top and front can capture daily moments or selfies. However, the watch lacks connectivity to keep data secure, and all images need to be transferred via micro-USB. You can even install new games using the micro-USB connection. Battery life isn’t the greatest, offering just one day, but it can be stretched to two with limited camera use.

Xplora X5 Play smartwatch on a white background

Xplora X5 Play

Stylish location tracking

Great design, greater features

The Xplora X5 Play is the perfect starter smartwatch for young ones with its built-in step tracking and waterproof design. The stylish smartwatch can make phone calls and texts to selected contacts. It even has a built-in GPS, so parents can track their child’s location. Need more? Customizable safety zones give you instant alerts, and a built-in SOS button can be configured to alert emergency contacts instantly.


  • Ability to make calls and send texts
  • Live GPS tracking and safety zones
  • Emergency SOS button

  • Minimum 12-month subscription needed for full functionality
  • Complicated setup process

Xplora’s GPS and calling-enabled smartwatch straddles the line between a full-fledged smartwatch and an activity tracker for children. It has a large and bright 1.4-inch screen that makes it easy to view incoming messages and calls. The Xplora X5 Play packs full-featured parental controls, including live GPS tracking. The watch can even notify you when your children leave a safety zone or enter a predetermined area like your home.

The watch can also make calls to predetermined contacts, making it ideally suited for younger children who need to connect with family without toting around a full-fledged smartphone. An integrated SOS button offers quick access to contacts in the case of an emergency. However, you’ll need to tack on an additional subscription fee to unlock the watch’s full functionality.

Accutime smartwatch for kids with a Spider-Man design

Accutime Kids Spider-Man Smartwatch

Superhero choice

For the Marvel fans

Kids love superheroes, and the Accutime Kids Spider-Man edition is the perfect beginner smartwatch for every Marvel fan. The built-in pedometer function is excellent for tracking steps, while utilities like a voice recorder and calculator are handy additions for learning. The watch even has a selfie camera to capture high-quality shots without handing your child a smartphone.


  • Fully offline for security and privacy
  • Thoughtful kid-friendly design
  • Selfie camera included

  • No communication capabilities
  • No GPS or location tracking

The Accutime Spider-Man watch comes swinging into action for all Marvel fans. Sure, it has all the smarts you’ll find in other smartwatches on this list, from activity tracking to alarm clocks, playable games, changeable watch faces, and even a selfie camera. However, the kid-friendly, fashionable Spider-Man-inspired design wrapped in an affordable package remains the key selling point. Battery life is plenty long, too, with days of use on a single battery charge.

The built-in pedometer function is also excellent for tracking steps, while utilities like a voice recorder and calculator are handy additions for learning. The watch even has a selfie camera to capture high-quality shots without handing your child a smartphone. Just keep the watch away from water as it lacks any water resistance. The Accutime Kids Spider-Man edition smartwatch is the perfect affordable first smartwatch for superhero-loving kiddos.

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Smartwatch in purple on a white background

Little Tikes Tobi 2

Interactive learning robot

Wrist-mounted companion

$22 $29 Save $7

The Little Tikes Tobi 2 isn’t just a watch. Instead, it’s a full-fledged interactive learning robot strapped to your child’s hand. The watch includes useful tools like a calculator, stopwatch, and alarm clock and can, of course, tell the time, too. With over a hundred facial expressions, the Little Tikes Tobi 2 is full of personality and can even speak phrases.


  • Unique design
  • Personalized responses and expressions
  • Two cameras included

  • No GPS tracking or geofencing
  • No communication capabilities

Standing out for its unique design, the Little Tikes Tobi 2 is much more than just a smartwatch or entry-level fitness tracker. The Tobi 2’s large 1.54-inch display can cycle through over a hundred expressions to convey emotion and speak phrases for a more interactive experience. The playful wrist robot can even connect to other Tobi 2 watches for more advanced graphics and multiplayer games.

The affordable smartwatch for kids includes essentials like various games, step tracking, and even parental controls to limit screen time. The two integrated cameras capture photos and video, making it an indispensable tool for kids who are too young to own a smartphone.

It gets even better. The Little Tikes Tobi 2 ensures that all photos and videos shot on the device remain secure. There’s no external connectivity, and you’ll need to connect the micro-USB cable to a computer to charge and retrieve data. Unfortunately, this also means that parental control and location tracking features are non-existent here.

Xplora Xgo 2 Smartwatch on a white background

Xplora XGO 2

Connectivity galore

Massive connectivity, low price

The Xplora Xgo 2 is part activity watch and part communications tool designed for kids. With calling and texting support, children can easily connect with a pre-approved contact list. Meanwhile, the watch can be used to track the watch’s live location, and a built-in safety zone feature alerts parents when it leaves a geofenced location. The Xplora Go 2’s serious-looking design makes it a great choice for older kids.


  • Supports voice calls and messages
  • Integrated safety zones and GPS tracking
  • Emergency SOS button for one-tap access

  • Limited battery life
  • Minimum 12 months subscription needed

Older children will prefer the Xplora XGo 2’s more serious aesthetic. While the design leans toward utilitarian, there’s no denying the vibrant 1.4-inch display’s appeal. Designed as a communications and safety tool first, the XGo 2 includes a cellular radio that allows for phone calls and text messages once you buy into the company’s subscription service. The built-in GPS tracks the watch’s live location via a companion app. There’s even a dedicated SOS button placed on the side of the watch that broadcasts an emergency text message and live coordinates in case of urgency.

There are ample goodies for the kids to enjoy as well. The watch doubles up as an activity tracker with its built-in pedometer and sports a torch for avid adventurers. Finally, a selfie camera is also provided that works independently of a phone, and thousands of photos can be stored.

TickTalk 4 smartwatch against a white background

TickTalk 4

The rugged option

Pricey but durable

The rugged-style TickTalk 4 doesn’t just look the part. It is IP67-rated to handle splashes and water immersion. The watch is also chock-full of features like a range of activity tracking options and cellular support for phone calls and text messages. And the high-resolution 5MP camera can be used for video calls, making it a great replacement for a cellphone.


  • IP67-rated
  • Long battery life
  • Real-time location tracking

  • Large and bulky design
  • No games or learning features

Looking for a watch that can handle your kid’s daily adventures? The TickTalk 4’s rugged construction and IP67 rating makes it perfect for rough play. The TickTalk 4 gets you the G-Shock aesthetic with all the smarts you’ll need to keep track of your children. Even the display is large and bright at 1.54 inches making it a cinch to view the time or keep track of steps. The watch comes fully loaded with activity tracking, music streaming via iHeartRadio, and dual 5-megapixel cameras that can capture high-resolution images from the top and front of the watch.

The watch stands out for its full-fledged texting capabilities, including a library of emojis and GIFs, the ability to send greeting cards, and photos clicked from the smartwatch. Like most watches on this list, the TickTalk 4 ships with a robust array of parental controls that can be used to track location, set a do-not-disturb mode for school hours, and approve a contact list for texting and calling.

The large dimensions of the watch mean that the built-in battery is suitably large as well, with TickTalk promising 100 hours of standby time. You can even pick up a bedside charging dock to go with it for easy battery top-ups.

Vtech My First Kidi smartwatch for children on a white background

VTech My First Kidi Smartwatch

For the young ones

The budget-friendly choice

$21 $45 Save $24

VTech’s My First Kidi is a handy smartwatch, nap time reminder, and a digital pet rolled into one. It combines all those features into a kid-friendly puppy-faced watch that will surely appeal to children. The 20 clock faces onboard allow ample personalization. This watch also lacks smartphone connectivity, allowing for a fully standalone experience without handing over an expensive smartphone.


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Affordable price
  • Over 20 watch faces and pre-loaded learning apps

  • No communication capabilities
  • No GPS or step tracking

Want to get them started young? There’s no better option than the Vtech My First Kidi smartwatch. Between the puppy-style design, time-teaching tool, and built-in daily routines, the wearable doubles up as a learning tool for the young. The puppy design isn’t just a stylistic choice; the watch barks to mark the hour, and just like a real dog, you can teach it loads of tricks, feed it, or take it for a walk.

Integrated games like Spot The Difference add to the experience. The watch does even better if your child’s friends all sport the Vtech My First Kidi smartwatch. Pair it with other watches to send preset messages or play games. The fun design makes it ideally suited for kids ages 3 to 5 who would benefit from a fuss-free, fun smartwatch experience.

Render of a Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 with the screen turned on placed on a white background

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

Extensive connectivity

Classy and reliable

The Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 has a minimal design with essentials like parental controls and GPS-based location tracking. With support for texts, voice calls, and even video calls, the Gizmo Watch 3 is the perfect communication tool for your young ones. An SOS button also provides additional peace of mind, offering one-tap access to immediate contacts.


  • Appealing design
  • Built-in text, voice, and video calls
  • Live GPS tracking

  • No apps or learning games
  • Limited battery life

The Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 is a feature-loaded smartwatch focusing on connectivity and communication. The watch lets you set up block-wide zones for geolocation-based alerts and offers live location tracking. Locked to the Verizon network, the smartwatch can send text messages, make voice calls, and even make video calls thanks to a built-in camera.

The accompanying Gizmo app allows for granular control over contacts and location tracking. The Gizmo Watch 3 is also preloaded with preset text messages to quickly beam over communications without poking around a keyboard on a tiny display.

The Gizmo Watch 3 is loaded in terms of specs. Running a customized version of Android tweaked for younger users, it has a stunning, high-resolution 1.4-inch AMOLED display that makes text look crisp and sharp. Battery life is excellent, too, and you can expect to receive three days between charges.

The best smartwatch for your kids

There’s a wealth of smartwatch options on the market, so choosing the right model with the right age-appropriate features is key. The Garmin Bounce is a top pick, standing out for its quality build, modern design, and feature set that prioritizes safety and fitness habits. With granular controls for location tracking, the ability to control who your child can contact, and learning tools like games, the Garmin Bounce is a reasonably priced first smartwatch that should last well for years.

For something a little more involved, the Apple Watch SE is just the ticket. It offers all the features a child could want, including fitness tracking, app access, and the ability to connect through calls and text. Family setup even allows parents to tailor access, providing greater control over contact lists and apps.

But if affordability is key, you can’t go wrong with the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2. Between the multiple cameras, AR games, and responsive interface, the KidiZoom DX2 offers a premium experience without breaking the bank.

Garmin Bounce smartwatch against a white background

Garmin Bounce

Best overall

A full-featured smartwatch for kids

$140 $150 Save $10

The Garmin Bounce is the obvious choice for parents attempting to get their children into fitness. The watch’s full-fledged sports tracking is rounded off with essential monitoring features like location tracking, geofencing, two-way communication (thanks to built-in LTE), and monitored contact access. You’ll get all the smartwatch smarts at half the price of most wearables.

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