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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE cases in 2024

spigen rugged armor pro for galaxy tab s9 fe

Don’t let your Galaxy Tab S9 FE go naked and vulnerable

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE is Samsung’s latest Fan Edition tablet, and it’s rather good. It’s the smallest tablet in the S9 family to offer 5G, and despite the cut-down price, the 90Hz LCD display is still a joy to use, even if it isn’t an OLED. Getting a huge battery, decent performance, and an included S Pen for $450 is a great deal, so it’s no wonder we consider this one of the best tablets Samsung has on offer.

Of course, you’ll want to keep your shiny new S9 FE in good condition for as long as possible. The best way to do that is with a screen protector and case. Samsung tablets always have plenty of accessories to choose from, so we’ve collected the best cases in one place.

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    Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Best overall

    The Rugged Armor Pro is a solid folio-style case from Spigen. As the name suggests, it’s pretty protective and will keep the tablet safe from everyday mishaps. Thanks to its front cover, you get 360-degree protection, and the cover even acts as a kickstand when needed. Other features include a stylus slot to keep the S-Pen in place and reinforced corners for enhanced drop protection. All in all, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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    uag metropolis se for galaxy tab s9 fe

    UAG Metropolis SE for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Premium pick

    $85 $90 Save $5

    Known for its durable cases, UAG offers a top-notch rugged case for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE in the form of the Metropolis SE. It’s even more protective than the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro and can survive multiple drops. It, however, has a slightly different design than you see on most folio-style cases. Instead of just stopping at the edge of the display, part of the front cover wraps around and locks on the back of the tablet.

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    jetech tri-fold stand case for galaxy tab s9 fe

    JETech Tri-Fold Stand Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Best value

    Available in five colors, the Tri-Fold Stand Case is a smart cover for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. Ot includes a front flap that not only protects the screen but also doubles as a kickstand. The case is made from polycarbonate and PU leather, which give it a sleek look while keeping it sturdy. Another highlight is that the JETech offering is priced affordably. As a result, you won’t have to shell out the big bucks for it.

  • A render of a case for a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    If you’ve read our case roundups before, then the name Supcase will be familiar to you. That’s with good reason, as its cases are some of the most robust available. The UB Pro for the Tab S9 FE has a built-in screen protector and clips that hold the S Pen in place on the back for charging more securely than the magnets in the tablet could. As if that weren’t enough, the kickstand is one of the best we’ve ever used, making this an excellent all-around case.

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    samsung galaxy tab s9 fe smart cover

    Samsung Smart Book Cover for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    $68 $80 Save $12

    This official smart cover from Samsung may not be as protective as some of our other recommendations, but it’s pretty slim and lightweight. It’s also painless to install and uninstall as it uses a magnetic attachment mechanism. It doubles as a kickstand, which works in both landscape and portrait orientations. In other features, there is a cutout to clip your S Pen and charge it wirelessly. And you also get auto wake and sleep support.

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    poetic turtleskin for galaxy tab s9 fe

    Poetic TurtleSkin for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    If you aren’t a fan of folio-style cases but still need heavy-duty protection, the Poetic TurtleSkin is a good option. It has a thick silicone construction that can easily survive a beating and is excellent at shock absorption. The case also features an S Pen slot and has precise cutouts for ports and speakers. Unfortunately, it only comes in a single color.

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    fintie tuatara for galaxy tab s9 fe

    Fintie Tuatara for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    $21 $25 Save $4

    The Fintie Tuatara is an excellent way to add 360-degree protection to your tablet without opting for a folio-style case. It has a traditional back cover design, but it also includes a built-in screen protector so your tablet is protected from all sides. The Tuatara also has a pop-out kickstand for hands-free media consumption and a cutout for the S Pen. Lastly, its heavy-duty design offers solid drop protection.

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    zeking clear case for galaxy tab s9 fe

    Zeking Clear Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    If you don’t want to hide the elegant design of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE, the Zeking Clear Case is a good option for you. It’s a simple TPU back cover that’s transparent and helps you show off the design and colorway of the tablet. As you can expect, it has precise cutouts for the USB-C port and the S Pen slot. Plus, the case is reasonably decent at protection, but don’t expect a rugged level of durability.

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    procase slim smart case for galaxy tab s9 fe

    ProCase Slim Smart Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Featuring a TPU shell and a PU leather exterior, the ProCase Slim Smart Case is an affordable folio-style offering. It’s slim and supports the auto wake and sleep functionality. So your Tab S9 FE will automatically wake up when you flip open the case and go to sleep when you close it. Among other highlights, the case can act as a kickstand and supports three viewing angles. You can also choose from three color options.

  • A render of a case for a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Fintie Hybrid Slim Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    $17 $18 Save $1

    If you’d like a clear case that also adds some style, the Fintie Hyrbid can do just that. It comes in 16 designs that range from pastel colors to floral patterns. All of them have a transparent back to show off the device itself, keeping the colors and patterns to the frame and front cover.

  • A render of a case for a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    JETech Clear Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    We already have a clear case on this list, but this one is different. The JETech Clear Case is slightly thicker than the Zeking offering, adding some bumpers to take a heavier beating. While all clear cases will discolor eventually, in our experience, JETech products look fresh for longer than most. The resistance to yellowing combined with hybrid protection and clicky buttons make for one of the best cases for the Tab S9 FE.

  • A render of a case for a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Thoreta Kids Case for Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    Tablets in this range are great for kids, with a big bright screen and loud speakers. If you plan to entrust a child with your Tab S9 FE, you’ll want to give it a fighting chance with the Thoreta Kids Case. It has a stand that can hold the S9 FE in multiple angles, has a carrying handle to prevent dropping, and is rugged enough to take whatever beating the kids have planned for it.

Top cases to safeguard the Galaxy Tab S9 FE

As you can expect with a Samsung device, there is no dearth of quality cases for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. While many popular case makers are yet to launch Tab S9 FE cases, we still have options from reputed brands like Spigen, UAG, and Poetic. We particularly like Spigen’s Rugged Armor Pro case for the Tab S9 FE. As the name suggests, it’s a durable case that will keep your tablet safe. The Spigen offering also doubles as a kickstand for media consumption, video calls, or when you need to get some work done by pairing a keyboard.

If you want even more protection, the UAG Metropolis SE is more expensive, but it can take a beating without breaking a sweat. The case also has a folio-style design for 360-degree protection.

Lastly, the JETech Tri-Fold Stand Case is an excellent option for bargain hunters. It costs less than $12 and has all the features of a high-quality case. It’s also available in five exciting colors.


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