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Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protectors in 2024


It would be a shame to damage the S24 Ultra’s beautiful new display – these quality screen protectors can help

Adding a quality screen protector to your new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is an affordable way to help preserve a very expensive piece of hardware. Screen protectors are pretty much a must-have for premium phones with oversized displays, but finding the perfect option can be difficult. There are countless screen protectors on the market, and not all are built to the same standard.

You basically have two major options when it comes to screen protector material. Plastic is more affordable and often comes with mild self-healing abilities to polish out scratches, but tempered glass is the superior option. You get scratch and shock protection, and a tempered glass screen protector will usually shatter if dropped – which sounds bad, but means it isn’t your phone’s display doing the shattering.

Which you choose will ultimately come down to your personal preferences, but we’ve rounded up the best of the best from both camps right here.

  • esr-tempered-glass-screen-lens-s24-ultra-render-01

    ESR Screen and Lens Protector for S24 Ultra

    Best overall

    ESR’s pack of protectors comes with two or three covers for the display and a set of five lens covers to keep your camera clear. You get an oleophobic coating to reduce smudges, you don’t lose any touch functionality, and you get the advanced protection afforded by tempered glass. An alignment jig is included for easy and accurate installation.

  • whitestone-dome-glass-uv-s24-ultra-render-01

    Whitestone Dome Glass UV for S24 Ultra

    Premium pick

    Whitestone’s Dome Glass UV kit comes with two tempered glass screen protectors and a special UV lamp on an alignment jig, setting you up for a straight and bubble-free installation. The glass covers are thin enough to not interfere with touch functionality, and they should have no problems playing nice with a phone case.

  • aacl-screen-lens-protector-s24-ultra-render-01

    AACL Screen and Lens Protector for S24 Ultra

    Best value

    AACL’s kit includes three tempered glass screen protectors and five lens covers, all for about $15. That’s about as cheap as it gets for quality protection. The screen protectors are thin enough to work with most cases, and you shouldn’t have any problems with touch functionality. Check these out if you’d like to spend less on protection.

  • ringke-dual-easy-film-s24-ultra-render-01

    RIngke Easy Film for S24 Ultra

    Thin plastic protector

    Not sold on tempered glass? Ringke makes some of the best EPU plastic screen protectors, available at an affordable price. The plastic has self-healing capabilities for smaller scratches and scrapes, you get an oleophobic coating to reduce smudges, and you shouldn’t have problems using it with a case. Each pack comes with two protectors.

  • imbzbk-privacy-screen-protector-s24-ultra-render-01

    Imbzbk Privacy Screen Protector for S24 Ultra

    $15 $20 Save $5

    Sticking to the affordable realm, IMBZBK’s kit includes three tempered glass screen protectors and three lens cover modules for full protection. The screen protectors stand apart from other options thanks to a privacy layer that cuts down on viewing angles, meaning only you can see what’s on the screen.

  • ivoler-galaxy-s24-ultra-screen-protectors-render-01

    Ivoler Screen Protector for S24 Ultra

    Ivoler’s two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors is another affordable option. They have an oleophobic coating, excellent touch responsiveness, and a clear design to keep your phone’s screen looking like it should. It’s a good budget option if you’d like to avoid paying for lens covers.

  • whitestone-dome-glass-ea-s24-ultra-render-01

    Whitestone Dome Glass EA for S24 Ultra

    Whitestone’s Dome Glass EA kit foregoes the UV lamp (and raised price) and instead adds an alignment jig for easier installation. Each pack otherwise comes with two tempered glass screen protectors that are durable, thin, and resistant to fingerprints and smudges. They should work with practically any S24 Ultra case for extra coverage.

  • encased-magglass-privacy-s24-ultra-render-01

    Encased MagGlass Privacy for S24 Ultra

    Encased’s MagGlass brand is another great option if you want both protection and privacy for your S24 Ultra. The pack comes with a single high-quality tempered glass protector that cuts the display’s viewing angles down so it’s harder for prying eyes to see what’s on the screen. It should play well with most phone cases.

Our favorite screen protectors for your Galaxy S24 Ultra

Phone cases can prevent catastrophic chassis damage, but screen protectors are equally important. I’d much rather have a scuffed chassis than a cracked screen on my phone — my current hardware is testament to that — and that’s where screen protectors come in. Adding one to your phone can prevent scratches and scuffs, and going with tempered glass can even help protect against deeper cracks or shatters.

Tempered glass is usually thicker than your standard plastic protector, and this can sometimes interfere with touch functionality. Emphasis on “sometimes,” as screen protectors are usually thin enough to not have this issue. Plastic protectors are thinner and lighter, and they’re great for protecting against everyday scratches and scuffs. However, they won’t really do anything to protect against drops or hard bumps.

With this in mind, our top choice is ESR’s kit of tempered glass screen and lens protectors. You’re not going to break the bank here, and spending an extra $16 is nothing next to the S24 Ultra’s high price. Each kit comes with two screen protectors, a set of lens covers, and an alignment jig to help with installation. This gives you coverage for all the glass on your phone, including some extra drop protection to prevent shattering.

If you’d like to spend more to ensure a clean installation, Whitestone’s Dome Glass UV adds an installation jig and UV lamp. This cures the adhesive and smooths out bubbles, giving you less room for error. Each pack comes with two tempered glass screen protectors and the installation kit.

And if you’d like to spend as little as possible and still land a great product, AACL is hard to beat. The kit comes with three tempered glass screen protectors, a set of five lens covers, and an installation jig. All for about $15, making it the best value of the bunch.


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